Spatz 'Fasta' UCI Legal Race Overshoes
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Spatz 'Fasta' UCI Legal Race OvershoesSpatz 'Fasta' UCI Legal Race OvershoesSpatz 'Fasta' UCI Legal Race OvershoesSpatz 'Fasta' UCI Legal Race OvershoesSpatz 'Fasta' UCI Legal Race OvershoesSpatz 'Fasta' UCI Legal Race OvershoesSpatz 'Fasta' UCI Legal Race Overshoes
Spatz 'Fasta' UCI Legal Race Overshoes

In 2019, Spatz designed the ‘Legalz’ Overshoe for riders who compete in races (where the aero advantages of a full length Spatz overshoe are banned). In 2021 they updated this mid-shin design and brought you the Legalz Pro and Glo models. For 2023/24 Spatz have not released an updated design; they have ripped up the drawings and created a whole new overshoe category: The Spatz FASTA.

If you want the best overshoe on the planet (and you do not require a knee length overshoe) you have found it.



  • The Fasta was developed from countless hours in the saddle and in collaboration with Spatz' partner athletes; the Brownlee Brothers and WorldTour team Alpecin Deceuninck.
  • Each panel has been redesigned and new materials have been specified to do their job beautifully. The Fasta overshoes are tougher, sleeker, more durable and more aerodynamic than any overshoe we have seen.
  • Focuses for the new design included; aerodynamics, warmth, resilience, toughness and suppleness. As such, the toe, foot and ankle area is tough, cordura covered neoprene and the leg area is super supple and stretchy 1mm lycra-covered neoprene.
  • The Fasta are extremely easy to put on and take off and are very resistant to nicks and cuts. There are NO fastenings on the Fasta overshoes.
  •  Simply pull the overshoe up your leg, put your cycling shoe on and then fold the toe area of the Fasta down over your shoes.
  • The leg area is designed to form a seamless transition between your leg and the overshoe. 15cm silicone seals run vertically down the leg to form a supple union with your skin or leg warmers/tights.
  • The junction of tights / leg warmers and overshoes is so sleek that it is a challenge to see where the overshoes end and the leg warmers begin...
  • As before, the entire bottom opening of the Fasta is lined with silicone aqua seal to minimise water ingress and hold the overshoe solid against your cycling shoes.