Spatz Pro Stealth Layering Overshoe
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Spatz Pro Stealth Layering OvershoeSpatz Pro Stealth Layering OvershoeSpatz Pro Stealth Layering OvershoeSpatz Pro Stealth Layering OvershoeSpatz Pro Stealth Layering Overshoe
Spatz Pro Stealth Layering Overshoe

The Spatz Pro Stealth Overshoes are designed as a two-part layering system that works in perfect harmony with the ProToez Toe Warmers. When worn together, the overshoes and toe warmers cleverly designed silicone seals integrate to create a virtually impenetrable moisture barrier, offering unparalleled insulation for cycling in challenging conditions.

What sets the Pro Stealth Overshoes apart is the use of cutting-edge materials never before seen in cycling applications, prioritising toughness, resilience, comfort, and longevity, while also excelling in warmth, water resistance, and aerodynamics. These materials are strategically positioned to ensure a seamless transition between panels that move with the rider without wrinkling during use.

The overshoe seamlessly integrates with bib tights, delivering a sleek and aerodynamic profile. With the Pro Stealth Overshoes, you can ride in conditions that were once unthinkable, getting through winter with a level of performance that surpasses anything else on the market.



  • Two-part layering system.
  • Pro Stealth Overshoes can be worn separately in temperature over 3-5°C.
  • The ProToez toe warmers can be added for colder temperatures.
  • Made from a combination of Kevlar covered neoprene, tough Cordura covered neoprene and super flexible nylon covered neoprene.
  • Thermal lining to the shin area for extra warmth.
  • Easy to put on.
  • Supple and comfortable.
  • Tough and resistant to nicks and rips.
  • Reflective logos