Supanova M99 Mini Pro B54 Front Light with Battery
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Supanova M99 Mini Pro B54 Front Light with BatterySupanova M99 Mini Pro B54 Front Light with BatterySupanova M99 Mini Pro B54 Front Light with BatterySupanova M99 Mini Pro B54 Front Light with BatterySupanova M99 Mini Pro B54 Front Light with BatterySupanova M99 Mini Pro B54 Front Light with Battery
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Supanova M99 Mini Pro B54 Front Light with Battery
The Supanova M99 Mini Pro B54 with 54 Wh battery is the test winner in the AKKU range! The battery is charged in just 2.5 h and provides up to 50 h of maximum lighting time. The Supernova App for Apple iOS and Android (including the Smartwatch version) makes it easy to control the light and display the state of charge down to the minute at any time. The app communicates with the battery and rewards the user with an extension of the warranty period to up to 5 years if the Supernova Longlife technology is used.
Down To The Minute
A battery management controller is integrated with the rechargeable battery and enables you to see in the Supernova app the exact remaining light duration for all brightness levels, independent of temperature. The status is displayed on the battery itself with an RGB LED.
2H Backup Light
Never end up in the dark again! Two hours of ECO mode low beam are always available to you automatically after the normal lighting time has elapsed. This backup mode is still much brighter than many other lights on the market.
Coming Home Mode
When you arrive home, you can leave your front light on. An integrated vibration sensor detects the end of the ride and switches the light off automatically after a few minutes. This means that your way out of the storage area is lit
Light Sensor
When there is a sudden change of light, for example when darkness falls or when you pass through a tunnel, the light sensor in the battery automatically switches on the low beam. 
Optimal Temperature
The optimal charging temperature for a battery is about 20°C (68F). Significantly higher and lower temperatures damage the cell chemistry immensely during the charging process. That’s why our high-tech battery, like that of a modern electric car, has an integrated battery heater which ensures an optimal charging temperature when it’s too cold. At high temperatures above 40°C (104F) degrees, the charging automatically stops until the temperature drops. The polished aluminum casing reflects the sunlight and prevents overheating better than a black plastic casing
Longlife Mode
The Longlife Mode significantly extends the battery’s lifespan. In this mode, a special processor-controlled charge protects the cells from overheating during charging. In this mode, the battery charges to only 85%, which prevents harmful high battery voltages.
Hibernation Mode
If you are not going to use the battery for a long time, you can put it into Hibernation Mode. It then remains at an optimum voltage on the charger. The Hibernation Mode effectively stops the battery’s chemical aging by preventing a deep discharge
Supernova App
The Supernova App for the M99 Mini Pro B54 is designed to be used predominantly while riding. You can install it on Smartphones or Android or Apple iOS Smartwatches. On the Nightride screen, the app displays the currently activated light level, as well as the other available light modes, while indicating the exact remaining burn time, down to the minute. The app can be used to activate or deactivate various convenient functions, such as the Longlife mode. The Supernova app notifies you of your battery’s current health status. It also displays your expanding warranty period, which can be extended to up to five years if you treat your battery with care. You definitely need to avoid storing the battery in a hot car in the middle of summer! If you don’t want to use your mobile phone while riding, you can, of course, program and control your lights without an app.
  • Operation voltage: 10.9 V DC
  • Leuchtdauer: 2.5h – 50h (5 Light modes)
  • Leuchtmittel: 11 automotive LEDs
  • Light Size: 31.8 x 78 x 50 mm 
  • Battery Size: 97.6 x 46 x 50 mm
  • Weight: 130g + 300g (Front light + Battery with cable)
Light Modes
  • High beam: 1600 lm
  • Standard Mode: 1150 lm
  • Eco Mode: 425 lm
  • Low beam: 450 lm


  • Front Light
  • Battery
  • Handlebar Remote