SwissStop Exotherm 2 Disc Brake Pads
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SwissStop Exotherm 2 Disc Brake PadsSwissStop Exotherm 2 Disc Brake Pads
Code: P1000053
SwissStop Exotherm 2 Disc Brake Pads
SwissStop EXOtherm 2 pads combine an extremely durable, smooth modulating pad compound with a cooling fin equipped back plate which provides consistent, powerful braking in all conditions.
  • Reduced pad wear rate is much lower than competitors
  • Smooth, consistent brake performance
  • Lightweight construction
  • High quality springs are supplied with every set of Swissstop disc brake pads
  • Supplied as pairs (for one wheel)
LeeQuiet and good modulation, no complaints about the performance. BUT the cooling fins are slightly larger than the Shimano equivalent, and they actually obstruct the calliper mounting bolt directly above the pads, making it very difficult to get an Allen key in. Which means unless you are extremely lucky and don’t need to re-align your callipers after fitting the new pads, you might have a faff tightening the bolt up.
Mr STlook great with superb stopping power!
DaniNice fit to Ultegra BR-R8070. After bed in, by far the feeling are better than new Shimano L02A rasin one. Diffidently the upgrade in my book.
Mr CoultishThe best got even better. SwissStop pads are superb. Unlike my usual SwissStop pads D28 organic (which are superb) these are custom Shimano fit and therefore fit more snuggly improving their performance even further. Once broken in these will stop your bike so well you will be a SwissStop convert for life!
AndrewUpgraded from Shimano standard pads to these. The callipers I have are BR-785 and these are a very snug fit. Make sure you get the spring between pads lined up. Then they go in perfectly. Braking power is amazing. Can't recommend them enough.