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Code: P100001815
SwissStop Flash Pro Black (Brake Compound) Pads
A Swiss product, Swissstop offers the best braking performance in all conditions for all types of bike. Four different compounds are available. For optimised braking control choose the compound that suits your application. Suitable for less aggressive riding, very good in dry and wet conditions. Specially recommended for rims made of softer alloy material.
  • Supplied in 2 pairs
  • Top performance on dry rims and even better performance on wet rims
  • Complete absence of abrasive materials which could damage rims
  • Compatibilty with all rim materials with no danger of damaging the rim through using the wrong pad
  • Consistent braking power from -20C to +40C
  • Silent Operation
  • Ideal for Alloy Rims.
Mr TelfordMy go to brake pads. Best price on the net from Merlin. Prompt delivery within 48 hours. Well packaged.
Nickexcellent stopping power.. Who needs disc brakes on the road?!
Mrs WorsfoldUsed these for years brilliant product to save your rims
Mr PERKINSMake a difference to braking that’s for sure, mainly on modulation and slightly faster to come to a stop
Mr RichensAlways buys SwissStop brake pads. Good value and do their job very efficiently.
Mr GSeem to work well. Are they better than the stock Ultegra pads I replaced? Possibly, but so far I’ve only tried in the dry so can’t comment on wet performance.
SteveUsed a few different brake pads and SwissStops have far and away been the best whether in wet or dry. Wouldn't use anything else now.
Mr DiamondUsed in heavy rain at the weekend, and worked very well.
DongminPurchased these to replace the horrible pads I had on my bike. Does a good job and feels grippy. Comes with the bolts as well and is labeled for you to easily install into your front/back left/right brakes
KOHaven't used these yet but from previous experience they work well.
KamilTop! Very Durable and providing great braking force!
Mr AronStops in all weather conditions beautifully. The best on the market