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Code: P100003205
SwissStop FlashPro Black Prince Brake Pads
Swissstop offers the best braking performance in all conditions for all types of bike. New Black Prince is the latest carbon rim compound, which provides superior power, control and modulation. Braking distances are significantly reduced in all conditions.
  • Top performance on dry rims and even better performance on wet.
  • For use with carbon rims.
  • Complete absence of abrasive materials which damage rims.
  • Consistent braking (-20C to +40C).
  • Silent operation.
  • Fits Shimano Dura-Ace/Ultegra/105, SRAM and TRP brakes.
  • Includes 2 pair of pads.
GeoffGreat to get stock alert to purchase. Great item at great price.
MichaelBrilliant pads. I’m using with Zipp 303 firecrests. Certainly last longer than Zipps pads and work just as well
Dr CookeYup, these are expensive, but they're worth it, as they make you safe! Good grip, even in wet conditions and also nicely modulated (you don't get the same "grab and release" that leads to a bumping sensation as you decelerate). Well worth the investment.
ChrisExcellent stopping power, great modulation, premium product. Also just what you need if you ride Specialized Roval wheels with carbon breaking surfaces!
Mr Daddsthese things grip carbon so well!!
HoneybadgerAfter having a couple uh oh I’m not going to stop moments using a previous type of pads I’ve been using the SwissStop pads on my carbon rims for a few years now. Good reliable braking in the wet or dry. Highly recommended
Zenon PhillipBest pads ever used for carbon rim brakes
Mr KovácsLoved the yellow ones but these are even better. On Macic Cosmic Pro Crabone SL UST they are just awesome.
Loy the GreatStops like a hydraulic brake :)
Mr BarnesExcellent pad! Immense stopping power!
chrisStop the carbon rims turning as well as any pads on aluminium rims. Not the cheapest though.
Mr DaviesTheses pads are much better than the std ones that I had fitted to my carbon wheels. Felt much more like alloy rim brakes in the dry, haven’t been out in the wet yet, but so far so good. Definitely worth the extra money.
KWExcellent and soft brake pads for carbon wheels. My wheel manufacturer specified these brake pads but YMMV depending on your wheel manufacturer.
Mr van der WesthuizenSearch the web and found these pads were the best. Stops well.
JimboFor my Zipp 303’s. Only use in dry and stopping power is superb. Merlin has best price around, including beating wiggle!!
Mr TaylorPurchased these as I was not convinced with the performance of the original Swiss Stop carbon pads that were supplied with my Roval Wheels. These are fantastic, quite simply excellent,. They have transformed the braking back to that of my aluminium rimmed carbon Shimano CL50's.
Mrs OldfieldQuick delivery by Merlin. Easily fitted and working well
PhilipA great set of pads, they do a good job in the wet too
Mr ArmstrongGreat modulation and feel but wear quickly.
Mr SonodaFlashからの交換、黒いのでリムに跡が付きづらく良いです。制動も文句なし。雨の日は乗らないのでウエット性能はわかりません。
Mr fortezaBetter stopping power for carbon wheels.
Mr MenezesBest braking pads
PhilippGood braking by carbon brake standards. Last fairly long.
Mr Marques GarciaBest pads for carbon, stops better than any alloy rim pad combo I have ever had.
Thomas NgIncreased braking efficiency by 20%
SK0002These are the best brake pads bar none. Stop well in wet and dry and aren't noisy. Only draw back is they wear a bit quicker and even quicker in the wet.
Mr Lex CNo comment needed. Best brake pad ever.
EdwardExcellent stopping power on my swiss spline wheels. Able to use two fingers on levers with smooth stopping power. Less heat transfer to carbon rims when using on long down hills.
Mr KoupatsiarisTop brake pads for carbon rims
JoelVery nice braking power, well modulated. Much better than the stock carbon pads I have for my Joseph Kousack wheelsets
Neal_VANBeen using SwissStop pads for a long time now and they continue to be a go to, quality and stopping power are great but so is durability. Carbon pads always require some adjustment and toe-in to avoid squeaks but once you've set these up properly you're good to go and can forget them for a long time!
LaurensAmazing stopping power on my new carbon rims. No squeaks like other brands
Mr GaleRunning these on Roval carbon wheels, good overall pad although like most , wet weather braking is dicey. Hence my 4 star review.
DrewGreat stoppers on carbon rims.
Mr WeaverBit grabby at low speeds but that could be carbon rims - excellent at higher speeds - was worried about braking on carbon rims but very pleasantly surprised.
Miss LillyThese are the bomb!! Noticeable difference over the yellow pads - no noise, no harshness, just great braking on carbon rims and no annoying yellow build up on the brake track! The claimed benefit of reduced heat build up over the yellow pads gave me much more confidence out on the road - its, much more similar to decent brakes on aluminium rims.