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Code: P100003203
SwissStop FlashPro BXP Brake Pads - 2 x Pairs
Swissstop offers the best braking performance in all conditions for all types of bike. BXP is the latest aluminium rim compound. Non sticky predictible linear feel provides improved modulation, power and braking in all conditions.
  • Flash Pro pads to fit Shimano Dura Ace/ Ultegra/105/Sram/TRP.
  • Compound: BXP - Latest aluminium rim compound. Non sticky predictible linear feel provides improved modulation, power and braking in all conditions.
  • Top performance on dry rims and even better performance on wet.
  • Complete absence of abrasive materials which damage rims.
  • Consistent braking (-20C to 40C).
  • Silent operation


Ms GibbinsItems arrived promptly and were just what I was expecting. Just what it said on the tin.
RegieBest aluminum brake pads out there
Ianexcellent pads that are easy to fit and are rim friendly .
Mr TSVery good brake pads - softer than Shimano & provide better braking.
junioSimply the best pads for alu rims. A guarantee.
StephenExpensive but for stopping in the rain which it does a lot of in North Ireland a must.
NicholasGreat brake pads I now actually slow down using my brakes a massive improvement as my current pads are useless in comparison!
MartinBraking definitely improved over stock Shimano 105 pads, plenty of power - impressed so far
Mr DavisMassive improvement over stock Shimano pads. Very pleased.
Richard EmptageTried and tested in wet and dry conditions. These have a much better feel and control, than my previous Shimano equivalent.
Mr goreckiVery good brake pads .good in all condition.
Mr AtesOffers braking almost as well as a hydraulic disc brake.
Mike ChinaGood break pads, when need to be replaced just buy those, cannot go wrong with Swissstop.
J BradleyGreat stopping power but they dont last long because they are so soft
Mr NeishThis is the first time I've used non shimano brake parts. These pads fit my Ultegra brakes perfectly. They feel softer and more progressive than the Shimano pads they relaced. Have only used them in the dry so far. Highly recommended.
Mr SEOThis is the best pads. ever
Mr McaulayExcellent stopping , big improvement on shimano, wear out quicker but worth it
Tab L HFound these BXP to be better girp than the Shimano ones.
SThey stop the bike well in dry conditions but don't expect miracles in the wet. Used in Dura-ace, Ultegra and Tektro
Mr GreatrexI have been using these for the past 5 years and am very happy with their performance. Used with Ultegra BR-6700 Calipers and Tektro CR710 Canti lever brakes on an MTB
AllanWhat a difference compared to the stock Shimano pads. Looking forward to group rides after Covid-19.
Tsz Chunggreat brake pads, much improvement compare with the original
RegieGood braking power. The pads are softer than stock shimanos and doesn't make black marks in the brake line
Mr BowmanBest pads out there for aluminium rims.
Mr JordanExcellent brake blocks, used before and will use again. Quiet and excellent stopping power.
Mr CeylanBeter than my stock 5800 pads
Mr AlkhyeliExcellent brake pads
Mr TomanExcellent braking performance and modulation
LKDefinitely much improved braking over stock pads. Yet to try it out in the rain so not too sure about wet braking performance.
Mr TomanGreat braking performance
JonathanWork great on long descents in the Alps
AndrewMy go to pads for aluminium rims. Far better than the Shimano equivalents. Yes the cost more but I`d rather have good, dependable braking than save a few quid.
Pete ChiversBig step up from standard fit Shimano, and still not bedded in.
Mr SpurrGot these for wet weather riding. Came highly recommended and have excellent reviews. Come as pack of 4 with fitting screws. So far really pleased.
Mr ZavidicI'm very satisfied with pads. Brakes work great
Mr PerrottaExcellent brake pads which I use on my road bike with SRAM red brakes.
TimExcellent brake pads I have been using the SwissStops on my winter bike and now put them on my good bike.
StephenBetter braking performance than the standard brake pads
Mr BreecherGreat price. Excellent braking.
Mr BowmanSimply the best pads for alloy rims
Nuno FreitasI use these pads since I have a wheel with a ceramic brake lane and this is recommended at a competitive price. they wear out faster than I expected, but they have a great braking power.
Tom DumpulinThey stop my wheels. Work flawlessly with SRAM force calipers. Better than the stock SRAM pads, slightly better than Kool Stop. Wet braking is pretty poor, I would get a softer compound for wet braking.
StephenGreat quality replacement pads. Easy to fit and work well
NicolajExcellent brake pads. Used on DT Swiss PR1600 wheels and they provide very smooth and controllable braking power. And plenty of it.
The chaserThese are a more than a step/stop above factory shimano's
JavelgarA little pricey, but smooth braking and long lasting
DeneI`m a bit bamboozled by the range of swissstop pads available, but these have been great in wet and dry on my alloy rims.
Laurie GallagherBest brake pads by far in my opinion. Modulation is just amazing and stopping power 2nd to none
MelGood stopping in wet and dry. Need to be sanded now and again to remove embedded aluminium.
Mr DGood but wear a bit fast
Mr BradshawThese are the best brake blocks I have ever used, significantly better than others I have tried in wet weather. Buy these and you won't be hankering after discs any more!
Mr BruntGood price. Not happy with my replacement Shimano pads so tried these, very happy but only used in dry conditions so far.
PaulSome of the best brake pads I've ever used. Prefer these over the standard black for my alloy rims. These don't lead to the rim metal being found in the pads! Amazing stopping power dry and WET. Using them on my commuting bike and my TT frame. Love them!
ShayneReplaced new Dura-Ace pads. Yep, these are definitely better. And quieter!
VictorSuperb stopping power on Campag Zonda alloy rims with Shimano Ultegra calipers. It was tricky to find a substitute for the excellent and now discontinued Swissstop GHP2 Green but these are the natural successors that even slightly out-perform the GHP2 . Highly recommended.
Andrew MStops me reliably every time, without squealing even in the wet.
Mr EllulExcellent brake pads, I swap the Shimano pads out with these whenever I get a new groupset. Low noise and good braking wet and dry.
Mr HudsonTop quality worth spending the extra for these pads
HuynhJ85They stop much better than the factory 105 brake pads. Really impressed with it, will be buying them again when the time comes.
MooniganSuperb pads but quite soft.
NiccoBetter than standard shimano rubber but not blowing me away. Maybe this is because I have ceramic coated alloys and while the blues were recommended the greens (now hard to get) are better for the purpose.
HendrixAs good or better than the Sram branded swisstop pads that came stock in my Sram force calipers. I'll go with these again when it's time for replacements.
DackExcellent stopping power, good in all conditions, expensive compared to other brands but you get what you pay for, "assured, reliable stopping performance"
ErnestoReplaced standard Shimano with these and the improvement is huge. Haven`t tried in the rain yet but I have little doubt they'll be fine.
Mr A RussellInstant improvement on standard shimano pads. Good feel and not grabby but progressive performance. Haven`t tried in wet yet.
YOUNGGreat braking in dry conditions. Wet brake tracks still still lose some power. No pad compound can overcome that though.
Mr Taylor-SmithArrived promptly. Easy to fit - never changed brake blocks before! Recommended to buy because of performance in wet. Marked improvement over previous (worn) blocks of unspecified make. Happy with purchase.
David GreenA clear step up from the standard Ultegra pads. Excellent stopping power, although the pads did give a 'scream' towards the bottom of a 10Km+ descent, presumably due to heat in the rims. I do believe it was the rims and not the pads as I've used the same pads on different wheels without the same effect, on the same descent. Recommended.
JenkinsDon't use anything else, superior in the wet and dry, and you will notice it a lot more in the wet. Tried this new compound, too early to say regarding rim wear, but performance still right up there.
JakoGreat brake blocks. Giving you that added bit of confidence when braking.
Mike HWork really well, makes a change being able to stop in the wet. Nice soft compound but wear rate is ok that's why these are my second set
Mr SimpsonBrilliant. Now I know how well my Duarace brakes can really stop especially at higher speeds. No fade at all.
Mr HammerNice, progressive 'feel' when braking. Minimal residue on rims. Hard to know iif these are the 'best' pads out there...but they ARE very good!
Mr AveryReplaced my stock standard pads with these. Thought they were a bit average at first and then they bedded in. Very nice.
Mr NaisbittAfter a few scary moments in the wet with Shimano pads decided to give these a go. Much better, no sqealing and less residue, wet or dry.
Mr MalynThese brake pads are immense! I went from stock Shimano 105 pads to these for a sportive as the stock pads were giving me really bad feedback on a tricky descent. Therefore I went for an upgrade and I only wish I had done it sooner. The modulation is so much better and they bite the rim brilliantly. As the weather has been pretty good of late, they have not had a proper test in the wet yet. However, judging by the difference in dry performance, I'm expecting as much improvement in the wet.
Mr TremblayMy new reference. They don't catch debris as Shimano pads do. Outstanding braking power and they are almost quiet. Only downside...they are blue !
Mr StewartVery impressed with Merlin Cycles. Wanted to replace my worn out Flash pro greens with these BXP pads. ordered after lunch and they arrived next morning. Were originally out of stock but got a "back in stock" reply very quickly as well. As for the pads, they are very good. In the dry I am not sure they are any better than the greens but in the wet they certainly are. If they last as long as the greens I will be well chuffed.
Mr ClearyGreat stopping power and silent in wet or dry conditions
Mat BGreat product - massive improvement over standard Shimano blocks. They wear faster but I'd rather replace brake blocks than rims! Especially good in the wet. Highly recommended.
Andy TipladyBetter all round than the shimano inserts they replaced, especially in the adverse weather our lovely British climate has given us this winter!
Mr FentonService great. Arrived as promised. Have used these excellent pads for some time now. Found them to be very good in wet. Been a godsend over the past couple of months. Rick