SwissStop Flash Pro BXP Brake Pads
SwissStop Flash Pro BXP Brake Pads
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SwissStop FlashPro BXP Brake Pads - 2 x Pairs
Swissstop offers the best braking performance in all conditions for all types of bike. BXP is the latest aluminium rim compound. Non sticky predictible linear feel provides improved modulation, power and braking in all conditions.
  • Flash Pro pads to fit Shimano Dura Ace/ Ultegra/105/Sram/TRP.
  • Compound: BXP - Latest aluminium rim compound. Non sticky predictible linear feel provides improved modulation, power and braking in all conditions.
  • Top performance on dry rims and even better performance on wet.
  • Complete absence of abrasive materials which damage rims.
  • Consistent braking (-20C to 40C).
  • Silent operation


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Excellent stopping power, good in all conditions, expensive compared to other brands but you get what you pay for, "assured, reliable stopping performance"
Replaced standard Shimano with these and the improvement is huge. Haven`t tried in the rain yet but I have little doubt they'll be fine.
Instant improvement on standard shimano pads. Good feel and not grabby but progressive performance. Haven`t tried in wet yet.
Great braking in dry conditions. Wet brake tracks still still lose some power. No pad compound can overcome that though.
Arrived promptly. Easy to fit - never changed brake blocks before! Recommended to buy because of performance in wet. Marked improvement over previous (worn) blocks of unspecified make. Happy with purchase.
A clear step up from the standard Ultegra pads. Excellent stopping power, although the pads did give a 'scream' towards the bottom of a 10Km+ descent, presumably due to heat in the rims. I do believe it was the rims and not the pads as I've used the same pads on different wheels without the same effect, on the same descent. Recommended.
Don't use anything else, superior in the wet and dry, and you will notice it a lot more in the wet. Tried this new compound, too early to say regarding rim wear, but performance still right up there.
Great brake blocks. Giving you that added bit of confidence when braking.
Work really well, makes a change being able to stop in the wet. Nice soft compound but wear rate is ok that's why these are my second set
Brilliant. Now I know how well my Duarace brakes can really stop especially at higher speeds. No fade at all.
Nice, progressive 'feel' when braking. Minimal residue on rims. Hard to know iif these are the 'best' pads out there...but they ARE very good!
Replaced my stock standard pads with these. Thought they were a bit average at first and then they bedded in. Very nice.
After a few scary moments in the wet with Shimano pads decided to give these a go. Much better, no sqealing and less residue, wet or dry.
These brake pads are immense! I went from stock Shimano 105 pads to these for a sportive as the stock pads were giving me really bad feedback on a tricky descent. Therefore I went for an upgrade and I only wish I had done it sooner. The modulation is so much better and they bite the rim brilliantly. As the weather has been pretty good of late, they have not had a proper test in the wet yet. However, judging by the difference in dry performance, I'm expecting as much improvement in the wet.
My new reference. They don't catch debris as Shimano pads do. Outstanding braking power and they are almost quiet. Only downside...they are blue !
Very impressed with Merlin Cycles. Wanted to replace my worn out Flash pro greens with these BXP pads. ordered after lunch and they arrived next morning. Were originally out of stock but got a "back in stock" reply very quickly as well. As for the pads, they are very good. In the dry I am not sure they are any better than the greens but in the wet they certainly are. If they last as long as the greens I will be well chuffed.
Great stopping power and silent in wet or dry conditions
Great product - massive improvement over standard Shimano blocks. They wear faster but I'd rather replace brake blocks than rims! Especially good in the wet. Highly recommended.
Better all round than the shimano inserts they replaced, especially in the adverse weather our lovely British climate has given us this winter!
Service great. Arrived as promised. Have used these excellent pads for some time now. Found them to be very good in wet. Been a godsend over the past couple of months. Rick