SwissStop Swissclean Rim Cleaner
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SwissStop Swissclean Rim Cleaner
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SwissStop Swissclean Rim Cleaner

Keep your rims clean and ready for action. Prepare your wheels ready using high performance SwissStop pads.

Steve J Used with a little water, couldn't believe how dirty my rims were. Ended up doing 3 bikes. A must for the tool box.
Paul Wasn't sure about this but thought it worth a short. Spend about 5-10mins on each rim surface, cleaned alot of brake dirt and road dirt off the rims. They don't look like new but 90% there, worth the effort and the £3.40 I spent. Its basically a very hard rubber and it works. After doing front and back wheels I have rounded off 2 corners a bit so it looks like it will last a good while.
Mr rosser great little addition to the toolkit. have used on some rims that were a little weathered and it seems to have prevented brake squeal. no instructions but i used it with water and worked a treat...
Mr PERKINS Why have I not had these for longer!
Mr Jones Having yet to upgrade to carbon wheels this rim cleaner is a must for alloy rims. Works a treat on a dirty rim, wet or dry. Nice little tool which vastly speeds up cleaning wheels after a ride. Will be irreplaceable coming into winter months.
Carol Fantastic piece of equipment, leaves rims like new in 5 minutes use like wet and dry with wet wipes, great braking now
Mr Lau Smaller than expected but works very well
RDG I was worried that I was going to receive a bar of soap sized block. Not so - it's small but perfect for cleaning rims up. Well worth having - works well to remove grime and contaminants. Should have got one years ago.
John C This works surprisingly well, spin your wheel, add water and it rubs away grime quickly
stefthechef Really good for cleaning the rims
Panagiotis I read comments from other reviewers, everyone says this is extremely small... and my expectations were exaggerated, It is small, but not as small as I expected, if the rim is in general good condition (no deep scuffs) the cleaner will last a long time and will make the brake tracks look like new!
Mr Leeds Does a great job rubbing crud and residue from my carbon rim brakes. Recommend buying one.
Stephen Works well. Seems to manage to remove a lot of deposited grime from the rims with little effort
CHONG Not sure how to use it, I cleaned with water and without water, and both ways worked very well! Now my rims look new! Only thing I hope for improvement might be the small size, which made it hard to handle.
Tom Actually very good. Quite surprised, but this reduced the juddering on a dura ace front rim that no amount of cleaning could.
xddevv Small, but works as intended.
Mr park Size a little small, reasonable performance.
Mr Grocott Great little rubber. Works best when rim is wet as it cleans right in between the surface grooves. Best cleaned outside as it creates an aluminium black paste that gets everywhere. Rinse off with warm water before it dries. Smaller than expect so 4 stars.
Gavin Helped to fix a stone chip in my braking surface, highly recommended
Mr Tirado Tiny, But works good...
Ernesto Great product, easy to use!
John Dory Decided to get one these things to see if it helps with braking. I noticed that the braking performance improves following a good clean with this thing. it is small and can be easily misplaced but seems like an effective product in the fight against Newton's laws of motion.
Mr ÇİMEN Little bit small but excellent cleaner
Mr Tutmaz It cleans the rim and gives braking surface a shiny look, but I don't think it makes a considerable difference in terms of braking.
YOUNG Really quick & effective to use. Cleans off grime from damp roads in no time
Mr Fortin Ultra powerful and very useful for dirty rough rims
Mr Sagnak Clean rim means safe brakes. Such a good product in a small price.
Mr Cole Easier to use than a sponge or cloth. Seems to work well
Mr kyles Nice little trick to keeping rims clean and improving braking performance
Mr Blackman This is a lot smaller than I imagined, about the size of a large stamp. It does the job well but it's hard to handle because of the small size.
Mr Jack Brings the rims up nice and clean. Improves braking
Mr Van Calsteren Works well to clean aluminium rims
Mr Cleary Only used it a couple of times but seems to get the rim clean.