TRP HY-RD Disc Brake Caliper, Silver
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TRP HY-RD Disc Brake Caliper, SilverTRP HY/RD Post Mount Disc Brake Caliper, Silver
TRP HY/RD Post Mount Disc Brake Caliper

The TRP HY-RD brake caliper provides the power and modulation of hydraulic disc brakes and is compatible with any cable actuated Shimano and Sram road shift brake lever system, sold as singles - one required for each lever.


Please note: Post mount fitting and rotor sold separately (not included)





  • Hydraulic reservoir provides automatic pad wear adjustment
  • Self-contained caliper incorporates master cylinder
  • Cable actuation means compatibility with all mechanical road and CX brake levers
  • Includes TRP's own ultra-grippy semi-metallic pad
  • Compound works well in dry conditions
  • Composite pistons isolate heat better than steel
  • Manufacturer recommends use with 160mm rotor
Mr SuttonPrompt delivery and as described. Brakes were easy to install and set up
XAVIERExcellent braking system, superb upgrade for my gravel bike, compatible with SRAM components, very good value for money; note : one of the very rare hydraulic systems to connect with mechanical levers.
Alex REasy set up and impressive stopping power. Instructions were way more complicated than they needed to be but that's just the nature of technical specifications I suppose. recommend new cable and new outer-cables to ensure that there is minimal cable friction to improve performance.
Mr RobertsonQuite impressed so far with the brakes. Good grip and easy set up which is a plus. The instructions are quite long winded but simple once you've gone through them. No noise on braking, release is good. Very happy with purchase.
stuartHaving just bought my first gravel bike I was dissatisfied with the mechanical disk brakes it had as standard before the gravel bike i had a hybrid and a mountain bike both had hydraulic disk so I knew what good solid braking felt Like and without changing the entire set on my bike these came up as a good alternative I have had these brakes a month now and I am really pleased as to how they perform after watching YouTube videos of people complaining about the long pull this was easily remedied with some adjustment and they now have a really short pull they were also easy to install and setup highly recommend.
Mr NagleIf in doubt, BUY ONE! I fitted these to my Genesis TdeF 10. Itโ€™s transformed it by way more than just monetary value. Brilliant product and quickly dispatched. (โ€œHatโ€!)
YehudaWow first of all thank you for the fast delivery to Israel in less than a week. The product is excellent and works properly. High level. Thank you for the service and quick response
Mr pontonFantastic! Had trp spyres on my caadx, I had to plan bends from 50 yards away. These are comparable to my Shimano xt's on my MTB. Stop on a penny. With no squeal. Had to ignore the knurled nut to lock them when I set them up or the lever pulled back to the bar. But once set up they are fantastic.. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜
Mr BujonesNot as good as a 100% hydraulic brake but this improved my life a lot. Mechanical disc brakes had been a nightmare.
StephenThis replaces a trp mechanical front caliper. previously i replaced inferior mechanical callipers with the trp callipers. This was an improvement with pistons activated from both sides. However I could not get enough stopping power hence the new front calliper. this has been worthwhile. The leverage can only be brake lever range to piston range and the cable resistance is the same so I presume either the pull ratio is less or the final hydraulic mechanism is more efficient than the mechanical lever system. In any case I can now stop better. I did find the supplied pads slightly thick for clearance of the disc. they sit closer than the mechanical calliper in my case. I swapped to a different thinner pad and problem solved. About halfway between full hydraulic brakes on my other road bike and the worrying previous mechanical callipers. I see no need to swap the rear calliper as well as with the improved weight transfer the rear tyre can now be made to skid.
Alex IoakimFeels *almost* like a fully hydro brake. Fantastic upgrade. Very easy to install.
AndyI had Spyre mechanical calipers which were just not powerful enough. I'd tried adjustment and different pads but no improvement. The new caliper has plenty of power and is progressive, the more force you apply the more braking you get. That wasn't true of the Spyres. I just replaced the front caliper and that is enough for me.
HectorI bought this item as a spare, since I already am a happy user of the HY/RD on my Bionic
Mr MacdonaldBought this to replace the TRP Spyre. Much better bit of kit. Well worth the money
Mr ParkerFantastic modulation, Having always had hydraulics (coming from a MTB background) I always felt a little concerned about the braking force of cable disc brakes especially in wet conditions. I've also found that because the way cable disc actuate the pads I've always had uneven wear on pads and also more rotor noise. I would say these TRP HYRD are 80% there in comparison to a full hydraulic setup, Much more modulation and the ability to lock up at all speeds and more importantly in all conditions. If like me you can`t easily upgrade to hydraulic these are a perfect middle ground. For me the cost of new levers, bar tape, calipers and potential cable routing issues meant these were the sensible option and I'm so glad I have.... Buy them!
Mr WilliamsGot these installed last night and did my first ride. Nice feel overall. Takes a little fiddling to get the lever throw just right on my 5800 shifters, but overall I'm happy. Much better feel than the Spyre it replaced (rear only).