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TRP Road Disc Cable Kit

Compression-less brake cable housing and cable kit. Comes with everything you need to run full housing on a single-rider bike.

Kit includes:

  • 3m outer cable 
  • 4 x cable ferrules
  • 2 x cable end caps
  • 2 x flexible outer cable ends (if running with v brakes)


DN Compressionless cable outers and cables, full set for disc brakes front & rear with flexible outer sections for routing cable on drop bars under bar tape. Purpose made for TRP Disc brakes and cheaper than Jagwire etc but does the same job. Good value for money and easy to fit. Quick delivery by Merlin
Paul Roman After replacing my poor quality disc brake calipers with TRP Spyres I realised that the outer cables were not compressionless so I replaced them with this TRP Road Disc Cable Kit, they made a big increase in braking performance.
Mr cossey Great cables bought as an upgrade and they have improved brake performance
Ed Paired with the TRP HY/RD callipers and the braking is flawless.
Mr Herrod Great cables these are a must for setting up mechanical disc brakes. No flex cables make a huge difference in stopping power.
Michael B Great kit! Everything you need to run TRP Spyre.
Ian Really made a difference to my mechanical TRP HY/RD. excellent.
Mr Ami My bike came equipped with TRP Spyre disc brakes. It has over 7000 miles on it now and with the internally routed cables the brake release was getting a bit sluggish. As these cables are made by the same company that made the brakes I chose these to replace the Jagwire cables the bike came with. Brake performance has been restored to the way it was when the bike was new. Very happy with the purchase.
Mr barlow Excellent product really does increase the feel of brakes
Philip Comprehensive kit with good quality inner and outer cables.
Jay Perry I replaced my cruddy, 3-year-old cables with these and what a difference! They feel really great - very little friction, no more mushiness under hard braking. I installed with TRP Spyre calipers and they're perfect together. As a novice rider, this was the first time I've replaced brake cables and I made a dumb mistake: I didn't realize the included cables were two different lengths (for front and back brakes - and they're weren't labeled) and I accidentally installed the longer 'rear' cable in front. When the remaining cable wasn't long enough to reach my rear brake, I had to run to a local shop for a replacement. That's my mistake and not TRP's fault, but just a heads up -- if you haven't done this before, be sure to unwind the cables and compare them before installing.
Andy Vibes Works great with mechanical disc brakes. Takes all the flex out of the brake lines and makes everything feel a lot snappier.
David Needed this to try and create a disc braked bike on which I could retain my existing Ultegra triple chainset. Having read all that I could about TRP HY/RD callipers, and the need for compression less cables, I went for this cable set. It's working well and I have a triple on a bike that's approaching the hydraulic braking standard.
Casey Compressionless housing is a must for mechanical disc brakes, and this worked perfectly with my HyRd setup. Includes more than enough housing to run full housing rear and front and was easy to cut and clean up with housing cutters.
john Essential for mechanical disc brakes if you want controlled braking
Mr Clancy Once installed and tensioned properly - I'm using with 11 speed Chorus shifters and TRP Spyre - the cables work beautifully.
goodbrakesmeanFAST Good solid braking. Well worth it in combo with Spyre brakes.
Keith Very good with TRP rd/hy as good as full hydro set up on cross bike. Cables keep it all nice and tight
Peter Bought a cheapo 2nd habd Halfrauds flat-bar roadie with discs. Braking was sh*te even with new pads & discs. Changed to these cables and now able to stop in a hurry. Expensive but worth it.
Smith Great cable kit for the Spyre disc brakes. Highly recommended