TRP Spyre Flat Mount Disc Brake Caliper
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TRP Spyre Flat Mount Disc Brake CaliperTRP Spyre Flat Mount Disc Brake Caliper
TRP Spyre Flat Mount Disc Brake Caliper
Finally, a mechanical disc brake that offers superior performance and is a snap to set up. The Spyre is a dual sided mechanical where both pads actuate providing even and precise clamping force. This translates into even pad wear and, with the addition of a simple cable barrel adjuster, the pads can be adjusted easily and hassle free. No frustration at completely adjusting the whole caliper, only to have it continue to drag the fixed side, adding wear! All of this in an incredibly thin 40mm wide, 154g slender package that works with any of the drop bar levers on the market.
  • Dual sided actuation for even pad wear
  • Simple adjustment and set up
  • Works with ALL cable actuated road levers. Compressionless housing highly recommended.
  • Ultra-grippy TRP semi-metallic pads
  • Shimano M525/M515 are also compatible with Spyre calipers 
  • Recommend using a 160mm rotor on the front
  • Rotors and adapters* sold separately
  • * Black Calipers include adapters - Front F5/+20,  Rear F6/+20
Mr HARRISONGot these to replace my Cannondale pro max brakes as these have dual sided pistons for better braking. Really has improved the stopping power and feel much happier going faster and braking later . I had expected the cannondale pro max brakes to do the same thing but they were terrible by comparison . As ever Merlin delivered promptly and I have always found their prices competitive . These have been hard to source , but Merlin emailed me to let me know they were back in stock .
Mr Moller-PetersenThis caliper is excellent - with the right cables and adjustment you will have brakes that are working just as well as hydraulic brakes - I am impressed and can highly recommend this product. Received them rather quickly - nice that we can still do business with people in the UK - despite Brexit -)
ZoltanPerfect, beautiful, came in original box. Just finished the installation, painless setup and fine tuning, even with slight OCD... Works perfectly with Shimano B01S resin pads and Shimano rotor.
AdamThese work great, all the power you need for the road, but simple to set up and maintain.
CharnCame in factory packaging. Easy to fit and works great! Remember to pair with compressionless cable housing.
SamI was very happy with the brakes that came pre-fitted to my Malt G1, the Tektro Lyra calipers, but I was tempted by the double sided action of the TRP Spyres. The difference in power is immediately noticeable, even before the brakes had bedded in, and the feel is better too. It's not night and day different, just a noticeable improvement, but combined with the easier set up and adjustment, and the (hopefully) more even wear of the dual sided system, these are an excellent upgrade.
IanGood item giving improved braking performance. Easy to set up and simple to adjust.
Mr PritchardOrdered to replace a worn out Rever caliper. Quality product - much more efficient and safer braking than before - there is no extra play before the pads start to bite which gives a good feeling of security. Good price. Quick delivery.
Jacek COne of the best (if not the) mechanical disc brakes on the market, also very light, reliable, with very good quality to price ratio.
Mr HerrodEasy to install. Make sure you get the TRP routers to go with the brakes it will help with the stopping power.
DJGood rear brake for flat post mount on my road hoy frame fitted perfectly and pads adjustable from both sides . I thought the price was competitive to . With other comparisons
Jim meaBought this to replace a post mount brake and it has made such a difference. Very pleased with it and as usual, great service from Merlin too.
MarkGreat cable operated disk brake caliper, very easy to set up and use and decent stopping power
Mr Morris L. MasliaOutstanding mechanical (cable activated) disc brakes for road bike. Great price, easy install
StephenGood engineering, I have good experience with Spyre post mount disc callipers.
RobertExcellent value for money. Flat mount version does not come with mounting brackets, these are sold separately.
Mr EllesgaardSuperb braking performance
Jimmy PrestoThis is my second build using this model. I prefer this over the more expensive carbon model.
MarkUpgraded to the Spyres from single sided calipers. These make a big difference in all things braking. There is actually modulation now and a much stronger braking force. A side benefit is they are also quieter than the old calipers. Would absolutely recommend for anyone looking to upgrade their stopping.
KenA great alternative to hydraulic brakes, without the mess and hassle of hydraulics.. Easily fitted and the dual piston action makes them easy to adjust and maintain. Less spongy than road hydraulics with good bite and modulation. Recommended.
FabianIt's the best mechanical brake you can get. I've built three bikes with these brakes and I am quite satisfied with the brake power. Also the weight is pretty low (claimed to be a little under 150grams, mine are around 160grams).
SkellandI have used the post mount version of these for a couple of years now and they`re great. These flat mount are just as good and are really easy to setup and maintain, they`re powerful enough for my needs and with no snatching when brakes are applied, just a smooth controlled stop. The pads are also widely available from different manufacturers and also reasonably priced. Really happy with these and would highly recommend.