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TRP Spyre Post Mount Disc Brake Caliper


The TRP Spyre is a dual sided mechanical brake where both pads actuate providing even and precise clamping force. This translates into even pad wear and, with the addition of a simple cable barrel adjuster, the pads can be adjusted easily and hassle free. All of this in an incredibly thin 40mm wide, 154g slender package that works with any of the mechanical drop bar brake levers on the market. Sold as singles - one required for each lever.

Please note: Post mount fitting and rotor sold separately (not included)



  • Dual sided actuation for even pad wear
  • Simple adjustment and set up
  • Works with ALL cable actuated road levers.
  • Includes ultra-grippy TRP semi-metallic pads
  • Manufacturer recommends use with 160mm rotor
Product better than I had expected and fast delivery :)
Replaced some old Avid calipers with these and they're amazing. Modulation and feel is so much better, and they're so much easier to adjust. No more squeaking and rubbing. They came with pads pre-installed and were already adjusted to good default clearances, so installation was just a matter of bolting them on and then fine tuning for a few minutes. A great, affordable upgrade for a mechanical system.
Good quality product that is easy to fit and adjust.
Easy to fit and adjust. Big improvement in braking power and modulation over one sided mechanical calipers. Price and service from Merlin excellent
Early days, but more positive braking than single-sided cable disc caliper. Also quite light.
Considering how much problems I've had setting up with other disc brake calipers recently (Shimano RS805 and TRP hy/rd) these were ridiculously easy to set up in comparison. Easy to centre, easy to set the cable tension right so it bites at the mid stroke of a lever pull, and most importantly, no disc rub!! Obviously the modulation is not as good as the previous two mentioned calipers, but they're hydraulic or part hydraulic. But they'll still stop you, you just have to pull the lever a tiny bit harder. If you end up with cable stretch, its easy to adjust this and there's instructions provided to tell you how to do this. I'd say this is an ideal for a commuting bikes. Fuss free and cheapish option.
Best purchase ever: very easy set up, rock solid, firm braking and very good modulation
Bought this as a replacement for TRP HY/RD Caliper. Yes I know this is one level down but I had already replaced the rear Caliper with one of these bought from Merlin and when the front one failed a few months later I bought another. Very easy to setup and adjust and I find the brakes powerful enough for off road use. I had already recommended these to a friend even when the HY/RD were working. Excellent price from Merlin and excellent delivery service
A definite improvement in braking over the Shimano calipers which came with my bike originally. Pads feel softer and action much more precise. Fine with cables supplied with Ultegra 8000 groupset fitted at same time.
Chosen to replace original front cable operated single moving/fixed pad on 2011 Croix Der f to these dual moving pad. These avoid the expense / faff of hydraulics, keep it simple and give a better feel overall action. Use shall be the same 20-25 mile all season comute as on another bike previously fitted with the same 2 years ago and that caliper has been fine.
Bought to replace the other TRP Spyre calipers that were stolen off of my bike, because my lock prevented them from taking the whole bike. They were out of stock in almost all other places I found or cost twice as much, but I wanted these, because I find them to be the best mechanical disc brake calipers there are.