TRP Spyre Post Mount Disc Brake Caliper
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TRP Spyre Post Mount Disc Brake Caliper
TRP Spyre Post Mount Disc Brake Caliper


The TRP Spyre is a dual sided mechanical brake where both pads actuate providing even and precise clamping force. This translates into even pad wear and, with the addition of a simple cable barrel adjuster, the pads can be adjusted easily and hassle free. All of this in an incredibly thin 40mm wide, 154g slender package that works with any of the mechanical drop bar brake levers on the market. Sold as singles - one required for each lever.

Please note: Post mount fitting and rotor sold separately (not included)



  • Dual sided actuation for even pad wear
  • Simple adjustment and set up
  • Works with ALL cable actuated road levers.
  • Includes ultra-grippy TRP semi-metallic pads
  • Manufacturer recommends use with 160mm rotor
Mr KingExcellent product at an excellent competitive price
Johnny O' ByrneExcellent brakes, the best stopping power of any mechanical brakes. Easy to install and adjust, solid and lightweight. I would buy these over lower level hydraulic brakes- easier to maintain, similar stopping power and lighter than the majority of hydraulic set-up's.
R. DaviesExcellent upgrade over the standard promax brakes that were fitted on my bike. Pads aren't the best, but they've already been replaced with a set of ceramic ones. I can actually stop now.
paulgood bit of kit work from moment I rode the bike. easy to fit
The Wheel SuckerMuch better than the cheap fully cable one pad moving options on the market and a lot easier to set up
PeterBest mechanical disc brakes for your bike.
XavierBest mechanical caliper ever used and I am tired of replacing the oil in hydraulic brakes.
Mr MartinBought these to replace the TRP HyRd hydraulic brakes that came on the bike. Found the HyRds rather unreliable resulting in frequent visits to the LBS. For my all year commuting, these brakes are just the job. Just as good as the HyRds I find and easily maintained and adjusted as the pads wear. Quality mechanical disc brakes
Mr KoeglerReplaced my Promax one-sided brakes that came with the bikes. The Spyre brakes are easy to install and adjust. Took me a few minutes only.
Mr ColquhounUsed them for about 200 miles and feel great on the brutal somerset hills
Mr HolcombeGreat item, much better than avid bb5, great stopping power
MARTYNlove these calipers, easy to service, easy to fit, and well made. Probably the best cable disc brake caliper on the market.
Mr KozlowskiAfter struggling with avid bb5 and bb7 this one is like a breath of fresh air. Easy to setup and works well.
RossNot quite as good as hydraulics, but very good stopping power all the same - plenty for road/gravel riding anyway. Plus light, way cheaper and easy set-up/maintenance.
Mr EvansRapid delivery and easy to install, works well
JanI bought this brake caliper as a replacement for the same model, which was broken. The assembly was simple and the brake works (as long as we consider limitations of mechanical disc brakes).
IanGood item giving improved braking performance. Easy to set up and simple to adjust.
Mr BatesWanted to change my old gravel bike from flat bars to road bars. Trouble is, everything else is already Shimano, and Shimano no longer sell road discs in Post mount! So, back to cable discs. Apprehensive at first, but needn’t have been. Now I have the comfort of cable STIs instead of the hydraulic bulk, but still the great braking of discs. Great feel, very easy to set up, easily enough power for my needs. Don’t judge tech by the marketing hype of newer tech! ;-)
MartinBought this as a direct replacement for a failed unit on my 4 yo winter bike. Fits perfectly and has a new little extra cover over the pad tops to keep the worst of the muck out.
NicolasSo far very satisfied, these brakes are easy to fit and well made. Accurately described on Merlin too.
FilInstalled these with Tiagra road levers for a "gravel" conversion of my old Dale. Install was straightforward and adjustment was just as easy. Only few miles ridden so far but the pads are bedding in and braking power and modulation are surprisingly good. So is braking feel. I have to admit I was surprised by how well these cable disc brakes are working. Lookwise, they certainly add to the bike, with a quality finish all around. Five stars and let´s hope they last.
DavidSwapping out the PITA Hy/Rds for this simpler and more reliable solution. Brilliant service as always from Merlin!
Mr LauschBest mech disc brakes on market
Mr Spearman-OxxI was so impressed with these on my bike I put a pair on my wifes bike to replace her originals which lacked reassurance on hills.
Mr KuchaříkThe best mechanical brake.
Mr LloydUpgraded from Lyra Disc Brakes on my Merlin Axe7 Road Bike and it was absolutely worth every single penny. Looks great, performs great and very easy to install and adjust. Service from Merlin was excellent as well. The parcel actually arrived earlier than what it said.
Mr SwannBought these as recommended as an upgrade to the brakes on my Cannondale CAADX. Swapped over in minutes, very impressed!
RamsayUsed these to replace a set of hydraulic/mechanical TRP calipers. Easy to fit, easy to bed in and have worked fine in dry and wet conditions. Adjustment was easier than billed as well!
Mr LomasI replaced my old front disc brake ages ago with TRP Spyre and I recently did the same for the rear wheel, I should have done it ages ago as they are very good brakes and I can't fault them and therefore wholly recommend anyone thinking of changing from the single caliper type of brakes to TRP Spyre ! Great product.
Mr BohlinHad very high expectations on this brake. It does what it is supposed to do but is not quite as awesome as its reputation says. Fitted on a Cannondale CAADX 105.
Mr SatoCambie el freno de disco Tektro. Mira que son de los mas simples,y en relacion al peso no cambio nada ,ya recorri mas de 100Km con el TRP y no encuentro una gran diferencia,solo el aspecto mejoro, valio la pena pagar ese precio?
GARYSuper fast delivery & communication from Merlin as usual, brakes are fantastic, easy to set up with easy adjustment. Easily as good as the hydraulic set up I had, no difference in stopping power. Buy with confidence !!
HeadwestyI bought this to replace a seized, leaking TRP Hy/RD and so far I can't tell the difference. Progressive and just as much stopping power at less than half the price.
KGreat brakes. Be careful with setting them up, but get it right and they are going work really well. Merlin’s service as good as ever.
Sophie BroadSecond one I bought, great brake.
Sophie BLook great and really easy to set up. Found them equivalent to to the avid bb7 in terms of stopping power and have the clearance for a centre lock brake disc.
Paul RomanThe disc brake calipers on my gravel bike were of very poor quality so I decided to change them for these TRP Spyres, which has made a big differnce. I am very pleased with their performance and they were relatively easy to fit, although adjusting them is not so easy.
Mr PaulywogPretty nice upgrade over cheaper brake calipers. Happy with the purchase. Much quieter as well, no squealing.
Dr DMy 2nd time to buy TRP Spyre, still think this is the best cable disc brake. On my first ride I was able to avoid a collision wtih an unattentive motorist crossing my way thanks to its brake power - already returned its money.
FreddieOmg! So much better modulation and adjustment than the old bb7 Road!
Dr MitchellEasy to fit & adjust. Pretty good braking response.
MichailI did not want to buy hydraulic brakes for my Gravel bike. I wanted the mechanical brakes. Who has the same considerations as me, has the only choice - the TRP Spyre brakes. In my opinion - the best mechanical brakes on the market. Highly recommended.
Mr HeuerFor many years I only bought expensive hydraulic disc brakes, but they often had trouble with clearance and they were difficult to adjust without having an expensive bicycle dealer doing it. Then I tried TRP and I was sold! Now I have them on 3 of my bikes and will probably not go back on the hydraulics again :-) Merlin cycles have the cheapest TRP I've been able to find, and the service is super. Good info on mail along the way and fast delivery.
MannPreviously had Avid BB5 calipers which just would not allow the brake pads to be set up parallel to the disc rotor. Decided to try these out and they worked like a charm. Easy set-up and no more disc rubbing. Should have switched sooner. Fast dispatch time and excellent packaging as usual from Merlin Cycles.
SamEasy to install and adjust, great stopping power compared to Avid BB5.
HenryEasy to install and adjust and excellent braking performance. A great upgrade to my existing (Tektro Lyra) mechanical braking system.
JordanI bought these to replace my TRP HY/RD hybrid hydraulic disc brakes, and the Spyre performs better than them in all respects. Having the dual action along with large 160 rotors makes for a smooth and confident stop. The barrel adjuster makes life easy when you want to fine tune stopping power. While I run Shimano on all my bikes, I prefer these calipers to theirs.
IanThe Mystery surrounding fitting and adjusting Disc Brakes is finally over ! These brakes are very easy to mount and get set up and adjustments can be made simply to keep things running smoothly. Performance wise these are just as good as hydraulic brakes and can be field maintained .
Mr bartonEasy to install, just remember to buy new cables as well.
AdeGreat value - probably the best low-cost mechanical calliper. Easy to fit and adjust and importantly both pads move for even wear
MattMSo far so good. TRP recommend the use of compressionless cables and having swapped out my old cables this certainly seems to help matters with these brakes. I used Jagwire cables, which seem to work well. Can`t really comment on how these fair long term, but have my fingers crossed.
davidGreat! I have hydraulic brakes on my other bike and these are almost as good. Easy to set up and once bedded in work really effectively. They also have better clearance than my hydraulic brakes and are therefore well suited to adventure / gravel type bikes as they cope with mud/muck better. Better than expected and well worth the outlay!
Mr JordanProduct better than I had expected and fast delivery :)
Jay PerryReplaced some old Avid calipers with these and they're amazing. Modulation and feel is so much better, and they're so much easier to adjust. No more squeaking and rubbing. They came with pads pre-installed and were already adjusted to good default clearances, so installation was just a matter of bolting them on and then fine tuning for a few minutes. A great, affordable upgrade for a mechanical system.
Dr MitchellGood quality product that is easy to fit and adjust.
Mr SlatteryEasy to fit and adjust. Big improvement in braking power and modulation over one sided mechanical calipers. Price and service from Merlin excellent
Mr CorridonEarly days, but more positive braking than single-sided cable disc caliper. Also quite light.
Mr SkubalaConsidering how much problems I've had setting up with other disc brake calipers recently (Shimano RS805 and TRP hy/rd) these were ridiculously easy to set up in comparison. Easy to centre, easy to set the cable tension right so it bites at the mid stroke of a lever pull, and most importantly, no disc rub!! Obviously the modulation is not as good as the previous two mentioned calipers, but they're hydraulic or part hydraulic. But they'll still stop you, you just have to pull the lever a tiny bit harder. If you end up with cable stretch, its easy to adjust this and there's instructions provided to tell you how to do this. I'd say this is an ideal for a commuting bikes. Fuss free and cheapish option.
ErnestoBest purchase ever: very easy set up, rock solid, firm braking and very good modulation
StewsieBought this as a replacement for TRP HY/RD Caliper. Yes I know this is one level down but I had already replaced the rear Caliper with one of these bought from Merlin and when the front one failed a few months later I bought another. Very easy to setup and adjust and I find the brakes powerful enough for off road use. I had already recommended these to a friend even when the HY/RD were working. Excellent price from Merlin and excellent delivery service
Mr Spearman-OxxA definite improvement in braking over the Shimano calipers which came with my bike originally. Pads feel softer and action much more precise. Fine with cables supplied with Ultegra 8000 groupset fitted at same time.
BobbinsChosen to replace original front cable operated single moving/fixed pad on 2011 Croix Der f to these dual moving pad. These avoid the expense / faff of hydraulics, keep it simple and give a better feel overall action. Use shall be the same 20-25 mile all season comute as on another bike previously fitted with the same 2 years ago and that caliper has been fine.
Mr VedelBought to replace the other TRP Spyre calipers that were stolen off of my bike, because my lock prevented them from taking the whole bike. They were out of stock in almost all other places I found or cost twice as much, but I wanted these, because I find them to be the best mechanical disc brake calipers there are.