Zefal Z-Box Waterproof Tool Holder
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Zefal Z-Box Waterproof Tool Holder
Code: 37692
Zefal Z-Box Waterproof Tool Holder
Large capacity tool holder, the Z Box responds to your needs thanks to the two compartments available. It is waterproof to keep your belongings dry.
  • Waterproof to protect contents & damage
  • Convenient storage (compact & practical)
  • Bottle cage fitting with easy grip
  • Large can be split in 2 parts for easy-storage
  • Technical
  • Top material: polypropylene
  • Bottom material: polypropylene
  • Height: 170mm (medium) / 250mm (large)
  • Capacity: 0.6L (medium) / 0.8L (large)
  • Weight: 80g (medium) / 130g (large)
Mr erdoganLong one has 2inside part, so ı dont use short part. Looks good and works well. So i can put 2spare, a little alien key and a pump
Mr RichardsonIdeal, smaller size fits multi tool, 29 inch tube, puncture repair kit, tyre lever and a couple of CO2 cannisters.
Takalight weight and stylish!
Mr BannisterGreat design, like the two size feature too, recommended
Miss DoramA handy way of carry my tools
Dr TaylorGreat product with Zefal quality of design and manufacture
HansPerfect for a pump and tube,keeps the pump clean. It can either be used as two compartment or a large one.
Mr hallsworthReally useful, great price.
Dansimple, effective, great value for money
Mr CrossPerfect fit for my bike. Fits everything in. Spot on
JohnA good little tool holder at a keen price
ianGreat storage holder that's sits well in Cage
Mr milanHolds all my tools. Really cheap for a nice tool holder. Fits perfectly with zefal spring plastic bottle cage. Will recommend
Mr peachgood practical units
IanGood solid tool bottle with top small capacity lid - perhaps not the lightest of its type you can get but will last longer and well priced too.
Mr HendryVery handy, well made tool holder. Ideal for storing all your ride essentials. Wipes clean easily. Splits down into smaller size if you have limited space available in your frame. Great value and highly recommended - has freed up some valuable space in my framebag as we head into the winter and I find myself carrying more layers.
GabeszLightweight, and it have enogh space for lot of stuffs. The roughened surface wears easily.
HamishShould come in handy. Good for carrying single tube and tools.
NickHandy extra storage although keys and things do rattle around inside a bit.
K MartinLight and takes quite a few things inside, I was a bit sceptical but totally recommended
Andrew PLooks good and solid but not tried it out yet. Bought big one so I can use one or both sections as needed.
Tartan GravelGreat solution to carrying tools, spares and snacks on your bike. Totally weatherproof.
LukkasGood usefull box for tools, pump, etc.
SamLight weight, but a decent size. Takes my multi-tool, my mini-pump, and 35mm tube and tyre levers. The larger one has space for a pair of work gloves, some cash and a couple of keys too. Excellent.
Mr YaariGreat and quality holder!!!
davidThese are great, I’m not a huge fan of under seat bags so these are perfect. The large ones also have a top compartment for little/handy stuff but can be removed if not required
CarlGreat alternative to a saddle bag . Plenty of room for all the usual bits like a mini pump, inner tube and tools. Useful to have the option of making the holder smaller. I have one of these on both my bikes now and got rid of the sadde bags.
Mr RennieI bought the medium one. Enough space for spare tyre and levers and a mini pump but nor much else.
MartinGreat for the winter bike for carrying that little extra than just a spare tube.
Mr BunyanGreat little product, ordered the larger size but didn't need the cap that fits on top. My pump, inner tube, patches and lever fit snuggly. Looks good too
Sam CampbellVery simple, very handy, nice and light. Does the job very well, for a great price. I got the smaller one, and it takes mini-pump, multi-tool, tyre levers and inner tube nicely.
DEVery happy. Good value for what it does and frees up space and weight in the bag on your back.
Mr NevittExcellent product, fits enough in to free up my pockets
Mr VecchiattoOrdered the small one because I have an XS frame and I prefer to put it on the seat tube. Still capable enough to carry a lot of stuff and because of the large entrance hole putting things in is really easy. Like always with these products I use rubber gloves to separate the objects I put in to avoid rattlings. Good international service to Italy. Top price
CWLReally nice quality bottle and perfect size. It's approx 180mm tall, I am able to fit a spare tube, tyre levers, tubeless repair kit, patches, multi-tool, energy bar and gel.
Mr MossDoes the job. Seems to be quite sturdy.
Ryanwatertight. pack well to stop rattles.
MarkDoes what it says on the tin. A great way of storing bits and pieces when you don`t want bulk on your body. The expansion chamber is particularly useful.
ahemsolid construction, nice design with a useful detachable section
Mr RankinCan't fault this. Fits neatly into my water bottle holder and at its extended size is ideal for my pump, a spare tube some tools and my keys.
Mr BurnsBrilliant value for money, does its job
MalcolmLooks well on my Matt black bike really solid and great storage holding all I need
Eugen EuuVery practical. Has a groove that makes it stay in place once in the cage.
Mr RampinelliIts very good! Excellent! Very useful! Great buy!
ShanaanAbsolutely worth the price. I feel like I should have gotten the larger one though. Even the medium is more than worth it
Mrs VillaramaA good amount of space. Value for money.
Mr SmolenskyGreat. Top section separated for small tool & parts. Can be removed and is like the "medium" size
Mr H軽くて程良い大きさで使い勝手良さそうです
Mr KocyigitEto carry my tools, spare tubes, and a windshell jacket
KennethNice alternative to a saddle bag to carry a spare tube, CO2 cartridge and a mini-tool. Easy to transfer from bike to bike.
NormanSolid and waterproof. It has two sections so you can adjust its size if needed.
Tim ChildsI have two of these, Medium and large. Forget what people are saying about strapping spare tubes all over your frame, The large fits two large spare tubes, a multi tool Allen keys and my Lezyne Alu pump. A must have.
Mr AlcaldeBien acabado y muy práctico.
Mr HallamExcellent product. Bought to carry a first aid kit. Perfect - and holds everything.
MarkieLove the size. Love the separate compartments. And quite taken with the style/looks.
CFOOSolidly built tool box. Like the ability to configure different size of the container
Mr GomesFits well my cage holder, I can store what I need extra for the ride without have to fill up my back pockets, very well made and seems durable!
RyanGood size for a tube and other basics. Does not fit my Samsung Galaxy S8+.
BjornVery convenient for holding snacks and tools and whatever else you need. Also handy that you can adjust the size. Great value!
DanielsThe medium size is perfect for daily use.
Mrs HowsonLooks good and can fit the essentials in.
JJIt is my second bottle. Highly recommended.
Mr SpurrGreat. This is fantastic. So versatile, love how you can extend it, make it a single large tube, or seperate into compartments.
neatstuffWorks great. I like the option of using the smaller size or the larger one depending on need. Better than a seat bag in many instances. Merlin was great as usual with speedy shipping.
MQuite versatile compared to other options. Love that you have the option of using the extender part and it can be with or without the separator.
DKNice and sturdy. A bit on the heavier side. Does the job.
DilanLarge is modular, the smaller section can be removed for a shorter closed tube. Full size large tube fits a "Lezyne Pressure Drive Pump Version 2 Medium Gold" perfectly.
AquidoLarge size can be converted into two different sizes. Being hard plastic, you will have to make your stuff fit snuggish inside otherwise they will rattle. I like subtle design and waterproof capability.
LuckyhawtenVery convenient and useful product plus it looks good! Highly recommended!
Mr ShieldsFits tube, tool, CO2 and a small rag fine in the main compartment, you could put a few more bits in the top part (on the large one) if you want to, but it's only small, would take a load of haribos though!
MichalProper sturdy tool holder
Mr MolnarSimple, sturdy and good quality bottle. Great price!
marcusGood cheap tool holder, should remain waterproof. It is quite large for bigger inner tubes.
PaulGood size tool storage box. Only negative is that it doesn't quite click into my Elite bottle cage, but fits ok on my Syncros. I bought the small and it fits 2 x co2, 25c tube, patches and multi-tool, with room for a car key on top.
JohnSimple, well designed, flexible and cheap bit of kit. The Large can be used as a Medium or even, with the top container base removed, as a single large container. Brilliant.
BenThis is a sturdy and roomy caddy for everything you might need. I use it on my gravel bike which 'triples' up as a winter bike and commuter. It's waterproof and easily holds one large tube for 35-40mm tyre, multi-tool, levers, 2x CO2, latex gloves and patches. If you really want to go large there's also a top section that you can add for keys, coins etc.
KevinPerfect design. Delivered very quickly and at a great price. Would recommend shop and product.
AshishFantastic product, good quality. Buying experience from Merlin Cucles was fantastic as well. I can easily fit 2 tubes, 2 co2, levers, tool, pair of surgical gloves all into the bottom half. Seperate container on top a bonus.
Mr ChenThis tool holder is very functional and certainly waterproof. Beautiful hard shell prevents scratching and can easily change the size depending on use.
BoscoFits great into Elite bottle cage holder. Stealth black looks great too.
Mr Metin ErguvenVery good quality, actually better than I expected.
Mr DixonBought to replace a smaller storage bottle. Good to have the two halves to separate items as week as taking out the middle section to make one larger container. Can fit 2 tubes, multi tool, tyre levers and small phone
WALLACELooks good, can easily fit the essential tools and parts. A bit loose fit with the spring bottle cage.
RaymondGreat tool holder, easily fits a tube, 2 levers, multi tool and cO2.
Mr BruntReally useful container, Can hold a light race jacket, or a change of thermal gloves for those long, wet rides.
HadleyGreat Tool Holder for touring bike. Plenty of room, with an optional separate (detachable) storage area. Best suited to a Zefal Bottle Cage because of the precise positioning of the locator grove in the bottle. For best fit, if you buy this product, spend the extra few dollars and get the Zefal Bottle Cage with it.
Mr ClaxtonIdeal storage container for repair kit or light weight jacket.
Mrs HansenNice storage for bike bits, I like the very neutral black look, not a big fan of logo's :) handy tip: If you need the full length - the base of the extra compartment (for the big version) can be unscrewed to fit longer objects.
ArnetteSize medium is still a bit big for my taste, but it does the job.
ClintonPerfect storage for my tube, Crank bros pump, levers, mini-tool and emergency money and gel. Fits securely in the Elite bottle carrier. Looks great in matt black and a perfect compliment to my stealth-black Canyon.
van Ommen KloekeVersatile way to carry separate items in different chambers. Eg: tubes etc in the bottom chamber and magnesium tablets or money in the top section or create a full length container.
MuldoonVery nice product, fits a tube, 2xco2 cartridges, a small inflator and a small multi tool nicely.
PepeGreat bottle. Fits my multitool, spare tubes, money, id, keys, light set.
Mr NelsonGood for your tools and inner tube in winter. Saves your saddle bag.
Mr AndersonCarries a tube co2 and multi tool which is nice to have that weight out of my camelbak
Mr BarreraPerfect to carry basic tools and spares for a long ride!