Sorry, this product is no longer available!
Zipp Service Course CX Bar Tape is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Zipp Service Course CX Bar Tape
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Zipp Service Course CX Bar Tape

This item was discontinued 15th February 2021.

If you require help finding an alternative to this product please contact customer services.

Zipp Service Course CX Bar Tape (Cyclocross)

Wrap your Zipp® bars on your cyclocross (or road) bike in style with this new Service Course® cyclocross handlebar tape.
This tape is thickly padded for the pounding you'd expect from CX.
It also features a cross-hatch patterned grip.
The red, black or white padded bar tape comes with two 1.9 m rolls with oval "Z" bar-end plugs.
The tape is embossed with "Service Course." 103g

Mr SMITH Nice quality tape with a really good feel.
JT Very good bartape. comfortable even without gloves. Highly recommend.
Mr Cochrane Best bar tape I’ve found yet
Mike V This is now my go to bar tape after a member of the Merlin team recommended it. I ride on road exclusively but find the texture of the tape provides excellent grip and comfort on rough roads. As a bonus the tape is quite sweat resistant (easy to wipe down) when used on a bike via turbo trainer.
Mr Mudie Good length, goes on easily, flexible but strong, very very grippy and well padded. Excellent🙂
KENNETH J. I'm not very good at installing bar tape. I watched the Park Tools video and it helped. Tape looks great and is comfy.
EBERS This is the best handlebar tape, no question about it
Mr javate nice grip..soft and comfortable
Mr Al Ali This is my first time I try this. Looks amazing and very good quality.
Mr G Easiest bar tape I've installed, will take a fair amount of stretching to get a neat finish and is super comfy for my commuting road bike. Has a tacky band on the 'inner' face which grips to the bars , but allows unwinding if required when doing fiddly bit around shifters etc.
Sophie Broad Best bar tape by far, kind of rubber material which stretches nice to conform to the bars nicely.
Jon Incredibly comfortable and well padded bar tape. Looks great on the bike. I’ve used this tape time and time again. It’s hard wearing and perfect for everything from long days in the saddle to HIT sessions on the turbo.
Brian Great bar tape, my favourite for the money, bought another roll as a spare.
Brian Love this bar tape, nice and spongy, last for ages. I have it on 2 of my bikes and just bought another 2 rolls as spare. Prefer it to Lizard Skins.
Eats pizza Tape feels ace, plenty of cushion, loads of grip, feels good in the hands. Will buy it again
Mr Toman Comfortable tape for cyclocross
gerald This bar tape is simply the best. Great grip very comfortable. The strength is unmatched in my opinion. 3rd set bought so far.
eric Love using Zipp bar tape, easy to fit, looks great and very comfortable on a ride, always recommend it to my friends and customers.
Mr Birkin Simply very comfortable bar tape, only used for 150 miles so I cannot comment on longevity but the quality appears to be very good
Mr Gulick Great bar tape at great price. I enjoy the comfort and quality.
Mark Possibly the best tape I've ever used
Andy Vibes I love this bar tape. Comfortable and oh so grippy. I use it on all my bikes with drop handlebars.
Mr McWalters Best bar tape ever. Sticky and grips and long lasting
SKR Relatively thick handlebar tape with great grip for both wet and dry rides. This tape gave me a confidence boost for cross racing and nicely cushions on rough sections. Cannot comment on the durability yet.
Mark I was recommended to use this tape for my first attempt at bar taping and it proved to be superb. The raised strip down the centre grips well but allows repositioning if required and the tape is strong. In use it is comfortable and grippy and it looks good in black too.
Anthony The best bar tape out there by far, grip in the dry and humid conditions along with comfort, and cleans up well after a muddy ride.
Mr eldridge Nice finish and just the right amount of padding, great tape
Mr Hamilton Great feel and good length
Gino Simply the best bartape in the world. Use it on all my bikes
Gideon Nice feel.
Andrew Used this tape to replace bar tape on Scott Foil to absorb vibration on a very stiff set of forks. This tape is well padded but not overly thick I wouldn't say its the most stretchy bar tape but once fitted it definitely takes a lot of vibration away and the bar tape is not overly wide that would make the bars uncomfortable for small hands to grip. The only negative thing to say is that there were no strips of tape supplied to fit behind the shifter hoods but that was no problem as the reels supplied are more than ample to wrap the widest of bars so just cut a piece off each reel.
Mr Rodman Grippy, tacky and soft with a gel like backing as the adhesive. Perfect thickness too. Super comfortable on long rides with good dampening qualities. Doesn't compress nor flatten down like other tapes after 500+kms. Very easy to wrap and will do 44cm bars with ease. Easy to clean and dries quickly (black version). Highly recommended even at a mid range premium price.
Mr LONGMUIR Really impressed with this bar tape. It feels great and looks fantastic. It is easy to apply and reapply. Also really well priced too.
Egan One of the best tapes on the market. Shock damping comfortable and easy on.
Mr Butcher This is the first time I've used this bar tape. Very easy to wrap with no flappy overlays and feels tough. It's not overly thick but definitely mutes the vibrations. It's cx tape but I've put it on a road bike for Paris-Roubaix. If it lasts well I'll definitely used it again. Oh and it's a very sensible price.
wilcock I bought Zipp bar tape for my cyclocross bike as its a well known brand and as it was the first time I taped a set of bars I wanted to use the best, it applies really well and stays in place even when you leave it to watch instructions on taping a bar, I would certainly use Zipp bar again, feels very comfortable when riding and plenty of grip when riding off road.
Hotchkin Amazing bartape. Very comfortable with pro look.
Mr SENIOR Cheapest CX specific tape - great grip and fairly thin so you can feel the bars. Bargain!
Mr Stafford Super comfortable and very easy to wrap. will be buying more of this tape for my other bikes.
S Dawson Comfy tape, offers a heap of padding.
Jones Superb bar tape for a 'cross bike. It's strong, well padded and really grippy. Ideal for those wet muddy winter 'cross races. It also cleans up really well. Highly recommended.
Stainthorpe good value quality tape. It's a bit thicker than normal but wraps well.
TopCat Been slowly converting all my bikes over to this as it's easy to apply, comfy and reasonably tough. I crashed my winter bike with this on and although it sustained some damage it never got worse over the following hundreds of miles.
Cook Great tape for CX bike - grippy in wet or dry and lovely plush feel. Usual amazing service from Merlin too - picked and packed in an hour, received next day
Simon Cooke This tape was recommended to me on a Facebook cycling page. Very pleased, it's just what I was looking for and will be putting it on all my bikes now. The roads aren't so great here in Devon and the cushioning this tape offers is very welcome.
Mr Selvam Comfortable, grippy and easy to clean. A little on the short side for wider bars. Too new to say how it will wear over time.
Nick Nice and thick bar tape perfect for CX and commuting. Easy to apply as well.
Hin This is great, especially for riders who don't use gloves, It provides a good grip even you have a sweaty hand, also the gel layer embedded to the bar tape give you a very soft touch and great comfort.
Mr Lee Very grippy. Nicely padded works great for bare hands.
Mike Dean This stuff is great - really comfortable & doesn't need any gel underneath (which is what I usually do). Despite the fact it's so hardwearing, it's not overly harsh on your bare hands either - this is my second lot of this tape and I can highly recommend it!
Dean This stuff is fantastic - no need for gel pads underneath, it's just the right thickness and grip. I've now got it on my road and CX bikes.
Conn This is great bar tape, very easy to apply and gives a really durable and comfortable finish. I use it both for cross and road and of course the usual impeccable Merlin service.
Tucker High quality tape, looks great and is very grippy. Only bought because of merlins cheap price, but very pleased. Went on very well, with a nice flexibility to it.
Mr Espinosa Great manufacturer and product. Good Grip.
Dan Nice quality tape, plenty of padding coming from the thin fizik tape. Installed well, stretches nicely. As another review mentioned, remember to cut a few short pieces for the levers as their aren't ones included. Should be plenty of extra in each roll for this.
Mr Jones Great bar tape, recommend it for all types of riding not just CX. It's long enough, well padded, it's easy to unwrap without leaving all the adhesive behind, it's stretchy and the writing provides a good guide for the overlap. Plus at Merlin great price and super fast's a no brainier
Mr harry Spot on tape, easy to put on and a wee bit more padding than standard tape - perfect for cross.
ODDO I purchased this to replace some Fizik Performance bar tape which had worn out. This stuff seems really good; it is well padded, grippy and appears to be hard wearing. Recommended
Mr jones Fitting was simple, texture and grip feel great and just the right amount of padding.
Mr Pettersson Very satisfied with this bar tape, mounted it on my cx bike, easy to clean and a great grip and cushy feeling. I think it looks less plastic than lizard skins.
Mr Watson Been using this for over a year now on more than one bike and its my go to bar tape. Cheap at Merlin, comfy and grippy even with sweaty ungloved hands.
Andrew Wood Great stuff, pretty easy to put on and a nice even finish. Good feel on the tape, even without gloves. Very good grip when wet, useful now it's indoor season on the rollers.
Stuli Highly recommended if you like well padded bar tape. Good quality and easy to apply. My only gripe is that it is a little short and does not come with pieces to put around the STI's. Just wrap it tight and less overlapping to get it to fit.
Welshie Best tape you can put on your bars. Grippy and soft. Perfect for CX or the cobbles of the classics.
Mr Litherland Excellent tape, easy to wrap. Mine didn't come with the extra tape to use behind the shifters though, so you need to cut off a small before you start. Also used mine over gel pads, but because this tape is well padded anyway I think it's best used on its own. Very pleased - looks great in grey
Mr Watts Great tape! Lots of it and thick and comfortable. Easy to fit and quality product.
Mr Wittich Soft touch, wraps well without a wrestle, not too shabby for the price
Mr Cook Great product, provides padding but not too soft, great in wet or dry - I've started to leave the gloves at home now, no need for them!
cx addict Best tape for fitting I have ever used, and I have tried most brands, feels really comfy too - better than Lizard Skins DSP it replaced - white gets dirty easy as expected, cleans well with isopropyl alcohol so it's not an issue, looks great too.
Mr Evans Normally use Fizik Microtex tape, but felt like a change. And I'm pleased I did. Wraps really well (I prefer the tacky glue strip over the Fizik double-sided tape), decent grip, nice embossed logo, looks slick. A little fatter than the Superlight, but that works in its favour. All good.
Mr WANG Super nice feeling for riding in humid weather. I always ride without wearing gloves and this is the type of grip I'm looking for!
Mr Cook Good quality chunky tape, great on the CX bike
Mr Monaghan This is really grippy tape that I put on my road bike 2 weeks ago.. Very good quality with padding so found it perfect during the recent Etape Pennines. Usual great service from Merlin too!
Ahmet Compared to Service Course model, CX has better grip, that's for sure. Also it is the most comfortable bar tape, I have ever used. Only setback for this product is that it's prone to get dirty, easily. Maybe this is because of the diamond-like pattern structure of the tape. Little holes make it vulnerable to magnet the dust in. That's my opinion.
Mr McGuire I've used this tape for the last two seasons and the quality is good. The padding is ample and the stretchy tape makes it plenty easy to fit. Recommended!
Mr McAllan Did exactly what it said on the tin. I practiced a couple of times with the old tape to make sure I got the new one just right. The tape supplied for fastening off the loose end is not the best but masking tape soon sorted that.