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Road Bike Helmets

Road bike helmets have come a long way in a few years. Modern helmets are lighter, better ventilated (unless you want a TT model) more impact resistant, very comfortable and now available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours to suit all tastes and budgets. Road bike helmets tend to be more aero shaped, lighter and better ventilated than mountain bike helmets as speeds are higher and wind flow having more of an effect.  Although some helmets may appear flimsy, advances in materials and design has enabled manufacturers to produce lighter helmets with increased protection and more vents. Retention systems have also developed enormously to keep the helmet more secure on the head without cutting off circulation. Top end helmets will feature the latest in materials and design which will trickle down to other models in the range making mid price helmets from today as good as top level ones from a previous years.

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