2012 Avid Caliper Mounting Brackets
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2012 Avid Caliper Mounting Brackets
Code: AVMB
Caliper mounting brackets for Avid disc brakes. Using 160mm, 180mm or 200mm rotors
  • Caliper mounting brackets for Avid disc brakes.
  • These are for the new 2012 model brakes only that feature 160/180/200mm rotors and not the older 165/185/205mm.
  • Excludes bolts and washers
Mr casteloOrdered the Avid 180mm post to post adaptor from Merlin cycles, arrived next day! I was upgrading the front brake on my Boardman mountain bike to 180mm so this was what I needed, did some research to find out the difference between post to post and post to is mount, it's a good quality product, but be aware it doesn't come with any bolts. I already had the conical washers that Avid use so I just measured the length of my current bolts and added the thickness of the adaptor and ordered some stainless steel bolts from eBay, much cheaper than buying the Avid bolts.
Mr BarrDoes what is says, used the IS180 rear for mounting X0 trail caliper on my Scott Genius as it was fitted with 185mm rotors originally.
Mr lönnborgvery good product!
Mr LawrieThis is for the holy grail of avid adaptors the 180mm post Mount. Bought 4 before I finally got the right one. Thanks merlin!
Mr AspinallJust needed this to mount on my Pace International standard forks. Easy fitting AND light. Great stuff.