Barbieri Chain Cleaner with Fluid
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Barbieri Chain Cleaner with FluidBarbieri Chain Cleaner with FluidBarbieri Chain Cleaner with Fluid
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Barbieri Chain Cleaner with Fluid

The Barbieri chain cleaner was the first, original chain cleaner to be developed and patented by Barbieri in 1983. Still as effective at cleaning your chain today as it was then the Barbieri chain cleaner features 1,152 fine nylon bristles to quickly clean your chain in around one minute with no need to dismantle anything. Suitable for all bicycles with gears.



  • 3x Nylon Brush Bike Cleaner
  • 50ml Detergent
  • 50ml Lubricant
Mr Lawrence Great product. Does the same job at a far lower price than the Muc-Off alternative.
Mr Cowin Cheap as chips and now a must have item in my cleaning kit
Mr Simpson the first chain cleaner I've used that works well - simple design - easy to use and effective
Jeff Don't be put off by the cheap price. This works brilliant, no cheap or flimsy parts. As good as other more expensive chain cleaners.
Tom My chain is now clean and well lubricated. This product works.
Mr McShane Excellent VFM chain cleaner. Works well and simple to use.
Mr Staniforth Simple design but effective. Keenly priced too. Pleased with this purchase.
Steven Decent chain cleaner. Does the job
Daniel A simple chain cleaner that works well.
Mr Mclean Does a really good job and it's cheap as chips.
bat Result won't be as good as a old school clean but if you're in a small apartment without a place to wash your bike, this is very useful.
Razzlla Cheap and cheery chain cleaner, a bit flimsy but does the job.
Razzlla A bit flimsy but for the price good to get the muck out of your chain.
James Yeoman Excellent item, the original chain cleaner! Great service, item was received promptly and good communication throughout
Mr Bradshaw Reasonably effective for soaking and removing some grime, still need to use a brush and rag afterwards with really dirty chains...
Mr Hull-Bailey Easy quick chain cleaner
Mr Lewis Easy to use , great value , did not realise my chain was so dirty
Gary Excellent product,very easy to use, shame you cannot purchase the Barbieri cleaner, if you use another cleaner it voids the guarantee.
Omer Effortless chain cleaning
Campbell Good value product which works well. If I was being picky I would say none of the brushes really reach the side of the chain but overall really happy
Brian Effective way to clean your chain. Not sure about durability compare to my Parktool chain cleaner, but for the price I can't complain.
Mr Buchanan Barlow Not yet used, but looks and feels substantial as well as good VFM.
Myke Very useful specially here in UAE where it’s mostly Desert Trails. Clean bike is a fast bike.
Vuong Amazing value, and gets the job done.
Mr Nunes Simple and effective ,particularly enjoyed the bio de-greaser
Mr Pugh This is a game changing device for me, usually I renove the chain and clean in a tub. This is cheap and easy to use if you dont rush.
Mr Reggie Panga this tiny chain cleaner is a mighty cleaner. it really cleans my chains with a few rounds only. and it's cheap!
Alex Really good - recommend to anyone, great value and cleans the chain really well. Won't compensate for a completely black chain, but does most other things!
Johnny Sledge Terrific little gadget, works much better than more expensive chain tools, easy to set up, easy to clean afterwards. Get one!
Richard Friend Cheap and cheerful but does the job. The brushes are poor quality and having used this once are now misplaced. Need to take care when using and v slowly move the chain through the cleaner as there is no fluid trap at the exit end; use a towel or board on the floor.
Mr Colley Does the job on a grimy chain. no complaints here
mo Good product. Very basic quality but it does the job.
Gary Not great at clipping on to the chain , but for the price it worked well.
Mr kay Cheap, works well
Mr Isaacs Does the job, saves having to remove the chain from the bike to clean it, and very good value.
Steven This works better than other chain devices I’ve had before.
Malcolm This is a replacement for my old chain cleaner. I was pleased with the last one and I am equally pleased with this.
Zack Overall a good chain cleaner. The brushes aren't the highest of quality and after a few runs through with a chain they begin to break. I would imagine this would do 2-3 cleans before the brushes become less effective.
Mr gasalatan perfect cleaning tools for my mtb bike chain
Mr Clark Works well enough to keep things clean and working
Martin I was skeptical when ordering this but, its such a good bit of kit for giving your chain a good deep clean. it works brilliantly.
Mr shah effective and keeps chain clean
Cycling superhero Great value and it works really well
douglas Great wee tool at a great price from a great retailer.
Mr Edwards Cheaply priced but not as good as a previous chain cleaner that I've had. Does the job but for me doesn't clean the chain as good as I'd like and the cleaning fluid comes out when rotating the chain.
Mr cossey Perfect to clean your chain easy to use and well made
Mr Dourado Great tool, did the job well. Simple to use.
Allthegearnoidea Simple and does the job.
Sam Much needed this, good product.
J de Swardt Nicely packaged, works well, even compared to the expensive blue brand.
Barry Great tool for the job, and much less expensive than other popular branded versions. Comes with a small amount of cleaner and lubricant in a single use container, so it would be worth getting more degreaser for future use.
Mr mike Great chain cleaner. A bit on the cheap side as the plastic feels like it'll break but it does the job. Also the cleaner tends to spill out while you are rotating the chain when cleaning. Apart fro that it did the job.
Mrs Paleomitros Good cleaning for my chain. Good quality of plastic.
Mark Very easy to use and great for getting the chain clean. The lube provided was plentiful to give the clean chain a generous coating.
Mr Learner This is my first time using a chain cleaner and it seems to clean pretty well. Looks like there's enough fluids to clean a chain three or four times. Good deal. Certainly easier than removing the chain.
Mr Convento Easy to use and practical
Mr Ertaş Very cheap but very useful. Easy to clean my chain
Harley Awesome little thing!! Didn`t know how good this would be, I purchased at a good price to bump my basket value over the threshold for free postage and I`m super impressed.
Stephen Does the job at the fraction of the cost of some chain cleaners
Mr Horwood This is the best little chain cleaner....simple design and leaves the chain like new. I've used these for over 10 years.
alan Simple, easy to use, no fuss chain cleaner. Does the job at a fraction of the cost of bigger brands. Recommended