BBC-03 - FuelTank Bottle Cage
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BBC-03 - FuelTank Bottle CageBBC-03 - FuelTank Bottle CageBBC-03 - FuelTank Bottle CageBBC-03 - FuelTank Bottle CageBBC-03 - FuelTank Bottle CageBBC-03 - FuelTank Bottle CageBBC-03 - FuelTank Bottle CageBBC-03 - FuelTank Bottle Cage
Code: BBC-03
FuelTank Bottle Cage available in 8 colours
BBC-03 - FuelTank Bottle Cage
  • Durable and lightweight aluminum.
  • T-shape design gives a secure bottle fit.
  • Special dampers prevents scuff marks.
  • Stainless steel bolts.
  • Colors: chrome, matt black, blue, red, glossy black, silver, yellow, white, matt titanium and orange.
Mr MAGADIAConstruction of this Bottle Cage is tough not cheap. Fits universal bike bottle size.
Mr GorGood, cheap, clean looking bottle cage. Top service from Merlin
Mr MichDanaelaNice strong, tight fit and light
GKamRobust and grips the bottle really well (750ml) on my gravel bike
Bob TowersGreat value bottle cages from this Dutch bike specialist who focus on sensibly priced accessories. Well made, great natural looking colours and they do the job just right. I fitted 2 to my winter bike and use a special Condor bottle in one to house a spare tube, multi tool and my house keys. The other I use for hydration with a standard bidon. Tip top result from Merlin, who are really easy to deal with. Great stuff.
PJNice looking bottle cage. Very rigid metal frame which makes it quite difficult to get a hard plastic bottle in and out. Bottle is certainly secure! Easier with a more flexible plastic bottle.
James ColemanPerfect simple strong cage.
RossGood sturdy bottle cage, and a good price,
EricIt does the job. Good cage at this category.
Mr RichardsBeen on a few gravel ride with this and holds my bottles fine
Mr HardwickIt’s a bottle holder that works, not much more to add
Mr BrufordSolid bottle cage. Does what it says on the tin. Surprisingly light
Markstrong and lightweight, holds the water bottle better than any plastic cage I've ever used. Good for mtb use on rough descents ( you wont loose your bottle)
Mr Giliggreat
JasonUsed with a behind the saddle cage mount, and really secure fit, no lost bottle during the race. Can be bent to increase or decrease the grip, but pretty good as they are. Why spend anything more when these do the job?
StephenNice lightweight, simple bottle cage.
Mr. RuideraLightweight & does the simple job of holding your water bottle during rides.
Mr RiversProduct is light and well made and holds bottle firmly and is easy to get bottle out and back in. Well priced.
djHolds bottles nicely, job done
CelleGood price, well made, no nonsense product, grips a bottle very well, including the larger tool bottles. Colour choice subjective obviously, I wanted a match for grey Ultegra/Tiagra components on a black carbon frame, the matt titanium is perfect and looks great.
PaulFairly basic bottle cage but very reasonably priced and holds the bottle well, I particularly like the rubber tabs that stop any rattles, make for a better fit and also make it look a bit more premium. I'd recommend these as you can't go wrong at the price. I bought the titanium coloured one which goes rather nicely on my Ti bike too!
Ben RiceIt holds my water and is blue. Nothing exciting, but it gets the job done. I don't have to worry about putting my water bottles in a certain way, it just works like a classic bottle cage should.
Mr PowellGood value and nice looking bottle cage. Seems well made and nice and rigid ensuring the bottle doesn't rattle or fall out.
HuddleGreat price and well made. My Camelbak bottles fit perfectly and securely.
SteveA solid, if not overly light bottle cage. Holds the bottles well and does the job it needs to.
Martin KThese are very good looking cages, adds colour, and strong. Plastic pads to grip bottle, without marking/scratching bottle
Mr Trestler2 mtb rides so far, bottle has not fallen out
Mr. LewisI bought these cages mostly because they were inexpensive, light & basic. I don't really use cages normally, but I needed something & figured who could go wrong with this. Turns out you can't. Light. Inexpensive. Works well. Done
Mr KellieI have had problems with bottles bouncing out of cages in the past but this one is magic. 750ml bottle fits in with a reassuring clunk and didnt shift one inch on the local downhill runs, great price.