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BBB BHT-96 Screw On Bar plugs



  • Screw on plugs for handlebar tape, gives a secure hold to all tapes.
  • Stainless steel bolts.
  • 2 pieces a set.


Worth the price.
High quality and an excellent price.
Does the job of securing the bar tape. Quite similar to my older one but has a better build and look.
These are great, just push in and tighten, these won't fall out if you come off bike
Solid and sleek looking.
These are the only bar plugs which have fit my tight aero handlebars. The construction is light and sturdy.
Lightweight and simple solution to loose plugs. Far cheaper than many others that basically do the same thing. Very unobtrusive and not flashy at all.
Never worry about the plugs falling out again.
Does the job perfectly well. Neatly and securely holds the bar tape in.
Handy little bar ends that secure the tape firmly to your bars. They take quite a few turns to secure properly but just be sure not to over tighten. It would have been good to have seen some colour options as the black will otherwise go somewhat unnoticed when it is fitted to the bike.
Love these at this price, no more plastic plugs that can be a difficult to get just right
Much better than the push in plugs.
Great material and very well finished
These well made bar plugs fit perfectly. They are much more secure than the bar plugs that came with the bar tape. I won't have any more problems with them falling out with these well made products!
Nice way to avoid losing your bar plugs on the road. Fits snugly
Far more secure than the standard push in plugs and look much neater too.
Use these to replace those which are usually packed with a purchase of bar tape. These are much better being more secure and more importantly have yet to pop-out' on a ride. I think they are great. Cheap, functional, easy to use and another great value product from Merlin.
Although a set supplied with the bar tape, I always prefer the screw in and secure type as these are. Reduces the risk of losing on the road and easy to install. Another good product from BBB. Highly recommended.
ideal para que no se salgan del manillar
Light , cheap and they work
Say goodbye to falling out bar end plugs! These work brilliantly and look nice, I always put these in now, well worth spending a few extra pounds to have them.
Basic no frills product - miles better than the standard plugs
Very nice plugs, fit snugly and look ok
My standard barplugs, never use the ones shipped with the bartape anymore. No more lost plugs.
Great bar plugs paired with Lizard Skins 3.2 mm DSP tape. 100% better than push in plugs.
These plugs are a perfect fit and stylish finish to your bars.
If you want your bar tape to stay, get these
No more end plugs working their way out of the bars. These are very light and a nice finish to the taping of your bars.
Great these are a bargain. Easy to fit and very secure on my CX bike which gets a fair bit of rough track use
Non-drop bar plug with very good finish. Yet another good product from BBB
These are great, very pleased and look neat at a fair price
Simple and easy to install product. The expansion screws hold on really tight.