BBB BSG-59PH Impress Reader Photochromic Glasses
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BBB BSG-59PH Impress Reader Photochromic GlassesBBB BSG-59PH Impress Reader Photochromic GlassesBBB BSG-59PH Impress Reader Photochromic Glasses
Code: 297325499-BSG-59PH
Impress Reader PH BSG-59 Photochromic Lens


  • Special Interchangeable photochromic lenses with reading area, designed for people with short sighted vision
  • These lenses have a light transmission of 85-17%
  • The brighter the light, the darker the lens automatically becomes. One lens provides you with category 1, 2 and 3 levels of eye protection
  • Polycarbonate photochromic lens, 100% UV protection
  • Lens shape gives protection against sunlight, dust and wind
  • PC frame with adjustable rubber nose piece
  • Available in: +1.5, +2.0 and +2.5
  • Comes with a pouch
John CMy go to specs for riding in sun or shade, great for commuting too when setting of in the dark they’re clear, and east later when the sun comes up - brilliant product. The built in bifocal lenses allow me to see the bike computer while riding with ease too.
Mr TurnerThese are fantastic glasses. I wear vary focal glasses when I am not doing sport and contact lenses when cycling. The reading part of the glasses give me great clarity when looking at the bike computer or reading messages on my phone when at a cafe stop. Never used reactive glasses before but I am really impressed with these. Have used them both road and mountain biking. They are comfortable and they stay firmly in place even on hot sweaty days and very rough trail. Overall excellent.
Mr SmithI received these glasses pretty quick and they look the part but yet to test the photochromatic lens yet as iit has been dull overcast and foggy all week! The reader section of the lens gives good magnification and will come in handy for map reading and for fixing fiddly screws when I have a mechanical. Will give full work review when sun shines.
Mr HaggerExcellent with photochromic lenses, ideal for changeable, showery days. The reading lenses are a great for reading my phone, map, etc. Very recommended.
Mr johnsongood quality glasses for the money. Go from nearly clear to dark quickly in the sun, and bifocal lenses are very useful.
Mr PannellBrilliant for cycling in all conditions. Great value.
Mr DickensThere are perfect for those longsighted folks like me who needed that bit of help reading their garmin maps so they dont get lost haha, also being photochromic means not having to swap out lenses, the fit is very comfy too, and at this price, an absolute bargain
Mr calvertGood product for the price takes away the pain of changing glasses in the woods . Reader lenses good for maps .
Mr stirlingFinally able to read the small text on the garmin screen. Smart, comfortable glasses with small magnifying lenses at the bottom. arms are black not red as in pic. great servive from Merlin at a competitive price
Mr ZierhoferGreat glasses that I use for mountainbiking since they are not as dark as ordinary sunglasses; photchromatic effect works well, so does the focal correction at the bottom of the glasses.
Mrs ClarkGood value. A bit large for my small face. Useful to have a reading lens in the same glasses. Photochromatic lens seems a bit slow to react but have not been able to try them out fully yet in changing light conditions.
Mr DrewittThey do the job! Comfortable, good clarity in the shade so I can see what I'm doing, and good shielding in bright sunshine. The reading section is well placed so I can see my computer clearly and forward vision is unaffected. Full marks. One small thing - the photo on the web site shows a red portion on the frame, in real life the frame is all black.
ianSo far so good and I can now read my garmin edge 25 GPS when cycling. Your forward view is uneffected. The x1.5 magnification worked for me. i have used BBB sunglasses before and the fit is good for me and they stay in place. i can't comment too much on the darking of the lens so far as I have only used in cloudy conditions but so far they seem light compared to a smoked lens. Overall very pleased with the glasses.
IanBrilliant glasses. Crystal clear, perfect fit, and I can see my computer easily. Great fast delivery too.
MikePurchased to allow me to see the detail on my Element Bolt. Work really well. Reading area small but ideal for purpose. Merlin as always best value
Mr ColmanI've used the glasses for a week riding around 300 miles starting the ride in darkness to bright Spanish sun. I rate the lens and change in darkness as fast & excellent. No discernable tint in the night and good enough for riding in bright sun. I normally wear varifocals and the reading section of the lens is perfect for the Garmin 1000. I can even read the small text on the screen. The arms of the glasses are rubberised along the side of the face and the grip is firm but not uncomfortable for my 4 hour rides. They have not fallen off my face. Also they seem to clear mist from your sweat quickly once above 5-10 mph. To summarise an excellent purchase. BBB state the lens performs for 2 years.
Garry EllamBrilliant glasses - very comfortable and the photochromic lenses work well (although possibly not quite dark enough at times). The small reader portion is ideal for maps, phone etc. Quality is as good as a certain US brand. Highly recommended!
KJUsual good service and price from Merlin. Have used these glasses for years and they are excellent. Shape and size of the insert has changed three times as far as I know, the latest version is probably the best so far in my view - so if you were debating whether to get another pair because the previous shape was too small (in my view) then for info the new shape is larger and better, big enough to read with whilst not interfering with distance vision. Lens clarity and reaction time is excellent as others have commented.
Mr BallMuch better quality than the cheap ones I bought awhile ago. Only criticism I have is the bifocal area is a bit too low for me. I have to look down my nose to be able to see the bike computer.
BKenAbsolutely superb. Once more I can see both where I am going and read my Garmin. Photochromic lens is a bit slow to react but nothing to worry about.
Peter KilbyVery fast shipping . Glasses are brilliant and very little in terms of adjustment to be able to use the prescription part of the lens. I can now see my GPS readout with a quick glance :-) One size is not a problem and they are comfortable to wear
MarkWorks well in all light conditions and I can now see my GPS clearly.
RichardI really like these. It has revolutionalized my ability to see my Garmin. I also have a pair with the standard lenses (not polychromatic). I prefer the reader insert in the standard glasses as it is smaller and only at the very bottom edge of the lens. With the polychromatic lens it extendes further into the viewing area and so is a littel more noticeable in your peripheral vision but doesn't cause any problem in practical use. Polychromatic works well for me on dull days, haven't tried in strong sun yet.
John CVery effective photochromic shades at a good price
Mr DawsonCheap solution to avoid having carry reading glasses as well as sunglasses. Cheap price for photochromic lenses as well. Comfy on the nose. Would buy again.
DesmondBest of all worlds- saves carrying reading glasses and allows me to read maps and Garmin. Well made, adjustable nose piece and legs for a good fit
Mr WaughI can now go for a ride to the beach. Have a coffee and read the paper later and all with the one pair of glasses.
IainLove these glasses, they are great for using all day and all night long. Good reactive photo chromatic lens that darkens during the day when the sun does decide to make an appearance, so your eyes don't get tired and no headache through squinting in bright sunlight. Then come evening and into the night, you can keep wearing these glasses, as the lens go almost totally clear. This way you still have the benefit of eye protection, keeping the wind borne debris from getting into your eyes. The added bonus with these reader type glasses, is that these have a lower magnified part for those of us who are short sighted and so no more trouble reading your cycling computer, whilst at the same time the upper part is a clear to allow you to view the road ahead. No more carrying different types of glasses for day, night and for reading.
Mr JorgensenSuper glasses. Took them for a ride 76 km and when you look forward and lower your eyes you look right through reader glass.
Mr de VriesGreat glasses, I can see clearly now.....! ;-)
Mrs KirkProduct was recommended by a friend. The photochromic lenses remove the need for interchangeable lenses and the reading lens means I dont need to spend times as much for prescription lenses. First class service from Merlin
Mr HolmesAn excellent product, which enables me to read the map on my Garmin as well as offering very good eye protection from dust, pollen and UV rays.
peterNeeded to be able to read my phone when out on the bike, seemed very good value compared to getting sports prescription lenses made up. Fit well, light, don't fog up too much (clear once moving). Reading lenses work fine for phone, although have to get use to looking down my nose to use the bi-focal part. Highly recommended for the price.