BBB BWS-02B HeavyDuty Shoecover
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BBB BWS-02B HeavyDuty ShoecoverBBB BWS-02B HeavyDuty Shoecover
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BBB BWS-02B HeavyDuty Shoecover
  • Tough shoe cover designed to give the best protection against the cold.
  • 3 mm multi stretch neoprene with Nylon reinforcements on both sides.
  • Industrial-strength YKK-zipper.
  • Velcro rubber strap for a secure fit.
  • Extra 3M reflective reinforcement between the sole and zipper.
  • Velcro strap allows these shoecovers to be used with (in-line) skates.
  • Sizes: 37/38, 39/40, 41/42, 43/44, 45/46 and 47/48.
Mr worstencroft Very good,do exactly what they should.
Mr Spencer 2nd purchase of these items. 1st have done several seasons of a daily commute and worked really well. Big advantage is getting them off when wet and cold is easy due to the full length zip and robust zip pull
Ben Perfect for cold weather cycling. Already had a pair of these that have lasted very well. Good value!
Mr May These are true-to-size, they fit over two different pairs of MTB shoes. Because they seem to be the same material as my last pair of shoe covers, I anticipate they will be good for 25F to 45F. Nicely made, for the price you can't go wrong.
Tom W Replaced my old BBB shoe covers with these. They are warm and seem as well made as my last pair that I've had for almost 4 years
Mr Garcia Really good shoecovers. Kept my feet warm even in very wind conditions and temperature around freezing point. Fairly easy to put on and take off.
Adam H Simple but effective neoprene overshoes with velcro fastening on sole and rear zip. Bought to replace Northwave light windproof overshoes (ripped by undergrowth). Kept feet warm on 5-10C days worn over just summer socks and shoes. Totally windproof but not ridden in wet conditions yet. Fluorescent version show up well, with extra visible reflective heel patch. Zip possibly not as sturdy as some but more than adequate.. Toe area that stretches over sole could have been made from stronger material but then these haven't been designed for excessive walking. Bought a size 45-46 for 44.5 MTB and 45 road shoes - fit both well and not too tightly, reducing strain on zip.
Mr Parker Had these before. They do the job but like only last for one season as the bottoms tear from walking and catching on the cleats
Nathan These are great shoe covers. Warm and look smart. Not waterproof but will keep your feet dry in light showers. Note the picture is slightly wrong. There is no reflective strip down the side of the covers. I think may have been an old model.
Mr Fielding Excellent shoe cover a very hard wearing. My last set last 3 years with lots of use. Quality is spot on for the money and they do help keep your feet warm and dry. Great price and service from Merlin Cycles.
Carol These are very good shoecovers, fit is perfect and the zips work easy every time. Recommend these, they are good quality
Mr kanazuka 寒い日でも安心してライドできます。
Mr Beard Certainly look and feel good, especially for price, yet to use.
martin This is my 3rd pair, over a 6 year period. Brilliant for those cold weather rides
David A robust pair of shoe covers that fit over my MTB shoes comfortably. Sizing is correct.
Mr Bach Perfect for the Danish weatherconditions Düring tur winter👍🏻
Mr Porter Good Quality and the fit is very good. Keeps my feet warm
Mark Brilliant overshoes for shimano commuter shoes. This is my 3rd pair. The first 2 pairs saw some right miles
Mr Stratton For the price these overshoes are great. They fit nicely over MTB shoes as well as my road shoes and keep most of the wet and mud out of your shoes. Would highly recommend.
Mr Harrison This is my first pair of over shoes so I don't really have anything to compare them to. Saying that they seem good quality and fit well. They're warm and easy to get on. They do keep the rain out but are not 100% waterproof.
K Tommo Not totally waterproof but do keep feet warm when dry and cold. Very easy to get on.
Mr Webster Having been out in the rain with these I'm impressed with how dry my feet were kept. An hour in moderate showers before I felt a slight dampness inside my shoes.
John These are thick and fully encasing.
Mr Nyberg Very good shoe cover. Easy to put on, well made, warm and looking good! Can just recommend!
Mr Demler Great booties, easy to fit on and off, and waterproof
Mr hayward Good solid overshoes
Mr Khalifa Al Bedwawi A good product keeps the shoe clean from dirty street wet with water. Are warm, beautiful shape
Mr Whyte I get the flouro yellow ones for visibility. Easy on/off
Mr Mackie They fit well and are easy to put on. I commute in the winter in -30 celsius here in Canada and these definitely help keep my feet warmer! The quality is decent but I have yet to see how well they will stand up to the salt from the roads over time. Overall happy with my purchase.
Mr Bowen These booties stretch nicely over bike shoes of any kind and are easy to fasten with a zipper at the back. I bought the bright colored ones, which my riding companions dislike, but I think are a great safety measure - highly visible to motorists.
Mr Franklin Excellent quality overshoes for the winter, excellent fit, great price, they keep my feet nice and warm!!! Great service from Merlin Cycles, 5*
serdar maras I bought it for my size 45 shoes. It fits on it. I like the quality also.
Mr hubbard They fitted great were very warm and looked great. They were easy to get on and seemed quite robust.
bunce Wow! These are bright this is my second pair of these the first lasted 2 years of rain, grit and dirt. Very good value for money
Mr Joyner Inexpensive, well-made, warm.
Pearson Good price and fast delivery. Boots look good and keep my feet warm and dry.
Mr Jing Joh Great shoe covers. They feel a little heavy, but I'm sure that's coz I'm not used to it. They are very bright and kept me warm this morning at 1 degree C. They fit, but are almost too big. I will buy again from Merlin.
Mr Johnson Great fit, keep feet warm, yet to ride in wet but look good. Great service as always from Merlin.
Mr Osborne Solid winter option. Good fit and durable.
Paul Hubbard Haven't been out in the cold too much in recent years, so was something of a shock a couple of weeks ago to come home with feet like blocks of ice. Asked around and overshoes suggested and WOW what a difference. Being waterproof these are also windproof and have been out for a decent run in near zero degrees with toasty tootsies. Not only that, but the dayglo yellow stands out really well in the dark.
Trev Have used these once and they kept my feet dry and warm. I have shimano boots and covers fit fine
Mr Charley Excellent product. I would recommend them. I've used these on a few long rides over the last few weeks in cold conditions have kept my feet warm
Mr Reid Be bright be seen with the hi viz version. Warm and easy to slip over your shoes
Mr Jaunce No more cold wet/cold feet!! Great buy and as always Merlin retailed them at a great price. Definitely worth the pennies
Mr Campbell Brilliant product. Fit brilliantly, do not obstruct cleats, very comfortable around upper ankle. Most Importantly keep my feet warm and dry when cycling unpleasant condition. Highly recommend *****
Taffarelli These make a massive difference. Feet have been warm when wearing them, although I have not worn them in heavy rain yet.
David Good fit and keeps your feet warm and dry on those chilly mornings
Mr Platten They look to be well made, and fit over my size 47 shoes perfectly.
Mr Sayi This shoecover is perfect for cold wheather situation, it absorbs the heat inside but doesnt make sweat. In heavy rain, they arent built for this, but it works well at spatter rain. In addition, it has great view on shoes.
Mr smith To be honest, I actually meant to buy another version of these but wasn't paying sufficient attention. However had a couple of hours in the wet last weekend and came home with feet which were not only dry but warm too. Still to do a whole day in proper west of Scotland rain but I'm optimistic! Regarding size, I use Lake MTBshoes even on my roadbike (because it can be a long walk even to get a phone signal here if you've got problems) and they are sized perfectly
Mr Finch Have used these 3 times now, and one day was particularly cold - about 3 degrees. Being the first overshoes I have owned I could immediately feel the difference as my feet were nice and warm. The real test will be if I venture out at below 3 degrees, and also whether the bottoms start to fray or not. I presume this will eventually happen because I prefer to wear SPD cleat shoes so the bottoms of the OS will of course be on the ground when I have to walked with them on.
Mr Whittaker Not sure about the heavy duty rating but just used them on 27 mile ride at minus temperatures and kept feet dry and warm. Found them really quick and easy to put on and take off. Some signs there will be wear points on heal and toe but I commute 135 miles a week so time will tell. For the price they were excellent value.