BBB WaterFlex 3.0 Shoe cover
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BBB WaterFlex 3.0 Shoe cover
Code: 29897323
BBB WaterFlex 3.0 Shoe cover
When you’re looking for the best protection in mildly wet conditions, the Waterflex is your weapon of choice. Its advanced 2mm WaterFlex material with an outer polyurethane rubber and inner MicroFleece give the highest level of water resistance, flexibility and durability. Two reinforced parts at the nose and heel give some extra strength.
  • WaterFlex material, outer polyurethane(PU) rubber with inner MicroFleece. Water-resistant, flexible and durable
  • 38 mm wide Velcro strap allows you to use these shoe covers for (inline)skates
  • All seams are covered inside with waterproof tape
  • Two reinforced parts between sole and zipper as well as on the nose
  • Industrial strength YKK zipper
Aaron FillionI have used the BB Waterflex Shoecovers for over 10 years. I have used version 1, 2 and 3. This is version 3. The reason why I have liked these is they have a strong zipper, easily stretch and are not too big in the ankle. I use these from -10°C to 20°C in combination with other toe covers and other shoecovers when colder. The main draw with these is theat they are flexible in the ankle area and I fell no resistance to the bending of my foot. The thing I did not like with version 3 is that the the rear velro flap is now all plastic/rubber, and not not stick very strongly. It still seems to stay attached, while these are new, but I have the feeling this will not last . When I use these shoescovers alone, I find the limit is about 10°C. They provide some resistance to rain or a road spray. But usually if it is raining after 15 minutes my feet will be soaked. Like every other pair of shoe covers I have ever owned, the bottom of these will become shreaded, the the good thing is the bottom of the zipper is reinforced well and that is not effected. The reason I end up needing the replace these is the toe re-inforcement has ripped apart and the front of the show cover flips up and needs to be pulled down. I think overall, version 3 is better than version 2, but I perferred version 1 over both these. It it too bad, they change the rear velcro on these otherwise they would have been nearly perfect for me.