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Beto CJA-001S Tubeless Air Tank Inflator
  • Works with most 160-PSI rated floor pumps
  • Provides continuous large air flow to pop-seal tubeless tyre’s
  • 4-second inflation for most tubeless tyres with 160PSI charged in the tank
  • Patented bypass air channel allows for air to go flow directly
  • Charge: Schrader valve / Discharge: Beto patented 3-valve LD head
  • Heavy gauge steel structure tested up to 700PSI

For more information on the Beto Tubeless Air Tank Inflator please watch this Youtube video.

Well built, easy to use and works every time
My only complaint with the inflator is that the charging valve has two plastic ridges around it, so that the head of my Topeak Joe Blow has to be at an odd angle to fit. It still worked, and tubeless tyres were up and seated inside 15 seconds. It's saved me so much time. I think this is a superb, solidly well made piece of kit.
When trying out didn't think the pressure would be enough to seat a tyre but when actually used it as intended it worked perfectly. 5 star because I can't find a fault fit the price would definitely recommend.
If you are going to go tubeless then get one of these NOW! At this price its a very good investment and the tank feels like it is constructed to last a very long time. With Tubeless you need the ability to dump a high volume of air into the tyre to seal the beads, CO2 cartridges can do this but not every time and so they can become a costly way to set up and maintain your tyres. This charge tank takes a little elbow grease to reach 140 to 160 psi and then you are ready to go. The design is very robust, base plate keeps it stable, handle on to for easy use and the toggle to release the air is large and easy to operate one handed. The hose is a decent length and connector easy to use. The only down side might be the inlet valve location, it is recesed into the top cap area so safe if the tank gets knocked over, but some track pumps with larger heads may struggle to connect. My Bontrager is ok but its a tight fit.
This is a fantastic device, and essential for seating difficult 700c / 28 inch road tyres. I have never had any problems seating tubeless tyres on my 26" Mavic mountain bike rims however, I have recently been struggling to Schwalbe G-One tubeless easy tyres onto Alex Draw 1.9P tubeless rims. The 1.9p Draw rims claim to be tubeless ready however, compared to the Mavic rims they are a nightmare. The rims have a very narrow seat for the tyre beads to sit on. Consequently the bead pops off the rim at low pressure and doesn't stay seated. I have had to re-seat them ten times, and it was killing me! The Beto inflator is a lifesaver (until I can buy some Mavic rims 700c). Before using it I prepared the valve and rim tape, added Stans sealant, and sprayed some bubbles on the tyre to ease seating. Filling the inflator to 140-160psi becomes difficult however, it is much easier than frantically pumping a track pump! The stand out feature is that you keep your track pump connected to the inflator, and the pump pressure gauge shows you the tyre pressure once the air pressure in tyre and inflator has equalised. It is very easy to top up the tyre pressure if needed to help the final bead seating without disconnecting it. Genuinely brilliant. Having struggled with difficult rims (I don't have a problem with Schwalbe tyres) I have found this to be a lifesaver! I thought about making a ghetto diy inflator however, I needed reliability and this inflator has worked every time, flawlessly. Highly recommended.
Does exactly what you need it to do, though is quite an effort to get it up to pressure. Remember you'll need a track pump to get it to pressure.
So far so good. This thing is bomb proof. Makes seating tubeless tyres brilliantly easy.
I had been struggling with my tubeless setup for ages, this air tank is superb! Really well made and my tyres went straight up. Top notch.
Haven't got anything to compare it too but it does the job fine and is simple to use.
After reading lots of reviews to find the best pump for tubeless tyres, I settled for this one. Excellent choice, easy to use, does the job. Quick delivery, sent the same day!
Does it exactly what it says. I had a tyre that just wouldn't inflate and seat no matter what I tried. Went up first time with this. Well built, reasonably priced, works.
Brilliant bit of kit! This inflator is built like a tank and will last forever. It is very easy to use indeed. Simply pump it up to around 140 psi using your own track pump, attach to tyre valve and open the lever - For a 700c cyclocross tyre it sealed first time every time and even had enough air to inflate to correct pressure. There are other inflators available at this price point but this one is workshop quality. Highly recommended. Merlin have a good price on this, their delivery was quick and efficient.
Heavy duty cylinder and holds pressure well. Seems well made. Only issue is the moulding around the inflation stem is quite tight so made it tricky to attach the hose from my track pump to inflate it. I run a Joe blow but I do manage to get it to seat after a bit of fiddling. Just a bit more clearance and it wouldn't be a problem.