24 Months Tubeless

Last year’s ‘12 Months Tubeless‘ blog needed an update a year on, because for the first time in 35+ years of bike riding, I haven’t had a puncture to fix – for a whole year!

So while the first year of tubeless gravel riding had a fair bit of feeling deflated and being let down – things improved hugely for the second year, so why no flat tyres on nearly 5000k’s on the gravel? Here’s a few tips for longer lasting, reliable tubeless.

Schwalbe G One’s – 5000Km Gravel Wear

Check Pressures

The first sign you might be losing air can be picked up before you set off – if the tyres’s lost air while not being ridden, it’s likely got a leak. A quick squeeze to check the pressure, and if in doubt, get the pump and check the pressure gauge. losing air? Time for a top-up. I have been running the 35mm Schwalbe G Ones at 40 – 45 PSI.


If you haven’t topped up the sealant in your tyres for a few months or if the tyre is losing a little pressure, top up the sealant. Sealant stops doing it’s job properly after a while, how long depends on the temperature and humidity where you live, as well as how often you ride and where you store your bike (in a cooler place is better) – sealant manufacturers recommend 2 – 6 months for sealant top-ups.

Skid Free

Avoiding anything that could cut or damage the tread or sidewall will make your tyres last longer. Losing traction will also affect how long your tyres stay puncture free, skidding can strip away rubber leaving your tyre tread more susceptable to punctures – I know it’s great fun but try to resist, do wheelies instead!

Choose your Surface

If you have the option, smoother surfaces are better for tyre life. My rides on gravel are relatively tame, and because I ride the same trails a lot, I know which bits to avoid. It goes without saying that potholes, stones, rocks, tree branches and glass all need to be avoided if you want maximum life from your bikes tyres – the smoothest lines are often the easiest and fastest too.

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