Hutchinson Fusion 5 Galactik Performance 11 Storm TLR Folding Road Tyre - 700c
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Hutchinson Fusion 5 Galactik Performance 11 Storm TLR Folding Road Tyre - 700cHutchinson Fusion 5 Galactik Performance 11 Storm TLR Folding Road Tyre - 700c
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Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance 11 Storm TLR Folding Road Tyre - 700c
The Fusion 5  Performance is the ultimate result of the work conducted around the ElevenSTORM® compound of the Fusion 5 range. Compound thickness, casing/compound bonding procedure, Lightskin® polyamide reinforcement, it’s 255g dedicated to speed, performance and the competitive instinct. The efficiency of its compound and its capacity to restore energy ensures unparalleled road holding.
  • Tubeless-ready clincher
  •  ElevenSTORM® compound
  • Top mileage abilities
  • High grip on wet or dry roads
  • Hardskin reinforcement under the tread
  • Weight: 255 grams
Mr Columbresgood quality tires!,these tires can go hand in hand with the top notch from it's category,will definitely get another set from merlin
GaryHFirst time using these tyres and they feel like the roll well on my winter commute. No concerns over the amount of grip available yet but still early days. Tyres mounted easily by hand on DT Swiss R 460 rims, initial pressure drop over night with a slight leak at the bead but sealant has done its job and pressure being maintained.
Mr HallAn easy fit, reliable tubeless tyre
Mr O'DuffyI purchased theses tyres after reading great reviews, they are amazing to ride! No nightmares you read about fitting tubeless tyres, and no special equipment required either. I had previously purchased Goodyear Eagle F1 tubeless tyres, mainly because I wanted that iconic logo on my tyres - but what a load of rubbish they are, riddled with sidewall punctures (out of the box) and would not pop onto the bead even when fully inflated, avoid these tyres and buy Hutchinsons
Mr TsangComfortable, fast rolling and confidence inspiring with excellent grip in wet conditions. Very easy to fit without breaking thumbs. I’ve set them up tubeless – was unlucky enough to have a nail puncture my rear tyre on the first week of installing, but it sealed within seconds of removal.
Dr TaylorOutstaning Tyre - one of the best (top2) for tubeless in terms of performance, weight and ease of fitment and one of very few in 30mm width.
raymondBeing a newbee to tubless i choose this band after good reviews and a good price. Tyres were tight going on but could get them on by hand but would definitely need levers to get off. Fitted to dt swiss r460 rims and put the sealant in before closing tyre and pumping up to 90psi. I have noticed a big improvement in comfort through the bars and seat, on rough roads and hitting pot holes also it cut road buzz down through the Handel bars. They give good grip in dry and wet, done 3 rides of 30 miles each 2 in downpours no problems and no Punctures.
Mr HGreat tyre, easy tubeless setup
Mr SMounted easily on 25MM external 18mm internal carbon TLR rims. Just needed a little help from levers. Sealed up easily with track/floor pump. Great grip and seem comfy compared to clinchers (GP5000).
MICHAELGreat tyres, light, grippy and affordable!
OLIVEREasy to mount and very grippy
Mr AndersonThe installation was a breeze and the tires are excellent. They perform exactly as advertised and are very competitively priced. Merlin Cycles is an excellent vendor and I will definitely be a return customer.
L. Hirdvery grippy, decently fast rolling. first pair of 28's and im fairly impressed so far, no punctures!
AustinBrilliant tyre at the price. All the grip you could need and roll very well, at half the price of Conti 5000TL or Pirelli. Easy tubeless installation.
SimonEasy to mount onto the time (Cero ARD23), sitting nicely and rolling true. Time will tell on robustness.
RobertMany years ago, I bought my first set of tubeless tires, the Fusion 3, which were a breeze to set up and trouble free for years. Since then, I tried different brands with mitigated results. I'm now going back to Hutchinson tires and the Fusion 5 looks to be even better than the 3s so far. Cheaper in price and better in quality, best road tubeless value in my book.
Mr simoneOttimo copertone..leggero e performante
ChrisUsed for about 200 miles already on the front wheel. Rim ID is 21mm and they fit this really well. Bit harder to set up tubeless than the Schwalbe 25mm tyre I have on the back.
Mr AtkinsonSurprised how well they grip giving much more confidence in the damp conditions. Weighed in at 310 grammes too so pretty close to spec fir the 30mm. Came up at 30 mm on Boardman CX wheels. Seem to roll well and comfy. Running tubeless and holding air well.
PaulVery easy to fit onto tubeless rims and are very good in the wet
colinFitted very easily with little initial leakage of goo ,.Just been for first ride all felt good , conditions dry though
MikeyvegasThis tyre was to replace a poor investment after only 1 week of use. At £34 was not expensive compared to some but at the upper end of what I will pay. The bead is tight, fitting to my enve rims was not a battle but not the easiest. Sealing tubeless was simple though. I popped them up with a co2 canister no problem. In use it is a fast tyre and has more grip than I expected for a tyre seemingly totally slick. Highly recommend
Owenfor an inexpensive tubeless tyre this ticks all the boxes, much easier to mount than conti Gp5000 TL and doesnt leak as much air either. Performance is very good, especially when you lower the pressure a little (id normally run my front at 80 but this works better at 70psi)
Mr ArmesOne of the few tyres available at 30mm width I thought I'd give them a try as that's about the largest my bike will take. A little fiddly to get on the rims (which were tubeless ready) and as I was running them with tubes I had to put a lot of air in to get them to pop onto the rims, but once on and ready to go.........oh my! These tyres grip like a vice and roll like they're on a snooker table. I never thought I'd find anything that rolls like Conti GP but these do, plus you get the added benefit of a bit of puncture protection. In my humble opinion you cannot go wrong with these.
Mr ÅhmanThis review is for the 28mm version. I managed to mount them on my Mavic Cosmic UST rims without tools even tough it was a tight fit. The tires inflates with a ordinary track pump. Rolling resistance and comfort is superb. Time will tell about the durability.
adamGood tyres, inflate easily, low rolling resistance and very grippy.
Mr ClarksonThe easiest tubeless tyre i have fit sealed with track pump within a couple of minutes
Mr blakeHave used these tyres before and find them superb. Also get great mileage out of them
Jaeger44Good quality construction. Have used tubeless and tubed, comfortable grippy ride however they are set up.
Mr StokellToo early to say what the puncture resistance will be, but the tyres slipped onto both Fulcrum Racing 6 and Hunt 4 season wheels (tubeless) very easily and inflated on both using just a track pump. No problems noticed with regard to grip on wet roads.
Mr KnightExcellent tyres and as a bonus really easy to fit to rims compared with some other tubeless tyres.
Mr PickeringGreat tyres in all conditions.
RichardI have purchased these tires on two separate occasions for two of my bikes - I love them! They roll fast and quiet with consistent handling even in the wet. I run them tubeless on Hunt gravel wheels and they mounted quickly with no issues. I will purchase them again when this pair wears out.
Mr ButlerReasonably easy to fit on Mavic UST rims. I inflated with a normal track pump and they hold air without sealant. Sealant is recommended of course
RomEasy to mount, no tire levers necessary, on Roval 32CLX wheelset. Bead seated with Lezyne floor pump at 60psi. Tape: Stans 25mm. Sealant: Orange. This is my second set of Hutchinsons from Merlins shipped to Washington State, USA, via DHL. Received in 5 days.
mikeExcellent tyre, fitted with ease and inflated no problem. Have used a few times and no cuts appeared in rubber so seems to be quite tough without being a harsh ride
JPVery easy to install on Mavic UST tubeless wheels, airtight right away. No leakage of air nor sealant. Nice to ride. Good grip and comfortable. Excellent tyres.
Mr NoyesGood value. No problems fitting to Mavic ksyrium ust rim. Slightly smaller than equivalent 25mm Mavic yksion tyre it replaced.
PMKLovely tyres. Grippy, easy tubeless setup and feel quick. Comfy too. Had a 5mm slice into top of one, which didn't seal and didn't look promising after repair... so I bought another.
GlenVI am very, very happy with these tyres. They mounted easily for tubeless use, and from the first ride I had greater confidence and comfort. Also they freewheel fast - I've been passing my cycling mates every time in "no pedal" comparisons. I bought the 30mm width and ride at the recommended 85psi (my weight 72Kg). Weight per tyre is 295g which is fine - I'm in the Surrey Hills and you need some protection with all the flint that's around. I've put on just 100 miles over the past 2 weeks and all is good. I unreservedly recommend these tyres.
MarkWas easier to put on than other tubeless. Have only had for a month but seems like a great tire, as good as the ones costing 2 times as much.
JánVery good tire, on the rim Mavic cosmic UST holds without tubeless emulsion, thank you
NeilI'm impressed with these tyres. They go on well (always a bonus with tubeless tyres), they a re grippy and they are tough. I got unlucky with the last rear tyre and it had a large cut across the centre of the tread, but even so it still sealed itself quite well. A good tyre for poorer roads and conditions, too heavy for racing.
DavidReally easy to fit, just popped on using a track pump. Rides lovely, I am a convert to 28mm!
Mr PhillipsExcellent, light but durable tubleless tyre that inflates and seats easily. Also easy to get on and off the rim, and all at a very reasonable price.
MichaelSwitched to tubeless, easily fitted to my Hunt 4 Season Gravel Disc wheels, ride quiet, great price and speedy delivery. Will shop again with Merlin
Mr RobertsonGood tyre at a really good price. Easy to fit - mine went on by hand without having to use tyre levers or soap (fit at the valve area last ). Set it up tubeless, and managed to easily seal it first time using just a track pump. One of the lightest tyres - keeping the all important rotating weight to a minimum. Similar to the Schwalbe Pro One. I use a 25mm which measures 25mm . Schwalbe Pro Ones measure a size bigger than stated - ( 23=25, 25=28, 30=? ). Only been using it for a couple of weeks but so far I like the feel of it. It passes all my tests, so I'm going to buy another one.
old55I have a 25 and 30 mm , both easy to fit without levers . A bit of soapy water was needed on the beads , especially near the valve , to get them inflated with a standard floor pump. These are very grippy tyres in both wet and dry conditions , highly recommended .
Mr CARTERAlways rode Continental have been using these tyres for 2 yrs now and I order them over continental. As usual superb service from Merlin
TonyFitted to gravel bike for a commuting set of tyres. Went on ok, tiny bit tight but don’t mind that. Filled with sealant and off we go, no issues. Rolls well, fast yet comfy on uneven surfaces.
Craig SpellerbergI live and bicycle primarily on the roads in the Great State of Colorado...some flat...some hilly...often mountains. I am a huge fan of Hutchinson tubeless tires. I have used the 25 width version for years. This year I decided to up my road tire game to 28's. Too soon to review, but if feel confident that these will be smoother...more comfortable. Also...this is my first order from Merlin...will definitely do business with Merlin again!
PaulEasieist tubeless tyre I've installed, good price from Merlin, plenty of grip on damp roads, too early to tell how long it'll last but no cuts or nicks yet.
Mr HoneymanVery easy to get on the rim an inflate with normal pump
Mr GraingerBetter than or equal to Pro One tyres in every way. Easy to fit and stays seated when deflated. Too early to tell on puncture protection, but they feel noticeably thicker.
Mr BallardI'm really happy with these tires! They're grippy, durable and reasonably priced. I've bought 3 pairs over the last year and use them on all my road bikes.
Mr christieThis must be the easiest tubeless tyre I've ever fitted. For a 30 mm tyre rolls really well and super comfy giving plenty of confidence on those wet dirty roads.
Mr HeskethEasiest to fit tubeless tyre that I have tried. Rolls well. Time will tell regarding longevity and puncture resistance
TomEasy to fit and inflate using standard pump.
Dr HaleGood, light, low rolling resistance tubeless tyres. Go on easily and sealed well on my rims. Puncture resistance better than Galactix.
JohnExcellent value for great tubeless tires!
JeffreyReally nice rolling tires. The 28mm come in at 270 grams and 28.4mm wide on my rims. That makes them about 1mm wider than "25mm" GP 4000 tires on the same rims.
StevenLove Hutchinson tires. Very easy to mount and inflate compared to some others. A little too new to comment on wear.
IanI have been using pro one, these tires look great and offer slightly deeper rubber so should last longer and be better against punctures.
PeterGrippy tyres, comparable to Conti Gp4000SII. I used the Hutch sealant for tubeless. I couldn't get them on, the shop did it. Maybe with a tyre lever I could. Happy so far.
Dr SwissGreat tyre, good grip in wet and dry, good puncture resistance and very easy and quick to set up tubeless
DanielHaving sent a pair of GP 5000 TL back because they wouldn't fit onto Mavic Ksyrium Pro wheels, these were a breeze to fit. They go on easily, grip well and are well priced.
Mr BrinkhoffExcellent tubeless tyres. They seal very easily on the Roval Axis 4.0 rims I'm using.
NeilVery good. I've used three different types of tubeless tyre and this was the easiest to get on and the best fitting. Comfort and speed seem really good. I've used a 30mm tyre on my cyclo-cross bike which I use on the road.
BARRY DIMELOWEasy to install . Super supple @ 80 psi and cheaper than the conti gp5000s . Only been running them for a few weeks but so far well impressed.
Mr MorrisEasy to fit and great seal on rims. Good grip and comfy
Mr PerryReplaced Schwalbe Pro One Evo with these as the Schwalbe were terrible with puncture protection. These go on without tyre levers and even managed to inflate without a air compressor. They feel like they roll just as well as the Schwalbe's and I 'm sure they will offer better puncture protection and last longer.
KJNVery good tire Tubeless Tire. Easy to mount, even on notoriously difficult Enve rims. Roll very well, and seem to wear slowly, too. Run true to size. Highly recommended.
JGreat Price! If you want to try tubeless tires this is the brand that you should use!
jasonSo far so good. Fitted and seated very easily. Look and feel good.
Mr RamosI’ve had great results (no flats and are durable) with Hutchinson tubeless tires so I will continue to use them.
Mr PhillipsExcellent road tyres - light, durable and work well tubeless.
N SMy favourite tubeless tyres; best balance of comfort, speed and durability that I've found.
robboInitial impressions are very positive, these feel fast to ride and are very comfortable whilst having reasonable protection. Unlike many other brands they are true to size, I've fitted the 28 version to rims with 21mm internal diameter and they measure 27.5mm when inflated to 75 psi.
Mr WahlExcellent tyre with good protection and easy tubeless set up. Holds true to size on my wheels with inner diameter of 17mm. I've had it for over 8 months now and plenty of life left after riding quite a lot
DavidWanted something a bit more durable and grippy in the wet than the Schwalbe Pro One on my disc braked bike. Mounted on a Hope RD40 carbon rear wheel relatively easily (although this is more the wheel than the tyre). So far so good and offering what I was looking for. Durability seems good and doesn't appear to offer any discernible performance disadvantage over both Hutchinson's and Schwalbe's more performance orientated and expensive rubber. Hopefully, will get a decent mileage out of them too. Overall, very happy with this tyre and would recommend.
Mr WalmsleyFitted to my Mavic Cosmic Elite UST by hand and inflated with track pump without any effort. Look really nice and exceptionally good price.
KoichiGreat value. The rolling efficiency is excellent! Also very easy for installing.
TimGot these tires in 28mm and mounted them on wheels with 19mm wide internal width. This is my first time using wide rims with 28mm tires and they feel great. Have only done a few rides with this setup and have now lowered the pressure to front 60psi and about 68psi in the back feels very smooth and is a lot easer on my 58-year-old body.
Mat BSwapped to these tyres after getting fed up with replacing Schwalbe Pro Ones every 1500 miles! All the grip, ride quality and weight characteristics of the Schwalbes with the added benefit of longevity! Highly recommended
ARGINAmazing tires. Roll well and setup tubeless really easily.
KIMIOI installed the tubeless tire for the first time, but it was very easy to install on the DT SWISS wheel. It's comfortable riding, and running is also light. I will check the optimum air pressure from now. It took around 24 hours for the leak to disappear after putting the sealant.
Mr HoughtonBest tubeless tire I have tried. It has great puncture resistance. I have gotten adequate miles out of them. They are the easiest tubeless tire I have installed.
Mr BoisjoliHello,! The Hutchinson tubeless are some of the best road tires I've put on my rims. Easy installation, very comfortable, efficient rolling, safe turning and very resistant to punctures. I already ride Schwalbe eavec, S-Work Turbo Specialized and Vittoria Corsa Graphene +. A little less rolling than the Vittoria Corsa but very pleasant sensations it provides. Actually a tubeless that I personally recommend.
DavidReally nice tyres. Every bit as good as the Michelin Endurance they replaced and as good as Continental GP4000S II that I had before that. The only thing I would say is that they do 'appear' narrower even though they measure up at 26-27mm wide.
Mr BoisjoliAbsolutley one of the better tubeless ever used over the past 5 years! They don`t have the suppleness as the Victoria Corsa Speed but the puncture resistance is much superior. Great feel, extremely good cornering, you feel secure with those tubeless.
DarrenSo far I am liking these Fusion 5 Performance tires over the Schwalbe Pro Ones. I was excited to finally see these tires in a 28mm width. They seated better than the pro ones, and seem to hold pressure better than the pro ones. My pro ones went almost completely flat after about a week of not putting air in them. These fusion 5 performance tires only showed a 10 PSI loss after week (down to 65psi from 75psi).
Mr SutherlandFirst go at road tubeless (MTB tubeless for years). Fitted by hand on the rims no bother. Both inflated with the track pump without too much difficulty. Once the sealant was added they held pressure no problem. Roll very well, good wet grip. Not had a chance to check the puncture reistance yet. Very impressed
Mr HoughtonBest tubeless I have used. Easy to mount. Easy to inflate. Has held up great so far. I hope they don`t change it as it truly is a superior tubeless tire to many other I`ve used.