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    Road Bike Tyres

    Road tyres may not vary hugely in appearance but take it from us, their riding characteristics and performance do differ quite a lot. You can get light, fast rolling tyres that are best for racing. You can get tough, puncture resisting tyres ideal for commuting. You can get tyres for wet weather. You can get tyres that grip but don't last. You can get tyres that last for ages but aren't very racey. And so on and so on. A tyre is made up of a fabric carcass covered in rubber with some sort of bead at the edges. The bead material dictates whether a tyre is a wire bead tyre or a folding bead tyre. Folding tyres are lighter as well as being easier to store when they're not on the bike. The tread pattern dictates how the tyres deal with road conditions. We stock lots of tyres from established brands such as Continental, Michelin, Schwalbe Vittoria and many more.