Continental GP5000 Folding Clincher Road Tyre - 700c
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Continental GP5000 Folding Clincher Road Tyre - 700cContinental GP5000 Folding Clincher Road Tyre - 700c
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Continental GP5000 Folding Clincher Road Tyre - 700c

The new era in cycling - the best allrounder in the field, brought to a whole new performance level. Ride faster, more comfortable and with increased puncture protection. Made to make you better. Developing the Grand Prix 5000 nothing has been left to chance..


  • Improved Black Chili Compound
  • 330TPI 3-Ply carcass
  • Active Comfort Technology
  • Vectran Breaker
  • Lazer Grip tread profile
  • Weight approx: 215g (25mm)


Mr Waymouthall i use
Paul MasonMerlin had these available in the size I wanted , few other businesses did. Arrived quickly , in good condition
Mr PriceThese tyres are brilliant, never tried 30mm ones until now, and like the other sizes I have they do exactly what they are supposed to, can't complain
Mr WongFast and fairly durable. Ridden on many century and double century rides, where watts saved help over the 6+ hour rides.
johnbest price normal Merlin value never been disappointed by conti always wear well
Mr BursteinGreat tires ,excellent!! I allways buy continental GP .
Mark RGreat set of tyres went on well and feel super when riding. Good price too!
Mr BeckOver the moon with the GP 5000 tyres and with the fantastic service that Merlin cycles provide
ROFast, durable and great grip. Very much recommended.
BenReally high quality tyres - been using Continental for years and for me they offer the best balance between speed and durability.
Mr CravenRoll well and more comfortable than the 4000 , tight fit on the carbon rims, needed 3 tyre levers !
Mr PierceNo flats last year on these. Hoping for more of the same.
ianThese are so light and very low rolling resistance, just summer tyres for me. I do carry a spare tyre with me because they do cut quiet easily on the side wall but worth it, All the people saying there tight to fit, just need to fit them around the valve first and move opposite the valve for the last push, doddle
VictorExcellent tyre, I run both the tubeless and the non-tubeless version on two sets of wheels and they have been excellent in both cases.
RossI loved the 4000s so these were a must buy and they are brilliant. Great grip and puncture resistance. Worth every penny.
Mr WheelerFast and reliable tires. So many people swear by these. They have really grown on me too. Great tire.
AlexGreat tyres. Corner well and feel fast with good grip in the wet and decent puncture protection compared to other racing clinchers. For the price, why buy any other tyres...
Mr >Rodriguez JadraqueWonderful riding experience
Mr DepTop tyre. Best combination of speed, puncture protection and weight.
Mr Kazuya転がりが軽く、グリップ力も問題ありません
Mr LoughGreat upgrade from the much loved GP4000 a which I have used for years....super grippy and Great value for the money!
ScottExcellent tire, very impressed with puncture resistance too.
LilleBest tyre for rolling restistance, longevity (I get about 5000kms out of them) and puncture restistance.
Mr RobinsonBest tyres I’ve ever used, simple as that., good grip, good puncture resistance, rolls easy. As long as GP 5000s are available I will use them.
TomGreat tyre. Noticable improvement in speed over previous cheaper Michelin tyres and going from 23 to 28mm there was a noticeable comfort increase.
Mr cantatorenice tire, always use this brand, never disappointed
Mr fortinGreat tires, was a long time user of Veloflex, these are my new standard now.
Mr WhiteheadHave tried other tyres but always come back to Continental because of sure grip and puncture free .
RichyKThese are great! Well reviewed elsewhere so I bought a set for my wife - she loved them so I bought another set for me! Bigger tyres has allowed me to drop pressure significantly and the overall effect has been to give a super smooth ride for our Roubaix and Ruby bieks. Best upgrade we have made for years!
Mr GuldborgFast, sharp looking, great grip. Step up from theGP4000
richardGreat tyres and match all the reviews. As quick as vittoria speeds and easier to fit. Running with latex tubes
Mr HasteyGreat tyres. Roll well. Had to replace my previous tyres as they expanded too much when fully inflated. These keep their size well.
Mr RaeAwesome tire. less flatting with these
PaulPurchased these for my winter bike . There grippy and run very smooth . Had a sharped stone that had imbedded it a self in the tyre ,glad to say the tyre held up and did a great job of not puncturing .
JohnThese are some of the best tires out there. For clinchers they are tough to beat. Look good, great traction with supple feel. I did have a side wall blowout last year with these but probably my fault-higher pressure than needed & hit a large piece of metal on a group ride. Had another have a small vertical tear in the sidewall earlier this year with no real indication of how it happened. Regardless great tires. Vittoria Rubino Pros are probably the closest to the feel of these. I have been able to get over 3000 miles on my most recent pair of continental gp5000 which is pretty good for 190lbs rider plus gear & a penchant for hills/sprints.
Paul AllenAnother great tyre from continental - previously had GP4000 II's
RuskyThere is nothing more to be said about these tyres, in my opinion they are simply the best all year round tyre I have used. At the price Merlin are currently selling them for is a no brainer.
Mr McQuillenGreat tyres, good grip while rolling well. This is a spare but had previously changed GP5000s at around 2500 miles. They drop a star as they are incredibly tight when fitting, still worth it though.
Mr BautistaGreat tires. A little pricier but you deifnitely get what you pay for.
duncanlike this alot holds the road well, light weight ,good price
Mr EwingOne of the best tires out there. The grip makes me feel safe no matter the conditions. Continental does it again
Mr ÖzbaşarLight weight and durable. It is hard to fit to the wheel for the first time.
Mr LongI have been using GP5000's for quite a while now. The confidence they fill me with cornering is second to none. Wear isn't as long as other tyres I have had, but that is a compromise I'm willing to make for the quality. Wear has been 3000km for the rear and 5000km for the front. For reference I'm 94kg and run 28mm tyres at 80-100psi rear and 60-80psi at the front. Would highly recommend.
DaleVery happy with these. Was a little apprehensive as some reviews said they were a devil to get on, but I'm Not the best at fitting tyres and I found it really easy, already set some pb's. Great value, and great service from Merlin.
Roger TTop quality tyres as I have come to expect from Continental. They roll well and no problems after a couple of hundred dry miles.
JulesUpgraded from GP4000. 25c is true to size. Good grip, fast rolling and comfortable. No punctures for a 1000km.
Mr ChungVery nice lightweight high performance tires at a phenomenal price.
Mr TEOMy favourite tire. rolls fantastic and puncture resistance is good.
Mr LaurayaFast rolling tires compared to other brands
Mr StuartFast rolling tyres and grippy in both wet and dry condition
Eamiliofastest tyres i've ever ridden! fast and great puncture resistance!
Mr Dajani / DXB 1034696Brilliant tires. I am used to the well-known Continental 4000’s and these are even more advanced. Great value for money.
Mr ChapmanLike these tyres, easy to fit and roll just as good as their discontinued forerunners which I ran for a full year.
DavidGood compromise between performance and puncture resistance. Have tried others lately but always end up going back to conti's.
A. AynsleyFirst time I've updraded from GP4000 to GP5000. Yo be honest there is no obvious difference. If anything the 5000's feel a bit 'stickier' which gives you confidence when cornering. In terms of rolling resistance they seem on a par. They are excellent tyres though and I'd definately buy them again.
PaulBought this in the 28mm size for a bit of extra comfort, works well for me, tight fit on mavic cosmic wheel
Mr HampsonI'm giving these three stars as although they are great tyres, they are so tight on many rims, it wouldn't be possible to repair at the side of the road. I have Shimano Dura Ace 9000 C24 wheels. Merlin exchanged the tyres for Schwalbe Pro One and these are a much better fit. So in summary excellent tyres but fit can be really tight.
Mr BradshawThese seem like great tyres Fast rolling in 32 mm and look great fantastic price from Merlin cycles and fast delivery
Mr atkinsonFitting was easy with no levers required, great price form Merlin, cheapest I have seen for a 28mm GP5000, ok it wasn't in its original box , but so what its a tyre and you know exactly what your getting with Continental. Once again Kudos to Merlin!!
Dave HolmesI do thousands of miles a year and wear through tyres like cheese. I ride track and road and am getting into off road. My current go-to endurance tyre is conti 4 seasons. I also know conti’s gp 4000 well. These tyres arrived on time and as ordered. Out the bag they seemed light flexible and sticky. More flexible than 4000’s. Fitting to the tubeless ready rear was no problem using only fingers on tubeless ready rims - never suffered fitting problems with any tyre/ rim combos using correct technique tbh. So far, it has been fit and forget. I’ve kicked out some 800 miles on roads, lanes as well as off road sections without any issue. It rolls supple and sticks well in wet and dry. The. 25mm comes up slightly smaller than the 4 seasons in my case. Can’t review puncture protection or durability. I’m expecting to get at leat 4,500 miles at least out of this tyre at this price. So far I’m confident I should. 4 stars seems fair as I don’t know how long this tyre will last...
DavidGreat tyres. Already purchased a set of 25c and now bought 28c. Running 25 front, 28 rear on my wide Roval wheels. Aero up front and comfort out back. As the tyres are much more true to size than the old ones, even the 28s do not balloon out, provided of course they're on a wide enough wheel.
Mr TrosinJust perfect! Rolling, tough, and reliable
DavidSwitched to these from favourite Michelin Power Competition and so far impressed. Come up much more true to size, unlike the Powers or the old GP4000s2. My rims are 21mm internal, 29 .4 external. I run a 25c up front, which comes up at 27mm, and and a 28c at the rear, which comes up flush with the outer rim. Perfect blend of aero (105% rule) and comfort
fenwick458fast rolling tyres. very similar to the GP4000sii that they replaced. noticeably thinner though, I have previously been running gp4000 25mm on Mavic Ksyrium disc wheels and the tyres used to measure 26.5mm, I ran them at 100psi and they were comfortable on lake district roads. the 5000's though are 24mm, and at 100psi they feel a bit harsher.
T SturrockFirst time using these Continental GP5000 tyres, very impressed so far. Great grip & rolling resistance. Just a bit tight when fitting. Overall very pleased will use again when required.
ErichGreat tires, for great on my new wheels and the handling and cornering feel like I’m glued to the road. 200 miles in and happy!
Mr PageUsed to replace Vittoria Corsa tyres, although I have mostly used Conti GP 4000s in the past. Have used for about 150 miles and pleased to have them on. Feel more robust than the Corsa's and rolling speed & cornering seem similar to them and the 4000s, which I rated very highly.
Mr DouglasFirst time I've tried expensive tyres-went on a treat and seem to make a positive difference-could be in my head but a bit of positivity goes a long way!
martinSo impressed with this tyre that immediatly ordered another, very plush, fast ride.
Mr ArnoldReplacing my old GP4000s and appear to be superior. Great grip and so far puncture free after several thousand kms
DomNoticeable improvement on all the good things about the GP4000ii’s
Mr CrawfordPurchased these after rave reviews and recommended. They weigh exactly as claimed and roll very well. Unfortunately the sizing is small for a 25mm , even with latex tubes the ride and handling not as good as the Michelin pro 3s replaced due to width and volume. A 28mm would fit although heavier. Sold GP5000s to a friend and replaced with schwalbe one v guard evo in 25mm - happy with these and similar rolling resistance to the GP5000 but larger and better.
martinVery good improvement on previous model, first 28mm tyre tried on bike and not measuring much bigger than old michelin 25mm endurance but the ride is very much improved. Highly recommended.
PeterMVery nice tires with good feel for the road. I previously used 4000s tires on a slightly wider rim; once mounted they expanded from 23mm to 25mm. The 25mm 5000s retained their size, which prior to mounting was a concern that they would be too wide for my rear braking area. I highly recommend these tires for any road bike.
Mr MillsNice looking tyre, similar to the GP4000. Seems to run fine. Very difficult to fit on a carbon wheel, though.
Mr BROWNI usually ride GP 4000s 23 m/m Tyres. But having just purchased new 17 mm rim wheels, found that I required 25 mm tyres, so I bought these. Straight away I have noticed a dramatic improvement in cornering, in particular on steep descents. So far cannot find any issues....only positive ones.
KMGrippy and comfortable, rides with full confidence. Well... the brand speaks for itself.
RobertReally pleased with the new GP5000 , they roll exceptionally well and Corner great , great value from Merlin as always
Mr HughesSizes have changed since GP4000 ii. These are definitely narrower than the GP4000 ii's they replaced, which were more like 25mm, whereas these are more true to size. Great service and price as ever
SamAfter searching 10’s of new tyres for this season I always ended up back at these. The reviews and figures don’t lie and neither does my Strava. Team these with a light race tube and they really are a fantastic upgrade to your bike!!
Mr VandermauseWell worth the price. A sturdy, flat resistant tire that provides a smooth and soft ride.
Mr ChrisThe best clincher tyre in the world, I've tried all the others and these are significantly better. Fast, light, grippy, puncture resistant, fairly durable.
JeffLong term user of gp4000 thought I`d give these a try impressed and seem to be very grippy straight out the box and feel quick too.
Mr Michinohata乗り心地、転がりの軽さが高次元。正直、他のタイヤメーカーは現時点ではこのタイヤに敵わない。
Mr HernandezFast rolling and so far after 1k miles , no flats . So far I like them better than the Contis 4S
Mr FreihatÓtimo pneu. Boa rolagem e excelente aderência. Pneu utilizado em competições.
Kiwi RacerGP 5000 s have so far been true to size, a bit more compliant eg comfortable and have not cut up to any great degree. Cornering is good too. I think they will wear faster but they are for racing only so will limit the km's I put on them
George (Mayhem) -- CTCThese tires have a relatively low rolling resistance and are resistant to flatting. A perfect combination. I've ridden on the GP-4000IIS for years and this version carries on that quality. I'd highly recommend them to a friend, just like I have actualy done with its predecessor.
Felimon Gian CarloLow rolling resistance, and wayyy wayyy better puncture resistance compared to vittoria
RegieBest clinchers in the world. No non-sense tires
Mr haraホイールにはめやすい、手だけではめられる。軽いし転がりもいいのでこれからはGP5000一択。チューブレスのGP5000も使用したが乗り心地は最高だがホイールにはめるのに苦労したやはり僕にはクリンチャーが向いている。
Mr ManibogWell, its continental - synonymous for great quality and performance. I`ve been using continental since I started cycling although I`ve used several brands already. But I kept coming back to continental. The GP 5000 clincher tyre is so great it saves from accident or maybe even from death. In one downhill I wobbled but I kept my balance and prevent me from falling to a ravine. The GP5000 made the difference! Hope every cyclist should try this.
AdiEuxtonNice tyres, roll really well and very sticky will be great for the Chainy.
Mr ShottsGreat upgraded from GP4000SII at great price. Noticeable improved handling on corners.
GlenGreat tire at a great price. Upgraded from GP4000SII and no looking back! Great service and delivery overseas from Merlin.
Mr BratićGreat tyre. Fast, good at corners and better puncture protection than my old 4000S.
Mr Kobayashi弾力、転がりなど4000Ⅱからの買い替えですが最高。
Mr LEDこれまで4000S2を使ってきたが、グリップが良くなったうえに走り出しも軽くなったような気がします。耐久性はまだ分かりませんが、大変素晴らしいので、またリピしたいと思います。
RoyUsing this tire already and after about 3000KM it shows some wear, I think it's a bit less durable than the GP4000II but pretty durable, other than that feels okay in grip, rolling etc
Mr T路面に吸い付くような安定性!そして高いパンク予防性能!ずっと乗ってもひび割れする心配も起こらない。某ボン◯レガーとは大違いだなぁ!
Mr ukajiパンクに強くそこそこ軽い。普段使いできる中で高性能を目指したタイヤ。予算が許せば普段使いからちょっと本気のライドに使うタイヤとしては最強だろう。
Mr Martinez MoyaGreat quality and feelings on the road. Highly recommended.
FrederickI'm into my first 1000 miles on the last pair and although they do seem to have a slight edge over GP4000 II's for rolling resistance, I find them ever so slightly more delicate and prone to picking up sharp little stones or glass. So you do have to check them well after ever ride. I may go back to 4000 II's just for the slight durability advantage, but these are still excellent tires but perhaps better for race days than general rough roading it.
Mr MatternFantastic tyres. Great upgrade from gp4000s
Theo PotgieterBrilliant tires, rolling resistance very good, puncture resistance will be reviewed on a later stage.
Mr samuelsThe continental GP 5000 folding Tires are the best tires I have rode on. There are many other tires to choose from but in my opinion the GP5000 are by far the best out there. Outclasses it’s competition ... Awesome tire
stewy001Can't believe I'm so excited about tyres. Replaced my 4Ks and can't believe they managed to make them better and after long ride they pass the butt test with flying colors.
A.M.Conti makes one of the best tires on the market, nice improvement over the 4k II model.
AnonymousGood Tires, Good Rolling! Continental Top Quality Tires Ever!
DuaneGreat tires. Fast rolling and very grippy. Merlins has the best price on them too!
BrianGood tyre, roll well, corner well and have coped with the winter road conditions including hedge cuttings without any problems yet. Only done 150 miles on them but very pleased so far.
Mr AKSUI think this tire is the best one, I was using Grand Prix 4000 that was awesome while riding.
SchudsVery happy with the GP5000's. Unlike many other tyres, the GP5000's are true to size. 25mm is exactly 25mm on my DT-Swiss PR1600 wheels. A great combination of wheel & rubber. Fast shipping to USA once again.
Mr TaylorI love these, fast with good grip.
Mr NakayamaThis is my first experience of Continental. I understood why it was highly appreciated on the Internet. It seems to be the best clincher tire in terms of resistance, corner grip, wet road grip and braking. Furthermore, it is a little cheaper than the rival model and very affordable. I am very satisfied.
Mr Komatsuビットリア・コルサよりよく回る感じです。
Mr clementsThese new gp 5000 tyres from Continental are awesome. Fast, grippy and comfortable. I like them better than the old 4000 series and believe them to be better.
BrunoQuicker and lighter successor to the legendary 4000s. They are truer to size for 25c however they are more prone to damage and flats so reserve these for good conditions.
PeteSimply the best tires I've ever used. Low rolling resistance and high puncture resistance
Mr Andradathe standard... no other tire can surpass the performance
HeminuiHave't been far on them yet, but going from 25" Gatorskins to 28" GP5000 is a massive improvement in comfort for no reduction in speed and a noticeable increase in cornering/braking control
RichardMerlin ALWAYS has the best prices, fastest shipping and BEST customer service! My one stop shop for cycle stuff! Thanks for being the best at what you do!!! Cheers
Mr von BibraSets the great Continental GP series tyres to an even higher standard. Great all round tyre.
Mr HaydenBest Endurance tire on the market
Mr FarleyThe Continental 5000 tire is a new product that I have just put into service. It's an upgrade of their superior GP4000 S II tires that I've used for years with excellent results. VERY seldom flat, great traction, long wearing.
AndrewChanged from the 4000 II to the new 5000 continental. Based in Panama with lots of wet track these tires seem to be the outstanding all weather tires, happy camper so far. Also purchased at unbeatable price
RobertDespite some of the lukewarm reviews I find these tires roll super well and are so confidence building when pushed through corners. Iam looking forward to a few more kilometers onn these wheels to get a better handle on how good they are really are relative to the 4000s.
Montreal BikerBought a 25mm version to replace a damaged 23mm GP4000. True to size, grips well, light (mine weighed 212g). Time will tell regarding puncture resistance and longevity but very happy so far.
Mr Michi性能、コスパは最高レベル。このタイヤを選べば間違いない。
Mr Aruga前作のGP4000Ⅱを愛用していましたが、今回5000へと変更しました。グリップの向上と走行時の硬さが改善されたように感じます。
Mr PangaGP5000 is the very improve version of GP4000, way much better rolling resistance and with the price deal I got from Merlin Cycles, this is a very good deal!
RicardoGreat tire so far, very grippy, no punctures or cuts
Mr Lajos ZsoltVery fast tire. Incredible cornering speed. Very good choice. Worth your money.
johnUpgraded from gp4000 to these as I'd worn them out. Only used once so far and I cant tell the difference performance and comfort wise. Notable difference though is that they are thinner than previous tyres. 25mm same as before but a lot more room between tyre and forks. Time will tell.
Mr McNish25c easy to install on Giant PR2 disc story ck wheels. Haven’t noticed much difference in handling or comfort to the 28c Duranos I had on but there is a very noticeable difference in rolling-these are much faster. Done a couple of hundred miles on them now with no punctures so hoping that continues!
SpencerBeen a fan of Conti GP4000Sii and read loads on the hype for the GP5000. Of course they are quicker was the reviews.... well they would be, we all go faster on new stuff. Anyway gave them a go as the Merlin pricing with the weekend offer was a no brainer. Well after the hype... they are "all that". They are quick, light and grip like hell. Done 1250 miles with no issues or the dreaded P word. Now for details, they are true to size (Gp4000 were all big) the 28mm are about the same as the GP4000 25mm and the 32mm fit my endurance frame. The tead does look a bit thinner on the wear indicators, but you are buying a race tyre. Mine show no real wear and have not cut up badly either. I'm gonna slam a set on the commuter and hammer them and see what happens, after all grippy tyres for the crap weather is the real test. Update the post when i have put some miles on them. So if you are thinking about it, then get some, even the tests on the internet in labs prove they are a class leader.
PeterDone about 200 km on these tyres, early days but they seem quite fast and easy rolling. Great price.
Kevin T.Quality tires!!! Bought these to mount on my 88mm Carbon HED Track Wheels, they look and feel awesome.
Mr Jackson25mm OEM Non Boxed Tyres supplied, quick delivery as usual. All in good order - thanks! Tyres ride well, after a couple of rides they seem to have bedded in and become more supple & comfortable, quick and light rolling... They are true to size and have come up at 26.5mm on 19.5mm internal carbon wheels.
Dr RyanThe standard by which all other tires are measured. Just order them, you'll be happy.
CWHATIMEANGreat tires at a great price. Much better than the 4000s!
Mr BergsteinssonRead the reviews and though it sounded to good to be true but I must say the rolling resistance is noticeably less than my gp 4000 s ! They really improve the ride and coasting goes on and on l love these tires !!l :-)
domingo jrFeels so light ang comfortable, perfect rolling resistance.. added by fast delivery of Merlin Cycle 5 stars
JRTrue to size, fast and comfortable tire much improved over 4000 and gatorskin, highly recommended
LeonardGreat Price. Softer ride and very responsive.
Mr WinklerPhenomenal tires! Roll fast and are super grippy and inspire cornering confidence.
WalterI am impressed with these tires. Easy to mount and feel great. Its a little early to be positive but they seem to be noticeably faster than the 4000 and way faster than Gatorskins I have on similar bikes.