Vittoria Corsa G+ Isotech Tubular Tyre - 700c
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Vittoria Corsa G+ Isotech Tubular Tyre - 700cVittoria Corsa G+ Isotech Tubular Road TyreVittoria Corsa G+ Isotech Tubular Tyre
Code: TYV1CX002341CG
Vittoria Corsa G+ Isotech Tubular Tyre - 700c
The world’s best-known and most-used cotton tubular tire is the best performance tire: fast, flexible, reliable and proven by millions of race kilometers, evolved.
  • 4C compound for best speed, grip, durability and puncture protection
  • Kevlar® reinforced Corespun K for increased sidewall protection
  • G+ Graphene for superb grip, speed and rolling resistance
  • Isogrip compound
  • Excellent flat protection
  • 220 TPI
  • Weight: From 265g
  • 26mm version is a special production as used by the pro peleton.
EstebanI am a fan of Vittoria Corsa. Once a dedicated Conti GP person, Vittoria Corsa works for me. Fast, smooth, supple.
Erikastill think best tubular tyres
BrianBought these for my FFWD tubular wheels also purchased from Merlin Cycles. So far I’ve had no issues, only used during summer months in dry weather mind, but so far totally reliable with no punctures.
Jurajit's a very fast tire and keeps on the road in curves like stuck on the road great price-quality ratio
andrewFirst time I've used tubs. Easy to fit and run really smooth
Mr ji wonVitoria tires are the best for rolling and traction.
SimonIf you have ridden tubular wheels for any length of time you pretty swiftly get to know the difference between quality and passable tyres. The debate will rage on forever between the ubiquitous Continental Competitions (a great, if slightly numb tyre in my opinion) and the Vittoria tubs. Having ridden both for several years there is really only one winner in terms of feel and rolling resistance. I keep coming back to the Corsas because they justify it. The Corsa Speed is fractionally lighter but I would say that unless you have a dedicated racing only wheelset (and really do only use it for limited miles) the longevity of these tyres is a great middle ground between them and the less supple Rubino Pros. Be clear through, while the cheaper Rubinios are great for training and resilience the ride quality is nowhere near these tyres. This is a genuinely brilliant product at a competitive price. PS, latex tubes are great and I use them, but if you want convenience you can choose the butyl ones and they are still fantastic - probably a fraction heavier and slower but for most of us unnoticeable .
StephenNice quality and easy to mount. Great rolling resistance. Highly recommended.
JASONGreat rolling resistance and puncture protection and offer plenty of grip . Reasonably supple giving a comfortable ride . There are lighter tyres out there but they don’t offer the same level of puncture protection that these do . I use these tubs on two different bikes and one of which is my daily ride. Bought them in the 28mm width . Excellent service as usual from Merlin Cycles too. Quick dispatch and arrival . Perfect !
Mr KATSUYUKIグリップもしっかり&乗り心地も良い。価格もGOOD!
Mr IdeThis is a high-performance tire that does not require explanation. It is expensive when purchased in Japan, but I am satisfied to be able to purchase it very cheaply.
Mr JawandaGreat price, Great tire with new tire compound. Better puncture protection. I love tubulars.
Mr FUJITAVery good racing tires. Sharp handling and confortable. I recommend for racing use.
AldoI am using those tires for the last 4 years, love them
Alan BExcellent all round tyre, very strong compared to my other tan wall tyres. Gives good confidence when cornering, has quite a short valve so if you have deeper than 40mm rims you will need a valve extender. There is a latex innertube in these so they will stay inflated for about one and a half days before you have to pump them up again but it's worth it for the performance gain and road feel. Tested to be up there with the fastest road tyres in terms of rolling resistance.
DavidThe butyl tube version works better to me. Since I couldn't feel the difference from latex tube, by using this version, at least, I don't need to pump the air everyday.
AldoThat’s the only tires I used after trying many other brands. Light, strong, good rolling and smooth
Mr Blakegreat looking tub, only used on dry days so far, grip seems to be good in corners. no punctures so far, so puncture resistance is effective
davidGreat tyre, easy to fit, runs smooth and fast, as the inner tube is latex it will lose pressure over a day or 2 so unless you are training or racing don`t buy for every day use.
Mr katsumiやっと装着しました、使用感レビューします。グリップ感よく乗り心地もソフトで大満足です
TerryExcellent tyres, fast and safe as houses
DavideGreat tires. Easy to mount and look good!
Mr HanlonGreat tyre. Easy to glue and very grippy with decent puncture protection. Fast delivery from Merlin too
Mr KimI have used this tyre for quite long time. Great grip at the corner and high speed and good value for cost.
davidComfy tyre on long rides 25cc easy to fit
EdwinAmazing product, this is my third pair.
Roddy GilchristAmazing tyre at an amazing price! Fast and durable,
MoggyBrilliant tubular. Fitting was a doddle with no excessive stretching of the tyre. Rides really nicely, really responsive and grippy in corners. Highly recommended.
JoyThe Corsa G+ Tubs has been my go to tyres! They are as what Vittoria claim to be. They`re one of the best In terms of speed, durability, longevity and price wise.
Mr TFast tyre that is good value and easy to glue. Highly recommended.
Loose cogEasy to roll on to most rims and great product quality
Mr rogersNice and easy to fit tyre, nice ride but still fast with some puncture resistance
Taka JapanSuper good tyre. Softly follow the surface of the road, well enough absorb the shock, and grip, reliable for 3,000km ride (In case of rear. Front will survive more). One of the most perfect tyres I have ever tried.
HanksI've only ridden these tires a few times, but they are very smooth and seem fast. I set a couple of Strava PR's on flat segments. They mounted easily enough and are perfectly round and straight with no bumps or waves. Too early to tell how they wear.