Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season 11 Storm TLR Folding Road Tyre - 700c
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Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season 11 Storm TLR Folding Road Tyre - 700cHutchinson Fusion 5 All Season 11 Storm TLR Folding Road Tyre - 700c
Code: PV52773
Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season 11 Storm TLR Folding Road Tyre - 700c
The Fusion 5 All Season is the perfect tyre for long intensive outings. Hutchinson have worked on a specific compound thickness of 1.6mm with a tailored particle size to favour durability and grip on wet roads. The Kevlar® reinforcement protects the casing from puncture risks. You will be able to blithely pass the 5000km mark with performance and comfort. If you opt for the 700x28 version, you will be blown away by the long-term softness and efficiency.
  • Tubeless-ready clincher
  • ElevenSTORM® performance compound for performance and adhesion
  • Specific grooved design for wet terrain
  • Superior compound thickness (1.6mm)
  • Kevlar® reinforcement for puncture resistance
  • Weight: 260g (25c)
JeffreyJust superb, easy fitting and fast rolling. This is my second pair of Hutchinson Fusion 5 tyres. I've been running them at 80 and 85 PSI. At 80 they are super plush. Recommended.
MarkFantastic all year round tyre. Fits easily tubeless and provides lots of grip.
Mr ButlerGreat grip. Easy enough install and a good price.
Mr WoollardReally nice grippy and smooth to ride.
Mr BallardThese are my favorite tires. Good grip, durable and easy mounting.
Dave JohnsonLove Hutchinsons tubeless tyres - easy to get onto the rim and give a nice ride feel, decent levels of grip and tough with decent p*ncture protection on these all season versions
CRFWell constructed. Improved traction for cooler and wetter conditions. Smooth rolling
Mr DuffyReally hard wearing tyre, while still rolling fast. Very easy tubeless setup with no problems while riding. Other tyres I've had will noticeably get a puncture and leak sealant at times. But with these any holes will be unnoticed as they seal instantly.
Mr McClureWent onto rims easily and sealed first time
JoeSelf sealing as they said it would, easy to install on Mavic rims, got 3700 kms before an irredeemable flat that wouldn’t seal.
AndrewGood tyres. Great grip. Easiest tubeless tyres to fit I've ever bought. Not had them on long enough to report on durablity. Hence 4 stars.
Mr LudimanGreat tyres. Seated well and inflated first go on to halo rims. No issues and roll well.
Centurion Cycling Clubswitching to a 25c from a 28c. very comfy ride, grippy on wet conditions - which is basically year round here in the Philippines
Mr hudsonExcellent hard wearing tubeless tires
JPBought to replace a set of Marathon Supreme 35mm tubeless tyres, which I found to be rather heavy and sluggish  though robust and very comfortable. The Fusion 5's slipped onto my Alforce rims easily, but were tricky to seat  I had to seat both on one side using an inner tube first. They then seated perfectly with an Airshot and stayed airtight from the very start. Faultless and fast-feeling performance on their inaugural 210km ride in good weather with dry roads, though a little harsh (on crappy roads) at their recommended 100psi for my 71.5kg weight, so I'll try reducing the pressure a little.
TKJust ordered my second pair of these tyres, in a word great. I've used tubeless road tyres from all the usual suspects and these are easy to set up, grippy, puncture resistant and roll really well.
joeUsed these to replace a pair of Hutchinson Sectors which we terrible in the wet, these are great. Super easy to fit with a track pump. Lots more confidence in on the slippery country lanes.
ianAfter schwalbe ones being delicate not lasting and perishing over winter, I wanted a tubeless tyre for all seasons. The ride is very supple and comfy, I can`t really tell if they are any slower than the schwalbe. Grip and feel is great in the wet with no scary moments braking etc. They mounted and sealed easily tubeless. Time will tell how they last and how strong they are but intial felling is very good
Mr ingramFitted to DT Swiss rims. Went on really easily with using thumbs only. Pumped up using a track pump. Feel good out on the road.
Mr JacksonThese are the best Winter Tubeless Tyres on the market I think, Easy to mount & set up, very good traction and lightweight for the type of tyre. They come up as per size, 25mm is 25.5mm wide on a 17mm rim, 28mm is 28.5mm on an 18mm internal rim.
Mr VictorTires are nice and the price was right. Went on easy enough with the use of two levers. I was able to inflate them after adding the sealant with a floor pump. Just have 60 or so miles on them but will be doing a century ride in a tropical storm in a couple days. Will update on performance after.