Continental GatorSkin Rigid Road Tyre - 700c
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Continental GatorSkin Rigid Road Tyre - 700c Continental Gator Skin Tyre - Wire Bead - 700c
Code: 020080010
Continental GatorSkin Road Tyre - Rigid Road Tyre - 700c
  • GatorSkin tyre for road bikes
  • High mileage fast rolling road tyre
  • DuraSkin polyamide mesh layer fabric sidewalls protect against cuts and abrasions
  • Durable and resilient against punctures thanks to a Nylon / Kevlar breaker belt
  • Offers outstanding grip in all weather conditions
  • 700c wheels only
  • Weight 350 grams
  • Available in various sizes


Mr CoxhillAfter a run of flat tyres I went back to my Dad's recommendation of GatorSkins and I have been puncture free since.
GregGreat quality tyre that truly prevent punctures. Great service as always from Merlin
Mr FennI've been riding these for years and Merlin always have the best price. Great road tyres with a good lifespan.
Mr BoddieHave fitted GatorSkins for at least 10 years. For the money I wouldn't buy anything else. Keep your tyres inflated to 80PSI+ any you will have no problem with punctures. Fitting them can be a bit of a challenge as they are very tight. Last GatorSkin lasted 5500 miles on the rear.
Michael KeenGood tyre for winter. Rolls fairly well: Good efficient service from Merlin. Despatched and delivered really quickly
Mr DineenSolid tyre, good compromise between being tough hardwearing and rolling resistance. There are lighter tyres out there, but I'd recommend these if you want to avoid punctures. No issues with fitting.
DavidHad gatorskins before so quite happy with performance/durability. I bought 32mm to put on my touring/commuting bike.
Mr ThomasThese are absolutely superb tyres. The wider 32mm roll so easily and are very grippy. Much more confident in the bends and also happier on longer rides that they will take British roads without a pinch flat. Comfy at 80psi.
DeclanBest puncture proof tyre out there highly recommended
Derek TrotterSpot on tyres -no Peckham Punctures for me -have used before -usual rapid despatch and great service from Merlin
Ben McCartneyGreat tyre, went for strength rather than speed. Best price I have seen for this product online. Highly recommend.
StuartA solid and reliable all round tyre which gives great puncture protection and good performance
Mr Dicksonno issues to date, maybe run for around 300 k since installed and 28c don't appear any difference to 25c
Mr DominguezI was reading about people complaining about putting them on the wheels, it wasn’t the case for me
Mr IsaacSince fitting it so far so good, no punctures. Some people said they had trouble fitting it - mine went on a breeze. Make sure you use 2 tyre leavers about 6 inches apart and it will pop on no bother. Seems well made and let's you ride with confidence - definitely worth the money.
Mr EdwardsVery hard wearing and great value for money.
MarkGreat value tyres. Good grip versus rolling resistance
Luke CarltonBrilliant tyres for the price, comfortable to ride and I have never had a puncture while riding with these tyres. Good buy if your commuting everyday and you need something you can rely on wind, rain or shine.
Mr StockerNo punctures so far, after 50k or so. They are fairly stiff as other reviews state and you'll need tyre levers to mount them, but it's not too difficult. Check for inner tube pinches underneath the tyre rims once mounted, before inflating.
Mr CampbellGreat tyre, been using these with many road bikes for many years - the tire usually needs changing before the inner tube as I am yet to get a puncture’
Mr BellI have been using these tyres for several years now and am very happy with there durability.
Mr BoddieFor the price, I wouldnt buy anything else. Use them all year round.
Mr StockerRigid tyres are indeed fairly tight when fitting, but no problem with tyre levers. Check for inner tube pinches before inflating. No punctures yet !
Mr LynasGood tyres, fit for purpose, arrived earlier than expected. I would recommend
Mr SnowGood hard wearing everyday tyre. Really good balance between grip, puncture resistance and longevity
Mr RaeGood quality tyre but very, very tight fit on my rigida rims. Had to use cycle tyre tool to fit on thr rim after a few attempts .
Mr MartinGreat tyre and great value. I normal use GatorSkin tyres as they are long lasting and puncture resistant. I would recommend them.
Mr BoggI've always had Continental ultra sport tyres but on occasions going through parks or bike tracks I`ve suffered with punctures, so upgraded the back tyre to the gatorskin and been super since 👍
Mr BishopGood so far , no punctures although a little tough to get on
S nobleI've used these tyres for a while now and not had a puncture yet. They are hard-wearing yet give a fast ride.
FredGood option to avoid flat tires !
Mr willacyI have been using Continental Gator Skins for years and always had fantasic performance and wear out of them wouldnt use any other brand
DCHave been using continental gator skin tyres for several years on my commuting bike., for daily commutes through London. They have been very good at resisting punctures - I typically get about 15 months use (10 miles / day) before the puncture resistance declines.. but guess this will depend on riding style/ weight/ road quality.
Mr HutchinsonI needed the 32mm size on my touring bike as the 28mm were prone to pinched flats. These cured the problem and offer a smooth fast ride.
SportsFanTommyVery difficult to get on the rim. Went through 3 tubes before getting one on without issues. Never had any problems prior to these tires. Also on the heavier side but hopefully will last a long time.
ChrisI swear by these tyres. As puncture proof as you can get. Bought from Merlin because they were the best price. Couldn’t fault the service. Highly recommend
Mr LeePrompt delivery thanks
JakeGreat product and great value
PatrickGood puncture resistant tyres
Mr birchExcellent, easy to put on. Bike feels better on the road instantly
bclove these tires - fast and grippy for my commuter routes (roads + paths with broken glass). The tire wear indicator is handy - no punctures so far :)
It's a steelGood quality tyre at affordable price, I use 'em on all my bikes
DaveThe only tyres to buy! So much better than the everyday cheapos
GaryBought as a spare - had what I thought was a drawing pin stuck in my current tyre . It didn't go down immediately so I kept going thinking the kevlar was doing a good job. When it did go down I discovered a 1" clout nail that had pierced the kevlar, both sides of the tube and the rim of my wheel (due to body weight as the tyre deflated). These tyres really are the best. have repaired the tyre and the tube
JonathanFantastic tyres, consistent performance and reliable puncture resistance
Mr ClarkeDelivered quickly as ordered, most reliable tyres I have come across
ChrisAfter having had 3 punctures in as many months I decided to invest in these tyres. Very impressed. They have a great rolling resistance too in wet and dry and are nice n grippy
Dunners RiderCan't go wrong with these tyres. Not sure why you would buy anything else really, at 25mm too, sweet ride.
AnthonySo far so good - no punctures yet and have ridden over plenty of glass and crud at the side of the road.
PeterI was experiencing excessive punctures until I purchased these tyres. The difference is totally amazing .
NE riderGreat tyres, had numerous before and will continue to use. These are very reasonably prices and came very promptly. No complaints
witcombframe4lifeThe durability is amazing on these badboys.
Dr SmithGood tyres for the everyday ride
Mr NugentGreat tyres for commuting
Mr JacobThese tyres are amazing and so cheap. Really durable. Already put several hundred miles on them and they have held up brilliantly.
NickyVThese are awesome for my commuter bike. Heavy, but they roll good for the puncture protection they provide.
Mr KwonSmooth rolling and not much friction and the side walls looks good on my bike. I hope the puncture resistance belt really works well.
EdmundGreat tires. I have used them before. Good grip and puncture resistance
Mr DunbarGood puncture resistant summer tyre
Pescado PeladoGreat value, another awesome tire from Conti.
markWhat is there to say about Conti tyres?, I love these, tough as old boots, fast, wide and look good on my C3, can't go wrong with these
JohnI love these tires and have been using them for 1000s of miles with very few flats.
Mr DimblebyBrill tyres no issues so far (300miles ridden on them)
Mr ScruttonBulletproof. They look great as well.
Mr EdwardsGreat value and perfect for city riding. I've got them on all my bikes.
ChrisGreat tyre for winter use. Very durable and puncture resistance is excellent. Have been using the Gatorskin tyres for many years without any issues. Highly recommend.
Mrs CondonI've only had them for a short time but so far very impressed
NickyVBest tire for urban commuting period.
Mr TurnerExcellent product. Fast service. Tyre is super easy to fit and rides really well
Mr SchwartzAwesome price for tires that have stood the test of time.
BenSuperb price from Merlin and delivered very quickly. Tyres are superb too; being wider than the 23mm I was running before means you can run lower pressures which gives a smooth, reassuring ride. Recommended
JonThe product is well known, and repetitively used - but the supplier is variable; until now! Excellent pricing, impressive shipping speed, a truly positive experience. Thanks!
Mr Nieuwoudt15 years on Gatorskins. Will never change from this product
Mr O'shaughnessyBest set of tyres. I've done thousands of miles using these and still no puncture!
Paso Bike ToursThis is a great tire for my rental fleet. Very durable and trouble free.
Mr LangedijkNice training tyre. The GatorSkin definitely reduces the number of flats in a year
Mr kaneDependable as usual but have ridden with GatorSkin tyres for a few years now
Miss KingAmazing product does exactly what you would expect and prevents those annoying punctures.
Mr O'DriscollBought 28mm tires for winter bike. Great width if you have the wheel clearance for them, as well as offering more grip because of increased width it also adds buckets of comfort to a winter ride.
Mr HuettenExrtremely durable ... especially on my trainer.
Mr. Cesar PinaI have put upgraded the stock tires of my brother's bike. He was riding Kenda tires on his fixie. Installing these tires were easy. Fit well on the rim. I got to say they got a racing look. They look fantastic and roll quick. For the price they are worth it! Highly reccomend these for anyone whos looking to make their bikes look better and feel faster. They stick on the road and got good traction. Looking to buy more tires in the future
Mr VieiraAfter several kilometers of use I can say that this tire is comfortable, with good adhesion and very resistant to holes, as I have not had problems in the poor roads of Brazil.
ChrisAlways a reliable tyre ideal for the winter nit quite the grip of some but long lasting and very few punctures on the old one I had
Mr SwitzerGreat tires for non-flat rides - sidewalls are exceptionally resistant to tears and the PolyXBreaker in the tread resists all but the nastiest glass and nails. My "go to" tire
Mr BellQuality tyre. Does what it says on the description. Always have these on my bike during the winter when the roads are often full of things that can cause a puncture and they have never let me down yet. A must for winter training and cycling.
Mr ZimmermanVery dependable recorded 3500 mi. on last set of gatorskins, pleased with results.
MattGrip grip grip! Being new to cycling, these tyres have been an essential now the weather has turned. They offer high levels of grip and ultimately confidence on less than perfect roads. A great all round tyre.
Mr LeclercFirst ride with my Giant TCR advanced disc. These tires replace oem 700x25c. New 28 size makes a great difference in comfort. Highly recommanded!
JulieLove these tires! They've been able to survive rides along roads with a ton of rock and glass debris, while also providing speed and maintaining air pressure. Easy to install in a hurry and quite puncture resistant.
Mr SpencerExcellent tires that last a really decent amount of time and wear. Highly recommend
Mr ZiniI have shredded the Schwalbe Luganos that came with the new bike at weekend rides in a couple of months, always worrying of punctures and awful wet surface grip. I chose a pair of Gatorskins for remedy and am extremely happy with not just puncture protection, but also cornering performance at any weather condition.
GutierrezPerfect balance between strength and a smooth ride
Ben KavoosiBest training tires for the money. A little performance will be sacrificed when compared to GP4000sII, but will gain double or triple more mileage. Also, had the best deal online and got my set of 25c delivered in less than a week.
Mrs HAJINLIANTried and true Cont Gatorskins, I have a pair of 700x32c with 8000km 700x28c with 4000km 700x25c with 300km And not a single flat. Just get them, you won't be sorry.
Dr von DietzeA solid road tyre which replaces the set I just wore out after several thousand kms. Hope to have many riding hours to enjoy these in all weathers & conditions.
BordieWhat needs to be said about Gatorskins - a little heavy, but bulletproof
Mr NguyenNo puncture yet, feels good and responds good on on tarmac (700x28c tyre).
MichaelI had these tires previously on my road bike and I wanted to get another set. They are very nice tires and I will be riding on them during the ironman I am doing this year in Phoenix, AZ. The tire is very sturdy and will last many miles it will go through here in the desert.
Rob BI've been using these tires for all weather commuting for about 10 years now, and they're great.
Mr BrookesGreat tyres smooth ride and make a great improvment to riding comfort. Pucture resistant. Great service again from Merlin.
GraberReally good tire for the money. Easy to install and very puncture resistant. Highly recommend. Merlin cycles customer service is excellent, can't recommend buying from them enough!!
Mr HansenThese are great tyres which last really well when riding on all road surfaces. I inflate them to 110psi on my Bianchi and they provide a safe, secure ride. I have yet to puncture using them at least once a week for the last 2 years.
VelottanteWhat can I say? They're GatorSkin's & they're tough & durable!
Jason WienerAbsolutely awesome tyres. I use these for both training and race (triathlon, time trial and road racing) efforts as they're pretty bulletproof. The cost of the slightly additional weight for exceeds the potential time loss in a triathlon. They've been a staple in my equipment setup for almost 10 years now. Nothing comes close in my opinion.
MarkHello, this tire is awesome, best grip ever, what a feel!!! I use it on asphalt and dirt, commute heavily! Best of all, I did a lot of research and Merlin is the best price on the internet + free shipping! I am very happy with it!
Jamie.DGreat value tyre, very strong and I've barely had any punctures. Suitable for dry or damp conditions
Mr HibbertExcellent service tyres appear to give a comfortable and more confident ride
Mr RamirezGood tire for the price. I have had a blowout with one of these before, but overall satisfied with durability.
Mr ShawExcellent tyre, low rolling resistance, easy to fit, fantastic puncture protection
Mr FerberBought them again - super slick and sticky.
Rev ChishamMaybe my legs are tired, but these feel heavier than my 23c when I'm pedaling. But they're really well made, and I'm looking forward to fewer punctures. Punctures were becoming a routine experience with my old tires.
Craze-RomeroThese are the best tires, personal favourite and last ages!
Mr PierceVery durable tire. I don't get many flats with these.
Mr DzurickSeem to be very hardy. I was using Specialized Armadillo before and they seem comparable.
Mr BramleyExcellent quality puncture resistant road tyre, ideal for training round rough Chiltern lanes. Great price and usual immaculate service from Merlin.Well packaged, fast delivery
Cameron ScottWhile these are not the lightest tires on the road, you don't sacrifice much in terms of weight vs. puncture benefit. GatorSkin tires have a stiff internal backing that is noticeably more puncture-resistant than most tires. The rubber is durable and seems to wear evenly. I am very pleased!
blandfordExcellent fast service, arrived within 24hrs, quality product at great price. I bought the 32mm gatorskin for our tandem it rolls brilliantly and offers plenty of grip.
Mr KellyI have used contis before but not this size, transformed my bike. I put them on my cross bike to use more on the road and they worked a treat! Easy to fit and very robust for the very poor road surfaces I frequently have to use.
Welsh WeebleI've used these tyres before and they last a long time and give great grip. Merlin's price were the best of all the major online cycle shops.
Mr AdamsI have been riding for many years and have done thousands of miles and these tires are the best tire for any conditions and/or road conditions. The price was the best to be found, I will order more that's for sure.
The dudeGood ol' GatorSkins. A little tough to put on but they sure do last.
Mr WhittakerSo far, these tires are awesome. They shipped really fast
Mr ChambersI always buy these tyres as they prove to be good value in terms of durability and grip quite well.
Mr CoveyGreat all round tires for training or just riding around. They roll very well. Not the lightest but no big deal for general riding. Last a long time.
Mr PomykatoGreat tire for long term service. Never received a flat in hundreds of miles. Still look, grip, and ride great.
SeanHave used GatorSkins for years, they are great tyres for poorer conditions and have only punctured with glass.
Mr BerubeBest quality for the price. Smooth, good traction and silent tire, at this time the best tire I bought in 25 years
Johan DeVlaeminckBought the 28mm to use on my second set of wheels for the commute to work, and they are really good. No wonder the Pros use 28mm tyres in the cobbled classics
U.S CustomerGreat tires. Durable. Certainly lived up to their reputation of being a pain in the butt to install, but I expect to rarely, if ever, need to take them off.
K Mac (OZ)I do some serious commuter miles and long long weekend rides (150km to 250km). These are the only tires I will use for these purposes
Mr MarquesSuperb deal! The product is impeccable, the price unbeatable. This is my go to for bike tires and you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be spending my buck here.
Mr PaolinoBest road bike tyre I have used. No punctures since using gatorskins for 5 years.
Mr MadsenOnly rolled for about two weeks on these, but there's not a single sign of wear and tear. I've even run over some nasty rocks. They seem really durable, and was exactly was I was looking for.
Mr HolbrookBought the Gator skin tyres as road alternative for my Felt FX5 Crossover. A bit fiddly to get on rims, just need to be patient and work round the wheel with both sides at once. Very impressed with tyre, really smooth rolling and good grip.
Mr CreedGreat tyres, suitable for reliable commuting
BasherFantastic winter/all year round tyre. Nice and grippy, much better than the O/E tyres that came on the bike. Have not yet to put many miles in, but after the first 250 I`m happy to say no punctures so far.
Jonny ADoing the trick so far - much better puncture protection than GP4000's. Very happy.
Mr LunnessThese seem great. Only done a 100 miles or so but they seem to roll nicely and stood up to me riding over a big bramble branch that had crept over the cycle path. They don't seem to roll quite as well as the old tyres, but that it's entirely subjective and may very well be my imagination. However they roll considerably better than a flat tyre and if they get me home every time then they're going to be perfect. So far I would absolutely recommend.
Mr OwenThe product is fantastic, grippy yet still a comfortable ride! Feels secure over mixed road conditions. Great tyre. Delivery was next day, great service Merlin!
Mr RaffertyExcellent tyre, long lasting and with good puncture protection but still quite nippy.
Mr patrickExcellent tyre, tight to get on the rims though. Good service from Merlin again.
SteveCGreat winter tyre, as bomb proof as any tyre can be with top quality grip thrown in. Rides nicely for such a tough tyre too.
Mr BrookesOrdered these tyres for the Autumn and Winter months. These are great tyres with good puncture protection for the messy roads at this time of year, ordered and received rapidly thanks Merlin.
Mr RichardsThis is a really good product, I will not use anything else on my bike, I ride 67.4 klms most days of the year so I really need a great tyre, my wife needs something reliable and this tyre is just perfect for her as well, and we will continue to purchase this product.
Mr SpryI have been using continental tyres for a few years and have found them to be a good quality tyre, puncture resistance with modest weight. Would definately recommend these for use on our roads through the autumn and winter months
TerryGreat service and delivery, put tyres on which were a very tight fit. But have ridden on them everyday no punctures at all. If you want tyres for speed look elsewhere, but for general use just the ticket.
Mr WarrillowGreat value Gator skin tyres. This 28mm just fits on a road race frame with its limited clearance, I measured it at 27mm inflated. Successfully replaces my 23mm so I can ride some rough paths. Usual super fast Merlin delivery
Mr FieldingExcellent product and great delivery. 100psi min required, need a few rides out to maximise grip.
Mr AndrewsJust completed a 100 km Sportive with people dropping like flies, puncture after puncture. I survived intact. Very happy I bought some puncture resistance tyres. Good price too.
runtBeen using these for years, durable and dependable, can get 4k miles out of a set on dry weather bike.
MARK PERCIVALGreat tyres so far, been out in foul weather with hedges that have just been clipped, fingers crossed no punctures. Which is more than I can say for the guys on Ultremos!
Mr CareyGreat tire for training and general all around use. The additional weight for the puncture protection is negligible as is the wire bead and the avoidance of flats on the road is worth any weight gain. Comfortable, secure, and durable; perfect!
Mr BurtonFantastic tires easy to fit and grip really well and fast rolling too would buy this product again.
Mr EdwardsSo far so good, no punctures and rides nicely.
scattmanRiding on Czech Roads you need that extra punction protection and tyres offer that. I've ridden 1000s of km without a puncture on the 23mm version and now a couple of hundred miles on the 25s, still no puncture. I road with a friend on Schwable Ultremo ZXs and he punctured within 10km. In addition I've been suprised at the noticeable improvement in ride comfort going from the 23s to the 25s.
Mr IrelandGreat tyre at a great price. Good grip and rolls really well.
Mr CharnellGood long lived tyres. better than average grip.
Mr BrownGood tyres, easier to fit than marathons but the last conti tyre I had (super sport) failed in the sidewall so will keep an eye on this one.
Mr MatthewsSilent and fast rolling, easy install - and nice and tuff! Ideal for the streets of Edinburgh :)
Mr WesselI have been using this product for many years and have found them to be very reliable. Great price and delivery. Thanks Bill
TFThe streets of Manchester and Salford are not the most tyre friendly ! Had these a few weeks now and so far no punctures. Were easy to fit and roll very nicely. Grip seems fine.
Mr hattonI have found Gator Skins hard wearing & durable needed to try 700 x 25 as we have not finished with the ice.
Mr CoppinsGreat tyres - good grip on all surfaces and bullet proof
Mr cosseyGreat tyre for all year training, its fast rolling with plenty of grip in wet conditions and excellent puncture protection
Mr ChambersI purchased these tyre because I was fed up with punctures running Schwalbe Lugano's on my daily commute. It is a bit of a brutal route for tyres, lots of hedges and flints. These tyres are much more resilient and definitely worth every penny. Lower cost tyres are simply a false economy as you'll end up paying just as much money, if not more, in puncture repair kits and inners tubes. I'm not sure why but the ride feels much more reassuring and feel more confident about taking bends at speed.
Mr SmithExcellent set of tyres sent by an excellent supplier.
Mr BerryExcellent tyres with good protection, but more importantly good grip and low rolling resistance and at the best price around!!!
Mr BurkeHave used these tyres before and found them to be excellent winter tyres, rolling well and very few punctures. So far so good with these new replacements after a couple of rides in grotty conditions on poor roads
TonyGood tire and good pricing.
Mr van AswegenRecieved these within 24 hours, so far very happy. Heard great things about Continental Gator Skin, hopefully no more flats on dirty gritty roads this winter. Merlin price could not be beaten on this product
Mr RobertsGreat tyre. Great price. Essential tyre for winter training!
Mr streetGreat tyres good value
quickerbybikeExcellent training and commuting tyre. I'm careful to remove shards and flints every day but I have never punctured on these tyres. They have worn well and the replacement pair has been on the shelf longer than I expected. Grip is fine in the wet and dry. Wide 28mm profile makes for comfortable ride and pothole impacts I've had and winced at have not resulted in the pinch flats I expected.
Mr HudsonGreat winter tyre, highly recommended for anyone using quieter country lanes through the winter. No punctures as yet after approximately 300 miles this winter. Usual high service from Merlin, and lowest price around.
Mr WILLIAMSExcellent winter tyres.
Dr HansonPurchased these tyres for my road bike for the winter months as a sturdier option than the usual summer slicks. Have now been out a few times on them, and have had no problems at all with wet roads, leaves, or gravel in the lanes. Don't notice much difference in the running of the tyres compared to the slicks and very impressed by the grip and resilience. Overall very impressed and would recommend them to anyone wanting a sturdy tyre with good grip but not too cumbersome. Did have trouble getting them on the wheels but think that was just a lack of practice.
Stiffupperlip of HorshamI've ridden Gators for a year now (2500 miles) and am just going onto a new one (on the front, the old front on the back). Good grip for a high-pressure tyre, but of course not puncture-proof - I've had 8-9 flats, all flint or thorns. A bit fiddlier to fit than some makes, particularly in the cold & wet thus only 4 stars.
Mr hattonThe best tyre on the market for winter riding durable with excellent wear.
henriFelt I need a change from my hard robust Vittoria`s Rubino. So went for theses gator skin tyres alot more "grip" love the price (under 40 pounds) and went for standard delivery to, still arrived next day. Thanks merlin
Mr SwitzerThese are the only tires I use on my road bike! Have ridden them for years (3 bikes and about 25,000 km) and can testify that broken glass (the bottom of a bottle) is the only sidewall cut I have had that flatted the tire - once only. Also, I have had staples that have penetrated the rubber tread and have been deflected by the Kevlar puncture layer and were therefore prevented from puncturing the tube. I find the staples in the tread when I clean the bike post-ride. Once I left a staple in the tire to see if there was a slow leak as a result. Checked the tire pressure the next day - no loss of pressure. Removed the staple and continued using the tire and tube. Can't ask for much more than that! Good long lasting tires. I get about 4,500 km on the rear and 10,000 km on the front. I change the rear when the centre of the tread is flat (ie squared; no longer rounded profile - there's not a lot of rubber left between the road and the tube) and I change the front when the rubber starts to "check" from drying out. No need to buy any other tire! Thanks Continental!
baldythomassuperb service from merlin cycles throughout ordering and delivery process and top prices - have already spread the word - thank you merlin cycles
Mr fulleri have had these tyres before and they have been very hard wearing and as of yet puncture proof. i would highly recommend them
Mr SzablewskiUsed a set of Gator Skins for nearly 2000 miles without a puncture, until my bike was nicked. Durable and reasonably light and me being a body weight of 100 kilos, I think it speaks volumes of the tyre's construction.
Dr RyeBought this tyre to replace the same that I damaged in a freak accident, and would buy again. Rolls smooth and not a flat tyre yet on my daily commute. Good value tyre.
Mr SandifordGreat tyre, exactly as advertised
Mr HuddGreat tyre. Very durable. Good grip on road. Great training/commuting tyre.
Mr Perryawesome
Mr StanleyA quality tyre, but harder to fit than expected. Good service from Merlin.
Mr RoperGood tyre , goes on rim easier than 26 inch.
Mr Kent