Continental GatorHardshell Folding Road Tyre - 700c
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Continental GatorHardshell Folding Road Tyre - 700cContinental GatorHardshell Folding Road Tyre
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Continental GatorHardshell Folding Road Tyre
After extensive market research, feedback from commuters all over the world showed us that a new type of tyre was in demand. Continental's Gatorskin race bike tyre had filled a gap for hardcore commuters but they wanted more; MORE casing; MORE breaker; MORE protection...
Taking the Gatorskin as the base, Conti have added a third Polyamide layer in the sidewall to make a unique 3-ply casing for the Gator Hardshell. They have also added a wider Poly-X anti puncture breaker belt under the tread which extends down into the shoulder area for wider coverage. Add this to the Duraskin anti-tear mesh on the outside of the casing and you are presented with a tougher commuter which is also fast
  • The only tyre you need for your winter / training bike
  • The most popular road tyre in the UK
  • Duraskin® cut-resistant layer from bead to bead
  • Quality German made natural rubber tread
  • Praised by both the press and thousands of satisfied users
  • 23c weight: 220g
  • 25c weight: 250g
Hagrid ColliderI used these tyres for decades commuting in London and they proved to be reliably puncture-resistant. I only ever used the on my commuter bikes, preferring something lighter for the weekend. But now I live in rural Norfolk and tyres have to cope with the dual challenge of flints and hedgerow trimmings (big thorns). So these tyres will be used on my wet weather winter bike to cut down on winter punctures.
MarkUsing on the commuter bike for steady, reliable performance. So far no issues at all, even with lightweight tubes.
Mr MartinBought these To partially eliminate the puncture dilemma. So far so good 300 miles in and no punctures.
Mr Pulido - Juan CarlosLong lasting tyre. Great quality
Mr DifeliceMy favourite tyre in recent years based purely on puncture resistance , durability and price of course. Quite a harsh ride on today's roads but at modest speeds that's not too much of a problem.
Mr JohnsonNice tyres & nice price too, reccomended.
Mr smithAlways purchase these tyres for training and sportives. They just do the job perfectly all the time. Great price form Merlin as well!
Mr NimoBrilliant road tyre, fast and stable. I'm 115kgs so to feel the support is great. Punctured galore with both my Durano Plus, hopeless rubber just gets cut up. These GatorHardshells are excellent for commuter travel from home to city where glass and road debris can stop you flat. Cheers!
Andy DicksonIt was time to replace my worn GatorHardshells so I decided to replace like with like as I found the previous pair to be pretty hard wearing and fairly puncture proof. Ordering online with Merlin was easy with free tracked delivery.
Mr GrantI needed a tyre that was as puncture resistant as possible for the winter bike. It was a tubeless tyre previously but I was getting too many punctures. Popped this tyre on and have just completed a 200k Audax ride in what I can only describe as brutal conditions. Whether it was luck or the tyre that I never got a puncture it's hard to say but I'm more than pleased with it so far. I don't notice any difference in speed either.
Pedro A.Great tires. Durable and very hard to get a flat tire with them. Really like it.
PEACE YEHexcellent CP value, especially for wet & raining day, very steady for long down hill riding
Mr Inuigood
Mr MozingoDurable and great for training!
Mr MatuteI use these for my long rides and training. Love them.
Mr MoynihanRecommended across multiple sites especially for long wearing tough trouble free use. I purchased these for peace of mind on our tandem.
Mr celikatesif you are riding on cold, damaged and dirty asphalt, this is one of the good choice against puncture. well packed.thank you
Mr GilchristSeem like good hard wearing tyres. Not used much so far, so can't comment on longevity. Plenty of grip for me, riding mostly country roads littered with gravel, hedge clippings and other such debris. Confidence inspiring for puncture resistance.
davidBought these in hope that I dont get a puncture when I'm out riding. Seem ok so far, but I don't have much experience as this is my first road bike.
RichardThe gator hard shell is a great tyre
Mr XianThis is a monster tire and I have been using it for my tourings. No punctures at all.
SeanThese were recommended to me. Seem to do a good job when riding where there is a lot of glass chip.
Mr BramleyExcellent, tough road tyres, ideal for winter training and poor roads/lanes round Chilterns. Folding versions were well-packed, fitted onto rims by hand, and roll well. Good deal from Merlin, very happy with my choice.
Mr TMDefinite upgrade from regular gators. Fast shipping to California
Mr WitteborgAwesome for commuting through the city!!
Mr CallaghanThis is my second set of tires. I have over 5000 miles on the first set and I've only had one flat. Great tires!!!!
Mr WhyteGreat tyre. Very tough. Worth every penny
Mr PrestoFirst impression tells me this will last a long time
RodriguezThese are the greatest tyres for the road. Totally changes your confidence level while riding. Incredible puncture protection and still fast!!!
BriandSince the last 8 years I use only this tyre on my bike. The best against puncture!
Mr PGood winter tyres. Nothing is puncture proof but hese generally give good protection without weighing a ton
Mr HedlundThese are not installed yet; but I already have the 23 mm version on my high end road bike. The Hardshell ride is great. I did not notice any ride difference from the Gatorskin's I now have on my other road bike. I am going to put these 25's on my training wheelset for additional protection and comfort, especially for the terrible condition roads I somewhat frequently ride where my son lives. I have had no problems with Continental tires over the last 10 years. I now use them exclusively on both my road bikes. I need the "Gator" protection due to road conditions and presence of thorns. Extra protection has been paying off.
RMMIf one needs road tyres with some extra road debris protection, GatorHardshell is the tyre to get. For regular road conditions, 4000SII is awesome.
Mr WalkerI haven't had time to put them through the ringer only 60 miles, so I will comment on performance. I've been riding the ironically named S-Works Turbo that I got on sale, if they were that great they wouldn't be on sale, you can feel them sucking the watts from your legs if you don't have them inflated to bouncy. Now that that's off my chest. The GatorHardshell is a faster tire then the S-Works, Vittoria whatever. The ride is not quite as plush as the S-Works but it is faster. I like my tires on the higher pressure side. I used to run the GP 4000 SII, the GatorHardshell is a little slower, but not much, and if the puncture protection is as good as the other reviews say, I'm willing to take the little hit for every day reliability. So if you commute, (most bosses don't understand a bike flat), or take off for a ride when there's a slim chance of daylight when you return, this is your tire. GatorHardshell's won't kill your speed, and if you find yourself returning home on an unlit winding road, racing monsters in the twisted paths of the primitive tracks of your mind, it's nice to not worry so much about that pitch black country road flat.
Mr WhiteGreat tire. I purchased this because my friend has over 2000 miles on this tire and rarely flats.
Mr TuvillaThis is my 3rd pair of Conti Gators now... I have always gone back because of their unsurpassed flat protection and durability. I have tried other kinds of tires but none have yet surpassed the Continental GatorHardshell!
Mr HumphrisFantastic training tyres - strong and durable
Mr schilpThis is the second set of these I purchased and had good luck with he first pair. They lasted about 800 miles which is good for the way I ride.
HunterGreat tires. Excellent puncture resistance. Be careful on wet roads with these though.
Mr CarlsonI am Masters Bike Racer on the roads, have raced roads for more than 33 years, bike racing and triathlon, riding 10 to 15K miles annually. This tire has been the best puncture resistant top performing tire I have used. After 6 months I am just waiting for the wear hole notches to close over or see threads coming through the tread. I do road race with these on rough road courses. I use the GP 4000S for closed crit courses due to grip and weight. The Gatorhardshell tires are on all three of my road racers and am very hesitant to change. Nope, won't change. They are too good. Happy Riding without flats.
BriandI use those tires since 10 years and still satisfy with them. I replace every 6,000 Km. Never had a bad surprise...
Mr LoughryOver twenty years of riding I've only run Continentals ... this is the best one yet. I average about 6K miles a set.
Mr WellsNot the first time I have bought this tyre, nor the last! The one it replaces wore to the casing before replacing without puncturing on the terrible london roads. Great dependable product