Continental Grand Prix 4 Season Folding Road Tyre - 700c
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Continental Grand Prix 4 Season Folding Road Tyre - 700c
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Continental Grand Prix 4 Season Folding Road Tyre
  • Styled on the GP4000, but with extra protection layers for harsh weather conditions
  • Race tyre performance with the bonus of extra grip and protection
  • Duraskin® cut-resistant layer from bead to bead plus 2 extra Vectran breakers
  • Black "Max Grip Silica" compound optimised for wet weather adhesion, low temperatures and extended tread life.
  • Vectran anti-puncture technology, tougher than aramid
  • Weight: approx 220g (each)
  • Colour: Black
Paul Tredwell Great product, speedily delivered
Sylvain First time purchasing from Merlin cylces and very impressed with dispatch and service. As for the tyres they always been my first choices, great for all year long.
Mr Coles Great tyre have used before very satisfied
Mr Stonely great service
Mr Smith Tried & trusted - good all round tyre
Mr Goodenough Great tire for around town and in all weathers
Steve Great tyres easy to get on very grippy, fast delivery
david Had to wait until tyre was in stock, received an email to let me know, delivery was quick. Always use Conti tyres, rarely get punctures and they last for years.
Alain toujours de très bon pneu
Mr Nedivi Best Cycling tires in term of durability
Mr Amaral A truly bomb proof set of tyres, durable and reliable.
Mark I was introduced to Continental bike tyres 28 years ago and although I try other brands from time to time I always come back. I live in an area where there is a large amount of flint in the soil and the only tyres that can cope are Contis. I’ve used Grand Prix, GP3000’s, GP4000’s, Gatorskins and Four Seasons. They are all great but the Four Seasons are probably best for year round general riding.
John Super sticky Winter training tyres..
Patrick Great winter tyres, easy to mount
Mr Blackwood I bought these for winter riding. And I think they're really good. I got 28mm and they cope with road debris and pot holes well.
Mr Watkin Very pleased with the tyre. Easy to fit with levers and feels good on the road
Michael Eden These tyres live up to their reputation. They roll well and provide assured contact with the wet, slippy roads of rural Cumbria.
Nicholas Eldred My go-to tyres for the autumn/winter months. Consistently reliable.
Paul No better winter tyre! Was a little stubborn getting on, but they look solid.
Ash Bought these to replace the OEM Conti CycloCrossKing on my winter bike. So far great tyre and much better for winter road riding. Lighter, lower rolling resistance,
Peter The best winter tyre at a great price.
Mr donnelly These are your “go to” winter road tyres. They are very well built and extremely durable . As you’d expect at this time of year, I rode through some farmer’s hedge trimming debri , the first day after fitting the tyre, the result, a few spikes but no puncture! For peace of mind, spend the extra few quid and invest in the best!
Mr Wales Bought these for my partner's bike for the winter. Have them on my own winter bike and in my view they are the best out there. Easy to fit, robust/puncture resistant, great grip and wear well.
Mrs Cockerton Bought these to tyre to reduce the number of punctures during winter. Seem to work so far.
Mr Thomas Amazing value, great tyres. No punctures so far.....
Farrell Tyres dispatched and arrived very quickly . I've used the GP5000 version on my summer bike and found them great and wanted something more suited to winter riding. Have only done about 100K in the wet with a lot of leaves on the road but so far all good. Tyres have held the road on tight corners.
Mr Henry Great tyre, feels comfortable in all conditions, extra grip when needed, but rolls well. I have started to use all year round. I was switching to Gatetorskin in the warmer weather but, these offer just as much protection against punctures
Mr Harris My go to reliable tyre for winter riding, which is also good value for money
Mr Haggis Excellent service. Tyres have been better than I expected and delivery was better than promised when ordering. Well done.
Mr rogers Needed to replace my Michelin tyres and decided on these in a 28mm. Best price available and next day delivery. Tyre is brilliant as usual with Continentals but were a little difficult to get on my DT Swiss rim. Look good and really comfortable so a happy customer.
peter These are great winter tyres with good grip in the wet.
Mr Widegger Very happy with this order. I was getting almost weekly punctures from glass on my previous tires. Does the job, feels good.
Mr Randon The best winter tyres IMO fitted to my new gravel bike.
Steve Good performance vs puncture protection compromise for poor weather cycling
Mr Lupton Expensive but really good tyres. The bike has been transformed. Lower rolling resistance and nice compliant ride over the bumpy Cambridgeshire country roads.
Mr Townsend Brilliant for wet and winter weather. Can be used anytime to be fair. I hardly get any punctures with these on.
Mo Have been using there tyres for many years now.they are excellent. Good grip , puncture resistant and last very long.They are relatively easy to get off the rim and put back on. They only downside is the price.
Mr Fenn Really pleased with these. I’ve been using Gatorskins for a few years now but theses are much nicer to ride on and better grip. My first ride with them was wet and muddy on the back roads where I live and the tyres were excellent.
AD Great tyres giving good grip on muddy, wet roads and some side wall protection. Bit slower than GP4000 and 5000, but useful to fit in Winter, especially on the front wheel.
Mr Owen Been through several sets of these over the years and have found them to be durable and grippy throughout the roughest of road conditions. Can't see any reason to change and would strongly recommend them for all-year riding
Sean Massive improvement from previous stock tyres - didn't think possible with 25mm of rubber - recommend.
o7z0m2 It was difficult to find a 32c version of this tyre anywhere. The fact it was delivered fast at a good price and is as described are all bonuses. It's a good tyre for what I need because it is grippy and will withstand London's streets well because I can run it at a slightly lower pressure than the 28. And the 28 is good. I'll be back for other stuff.
Carole 1st. class service from Merlin, and I know how good these tyres are, as I have used before for many 1000's of miles
Mr Brook Fantastic tyres, usual Continental quality and more grip for winter.
AJ Great tyres being using for years.. Usual speedy merlin service and easy to fit
Mr Burge Great grip, no punctures and rolls well
Matthew Great tyre. I’ve done a really rough 200 miles on them and they still look brand new. Haven’t measured width but they come up quite narrow on the rims, certainly no wider than the stated 25mm. As for Merlin Cycles, they delivered promptly and had the best price.
Mr graham My "go to" winter tyre. Copes with everything winter (and summer ) can throw at it. Long lasting , hard-wearing and highly puncture resistant. Worth the extra cost over cheaper alternatives.
Mr Arthur Excellent tyres - perfect for the wet weather.
Mr Aldrich Very happy with these tyres, so much easier to get on and off than my previous tyres, barely have to use a lever. Only just got these so hard to comment on how tough they are although I will say I tend to cycle on country lanes and I have been riding through all sorts of detritus without any issues so far.
V All season, all weather, and good puncture resistance. A bit on the pricier side though.
Mr Wild Very Comfortable ride,, better than Bontrager slick tyres
Mr Stephens My go to all-rounder tyre...much gripper than the gatorskins and nearly as puncture resistant
Mr Day Perfect all-year tyre. Can't recall puncturing on these.
Kristian Great tyre so far! Fast rolling and looks good against punctures.
ian Had these in a 28mm and the bike seemed slow, put the 25 on and makes a big difference in speed and feel. Very robust tyre, but would swap out for 5000 gp for summer time as they are a lot slicker than these. But great autumn winter and early spring tyre
Lee Probably the best winter tyre for UK use. Light enough not to feel like riding through treacle but with increased puncture protect - the perfect balance
M Parsons Great tyres, amazing how much noticeable difference there is from the 25mm tyres! Makes the occasional gravel stretch less treacherous
Jose Love this Continental, I used it on my four bike, climbing bike, Single Speed, fast bike and my fast bike.
david Go to tyre for inclement weather or poor roads, I bought 28mm, good protection grip and weight. Great service from Merlin.
Gordon A nice lightweight easy rolling tyre. Very pleased with it.
Mr Willett I use these tyres for commuting to work, not had any issues with punctures so far! Grip seems great even in the wet, and the go onto the rim really well. Not the cheapest tyre around, but a genuinely good tyre
Mr Storer I swear by these tyres on my winter bike. Very durable. They aren't cheap but they are excellent.
John I already have the 23mm version and have over 2000km on them without any punctures. Thought I'd try the 25mm version and have not been disappointed. The main improvement for me is comfort and lower tyre pressure. Never doubted there durability. Highly recommend them.
Craig What's not to love about GP4S's easy to fit, light and never had a 'P' (that's cursed it)
Mr Wheatley Great road tyres, especially for winter riding. Good puncture resistance and roll well. Good price and service from Merlin.
Mrs Childs Great tyres only ridden in dry conditions so far but very pleased with them.
Konstantinos Excellent tyres for commuting. Great grip and can be run at lower pressure given their puncture resistance
Duncan I've used these for a few seasons now, I'm really careless with them and they accept my treatment without complaint. I'll definitely continue to buy them.
bicyclerepairman I use the 2nd set now. The previous ones lasted two years on my daily commuter and training bike, had 3 punctures altogether (1x snakebite, 1x ~5mm cut, months later 1x slow puncture at the cut) on the rear wheel, no issues on the front.
Barri So far so good and hope it performs in changing weather conditions
Ms Lemaistre Continental tyres are reliable and give a feeling of safety on the road
Mr Dori Great product. Very durable, resilient and light enough to be used for training and competitions.
Mr DaCosta Great tire as I have a pair on my second bike also
seona elise after a long long deliberation i went for these when i found great price option and availability at Merlins. I've only had a short time but so far so good. Straight forward fitting, nice roll and felt safe on wet cobbles.
Mr Dori Very robust tyres, last long time, lightweight and the perfect for training and also competitions
Mr Tempest Used these tyres for some time now find them very good easy to fit again excellent service from Merlin
Neil, no more tubs I Use these tyres with HUNT 4 Season Aero Wheelset and the Shimano RS500 Ultegra Clincher Road Wheelset ( from Merlin ) both with tubes, very good grip all weathers, I can get them on these rims without tyre levers. I'm 70 kg and put 95 psi in these, probadly don't need that.
Mr Birlouez Coming from Exposure 30c tubeless this tyre is not as comfortable (smooth) on the road but does the job - so far - regarding puncture resistant. A bit difficult to fit on the wheel ,but using the Continental lever I ended up being able to fit the tyre properly.
Tom Great tyre. No punctures so far! Used for London city/suburbs.
Mr Kupfer Tyres you can rely on anytime of the year. Especially commuting.
Mr Longlands Can't fault the prompt service from Merlin cycles. Tyres great in the dry, nice and grippy. No wet rides yet so I can't comment on that aspect. Would recommend to everyone.
Mr Flanagan I bought these tyres to replace the ones on my bike, both sets are 700 x 25 however the Continental Grand Prix 4 Season Folding tyres seem to give a much improved ride, soaking up the bumps noticeably better than the tyres they replaced. I haven't ridden these tyres in the wet yet but feel they will be as good as their name suggests.
Mr Crookes Excellent tyre with fantastic wet weather grip. These tyres offer great puncture resistance. If you want a n all round go anywhere tyre these are for you.
Wheelz Excellent reliable tough quality tyre. Durable all seasons - will go hundreds of miles across the tough roads and potholes almost guaranteeing no punctures. Side walls are strong. Folding - easy to place on rim. Relatively lightweight. Buy one and see for yourself.
CharlesCharlie Merlin put together my order with speed and in beautiful packaging. Ordered Tues, posted that eve and arrived in time to save my weekend. Having tried Schwalbe, Specialized etc these are hands down the best all season grippy tyres for the disgrace that is UK road surfaces
Mr Gundry Excellent quality. Last for ages and experience suggests excellent puncture resistance. Always go for these
Mr Hounslow Replaced my Continental GP4000 with these. First ride with them did 100kms. 20kms of the ride was in the rain. Great tires would recommend them to everyone.
Mr Bunclark This is more a review of the feel and fitting of these tyres as I've only ridden a few 'satisfactory' miles on them. Always been pleased with other Conti tyres, and the 4 seasons also have that well made look and feel about them. No problems fitting either, so looking forward to some happy miles together.
Mr Casey Have used these for a couple of years now. They last well and have good grip in the wet. Handy living in the uk and cycling throughout the year ! Merlin were the cheapest at time of purchase and delivery was very prompt. Definitely recommend.
Mr Brammer Quick service from Merlin and very reliable product, run these tires for a few years now as they seem to offer the best compromise on punctures/performance/price
Ms NG Love these tyres for durability and reliability. Great price and service from Merlin.
Martin Great all round tyre. Fantastic price and service from Merlin Cycles.
Mr Hamilton My go to tyres for the road bike. Mainly riding on gravel paths, canal paths, these tyres give a slightly better grip than pure slicks. Can ride in confidence that these can take punishment over slight rough surface without puncturing.
Mr Melling This is my second of these tyres and I would recommend them. I bought my first one 3 months ago and my second 3 weeks ago because the first one was so good. I have ridden on Schwalbe Marathons Plus for several years because of their anti- puncture properties. Although very reliable and puncture -proof, I found them slow and sluggish, especially on hills. These 4 Seasons are more responsive and have less rolling resistance but still have the puncture protection I need. I haven’t tried them in the wet so far but the ride is very smooth on good, dry surfaces. I ride a touring bike with a 25mm front tyre and 28mm rear for greater comfort. The tyres also very good on the bike.
Mr Baniewicz I really like the durability and predictability of these tires. I would rather suffer a slight weight penalty for not having to think about wear, durability, or debris. I do not buy different tires even if they're a deal, because I know what I'm getting when I buy Continent Grand Prix's.
Mr A J Bought on recommendation of a friend. Merlin's price was best around & service was excellent. No fuss at all. Tyres were easy to fit and so far (about 60 miles) so good. 🤞
Mr OLCAY Used it before. Decent tyres.
Mr Herbison Bought these on friend’s recommendation. Came in few days and are excellent general purpose tyres. Mainly used for leisure rides on my own at the minute under lockdown So far so good.
Donald Great all round tyre ... fast but durable & with good grip in all weather conditions. Traveled over 3500 km on last pair without any problems.
Mrs CORRIGAN Great in all kinds of weather. Very durable, sturdy tyre. High quality product.
Ms lewis If you don't need speed , hard wearing 4 seasons are the long lasting tough choice
Mr A Purchased as a like for like replacement. Still provides good grip for miserable UK winter conditions. Very prompt delivery.
Mr Hamilton A trusted and reliable tyre. Very good road holding ability in all reasonable weather conditions.
Mr Wright Very good winter tyre. Rolls well with good puncture resistance.
Mr rodriguez Sin duda las mejores corazas del mercado , tienen una mayor duracion de vida, se rueda con mucha seguridad en dias de lluvia gracias a su labrado y su tecnologia de antipinchazo hace que me sienta muy seguro en mis salidas
William I have ridden on these road tyres for several years and found them to be a good compromise particularly when riding in wet or slippery conditions. The price Merlin charges for these tyres is very competitive.
Mr Nedivi I am riding with GrandPrix 4 seasons for the last 10 years. Amazing tires. holds at least 10,000km if not more. Very recommended
Mr Bowman Go-to tyre for winter in Cumbria. merlin price always competitive.
Mr Logeswaran Have used these tyres for all year riding in preference of the gatorskins and its great to manage roll over the dire roads of London
SamC Great product, prompt delivery, good price - Tyres for year-round training rides. Generally swapped @10k km, avoid kerbs and potholes, periodically dig out embedded objects -> with this treatment these tyres are pretty bomb-proof and seldom puncture (<1 per 10k km).
Mr Whittle Excellent service and delivery and a fantastic tyre even in wet and on unkept roads.
Mr Ong My second pair of 4 season from Merlin for standby, first pair still going strong after many weeks of 500-800km. Glide through those tight corners on roads with confidence, highly recommended for high mileage touring.
denis Best winter training tyres.
Mr Rowe Great reliable tyre, used this for a number of years, worth every penny!
Mr Pelles Good road grip. Quiet, comfortable
Mr Hibbert Seem to be a good ride giving more confidence on slippery wet surfaces
Mrs Rendell Replaced a road damaged tyre - same model. It is a quality product offered at a competitive price by Merlin .
stewart Reliable winter tyre. Rolls nicely and so far so good on the puncture front. Had them on my wife's bike for 12months without a hitch
Mr Cantrell Good quality hard wearing tyres with a good pucture proof layer.
Frank Pleasantly surprised and impressed. Out of the box these feel like quality. Coming from Schwalbe One's that recently let me down with a severe puncture I decided to switch to a more robust and all season tyre. Bike feels more planted and stable at higher speed, also more comfortable over bumps. I probably sense slightly more drag on the road compared to the former but that's ok, just means i get a harder workout :-)
Andrew I’ve used these tyres for ages, year-round. I commute only and they’re perfect for that. I do about 100 miles a week and generally use 2 sets a year, sometimes 3. They rarely puncture. Decent tyres, though they do split readily if you over-inflate, which I guess most tyres would.
Mr Pierre Recommend for winter rides. Hard wearing and sticky. Delivery was trouble free.
Mark Bought these tyres to replace original Bontrager tyres and so far have performed well in wet and dry conditions.
Geoff Great performing tyre, worth the money
KJ Conti grand prix 4 season tyres are my first choice for both grip and puncture resistance. Excellent service from Merlin as usual for both price and delivery.
Mr.Kanal The most effective tyre for harsh conditions plus performance
Neil Only used on for One 30 mile ride so far, feels a softer grippyer ride compaired to Gatorskin, which can be a bit twitchy in wet.
Mr Rockwood I used these tires last winter without any flats. They also roll fast so I can keep up with my riding buddies. They are perfect for October - April.
Philip Love these tyres. Hard wearing, good puncture resistance and easy to fit. Would recommend.
KL Seh As what I expected!
Alon excellent tire
Mr Cassidy Great grip in the wet and roll well. Have been puncture 4 times in 1000km. Prob not worth the money if I'm honest.
Zafrir Quality and durable tires over time
Mr Conrad Whitson Have bought several pairs of these from Merlin, now my go to tyre for the roads here in NE Thailand, great puncture protection and good longevity. Won't use anything else for training here.
Mr Ami I had previously purchased a set of these for another bike to try them out. I am so impressed with them I bought another pair for one of my wife's bikes. They give the bike a very smooth ride and like the name implies perform well in all weather conditions. Not Continental's lightest tire but they will give an average bike an above average ride.
Neil Very pleased with these tyres although too early to provide information on puncture resistance or performance on winter roads. However very easy to fit the tyres and look forward to some great journeys with them.
Mr G Giles I bought these tyres because I was concerned my continental 4000s where slipping on my commute to work in wet conditions. Since I put these on I can feel the stability and grip on the road and was taking corners faster and more confidently than I ever had on the slicks. I broke 5 PBS on Strava on their first use. Feel as fast or faster than the gt4000s. Loving these tyres so far. Great service from Merlin cycles with plenty of tracking so I knew when they were coming . Only took a week to Australia. I’ll be back for more kit.
Mr Broscious Great compromise between perforfmance and durability
Laurie Always a favorite for my wife's bike. Puncture resistance and handling 2nd to none
Mr Broscious Much easier to install on tight rims than Gatorskin wired
Michael I am very satisfied with the durability of the Continental Grand Prix 4 Season tires.. I have almost 4000 km on my present set, mostly on pavement but some gravel as well, and they show only minor wear. No cracking and only a little pitting. And no flats! Excellent tires and highly recommended. I purchased a second set to make sure I had this model on hand when the time comes to change my current tires.
Jonathan Good combination of puncture resistance and grip in the wet
kovacsfree The perfect commuter tires for me. Very fast and grippy tyres. Brown sidewall looks cool.
Mr Conrad Whitson My third set of these Conti 4 Seasons Tyres says it all really. Very good tyres, got around 14,000 KM out of my last pair with only one puncture after around three days, but to be honest the nail that I run over would have went through any type of tyre. These are my go to tyres great for the roads of NE Thailand. Great price and delivery as usual from Merlin.
Peter Thompson My new bike was supplied with tread less tyres and with the wet weather of late they were very slippery I had heard good things about these tyres and at the price merlin were selling them they were a bargain. They certainly give more grip in the wet and will hopefully keep up on two wheels.
Gary These are great tyres and very puncture resistant. My last set gave me 4000 kilometres
Felipe Great tyre for humid condition, keep traction at acceptable levels for my type of riding.
JP Continental Grand Prix 4 season tyres. 25 mm. These tyres are highly rated great grip and puncture resistant. I have used these tyres in Spain in the mountains and the grip and rolling resistant was excellent and Im a big rider. Excellent value for tyres and the cheapest online at Merlin cycles.
Mr James Excellent all year round tyres, I've been using these for years now and only had a couple of punctures both pinch flats one caused by a pothole the other a lump of stone.
Mr Cleary I've used conti 4 seasons since 2012 and found them to be bulletproof.
Mr OKELY This is a first class tyre for all-day riding. The smoothness of the of travel compared with a 23mm tyre is really remarkable. Copes well with the occasional stone on the road. No puncture so far! Highly recommeded
Mr Thurston Excellent tyres. Puncture resistant and good rolling resistance.
Mr Rosenzweig Tyre offers good grip in the wet.
Laura These are my go-to tyres for long now. I run 28 on my road bike. I ride about 8000 Kms a year and they usually last me the whole season
Clive Ansell Fantastic tyres; only ever fit these now. Lightweight, grip the road well, hard wearing (Ones replaced covered about 8000 miles) and very resistant to punctures (none in 2018)
Dave I love continental tyres their quality is evident from opening the box. The only problem is the price so to save a few quid and not get the box is a no brainer. Save money and help environment a tiny bit. The tyres themselves a nice free running and bombproof, as you'd expect, easy to fit and will give me a season but that is realative to how much you ride.
Mr Filipek Just replaced these with another set. After 5000Klm and some very rough roads, these tyres have held up very well. Highly recommended tyre.
Ms Lewis Great all weather tyre. Feel a lot more solid on the road.
Gfunk Almost bomb proof. It takes huge rocks to puncture these things
James Very durable tyres. Bought to replace same tyre that had worn to the canvas is places, without puncture. Good price and swift delivery from
charlie Top notch tyres at a fraction of the price elsewhere Folding makes them easy to fit (my other bike has marathon plus) Would recommend these tyres for any road bike and road conditions
Mr Simpson Second pair - last ones did 8,000 miles and I've done 1,500 on these. These tyres are magnificent - stick to the road in the wet - and not one puncture in 9,500 miles of East-Anglian pot-holes. Look good too.
andrew I`ve only done 200 miles on these so it might be too early to comment but I`ve had no punctures and the grip is really impressive. I had some bontragers on before these and I thought they were ok but the difference is night and day the continentals made my trek feel so smooth and confidence inspiring, they were worth every penny. I will buy these again.
Martin Always happy when I`m riding on continental. Glad to be back after thinking I could save money on other cheaper brands. These tyres are a work of art and have a nice feel through corners.
Richard I've been using these tyres for a few years. Excellent puncture protection. They do wear eventually but not unreasonably
Mr Trought So far, happy with my purchase. Faster rolling than my previous tyres but still have some grip. Struggled to get them on initially but there is an online video showing how to fit "difficult" tyres - now can get them on in a couple of minutes without tyre levers !
Matthew These are the best winter and commuting tyres I have found. They have good grip in all weather and have very good puncture resistance. I use them on my winter and commuting bike and GP4000s ii on my weekend bike. My last pair of 4 season lasted for 3 years of commuting 12 miles a day!
LUIZ FERNANDO Perfect tire. I rode over 2,000 km and it did not give me problems.
Mr Karaman One of the best. I always use them in the race. Never let you down. Thanks Merlin for fast and safe transportation.
Lord Yakut Really great tyre, its appropriate for winter months and had good roadholding. You can trust your tyres in high speeds when its raining. Also useful for other seasons like its name :) And has a good rolling resistance.
Marv The most sturdy of all training tyres out there. Grip is very tight on the road, the best I have had so far.
Prl Great tyre so far, coped really well with the roads of Brittany. Plus great delivery speed and tracking. Would definitely order through Merlin again.
Stuart Solid performing tyres, well performing for training purposes. Not sure I'd use them for racing, but I've had absolutely no issue with these tyres for my hill climbing/descending rides. (on pavement, that is.)
Mr Alekizoglou Got these for the first time to change my previously used GP4000II S. Continental are excellent bicycle tyres, long lasting and with the Vectran anti-puncture tech you get zero punctures. Usually inflate to 110/115 psi. Quick delivery.
David Great product at an unbeatable price. Perfect for cycling in all weathers.
Luckyhawten Rolls well and makes me confident even on wet conditions.
Mr Turnbull Excellent winter tyre. Looks good and has great grip.
Mr Figueroa I've done 2 ride so far and on wet conditions. Great traction and very sturdy. As you see it you know that you have a quality tire that can withstand bumpy roads
Mr DD Not exactly cheap at almost 35 euros each (not that there was anything wrong with Merlin's pricing- this is what they go for) but they were the easiest to fit tires I have ever encountered. So easy, I thought I had bought them oversized at first. Grip is the best I have ever had on my road bike. Beats out any summer tire I have used and also the heavy non-foldable Decthlon 'puncture protect' tires I have used a couple of pairs of over the last winters. If they hold up well I'd probably buy another pair.
Mr Winder Not had a lot of chance to use much yet, but hoping they are like the set I have on my other bike which have done 4500 miles with 1 puncture. Good grip in all conditions and roll well. Good price and delivery on time.
Guz Trying these out for the first time as I usually use gatorskins but fancied something a bit more grippy with the same puncture protection for winter bike and my part time commuter to work, maybe a bit early for a review after only 200 miles but so far so good.
Tom Only done around 200 miles on these so far, but they have coped well with the cold and the wet, they ride comfortably, and have given me confidence. No punctures - always a bonus :-)
Mr Mostowy Great tyres! The puncture resistance is great and grip is amazing. Also these tyres last ages. On my last set I have covered 4000 miles. Recommended
Kaycee Bought on the basis of reviews that it provides good grip, especially in winter - so far, so good.
Andre Bought these in the sale for winter cycling, Merlins prices are unbeatable. Really impressed with them, they hold the road in the wet and roll well and were easy to put on, would recommend for the winter and I`d expect they will be just as good next year in the summer
TOM The best tyre for long distance. Resistant to punctures and excellent rolling.
Mr R Race on these in early spring until the roads dry out. There are better performance tyres out there but the minor increment in performance is of no use if you're at the side of the road with a flat....
Mr Dennan Arrived to ireland in 2 working days, have only gotten out on 2 40km ish rides but both were in the rain and the levels of grip whilst cornering is astounding, really gives alot of confidence to enter corners faster than my previous Vittoria rubinos.
Mr Hazan Great traction for the Israeli winter, where occasional rain raises oils to the surface, and where the sidewalks have many fallen leaves.
Mr shahar Reliable tire. Very safe for a wet road, very good protection for a flat Attractive price
Mr saldise korta Neumáticos de calidad súper , precio muy bueno en Merlyn y envío y entrega correctos.
Mr Ryan Fantastic tyres, great grip in the wet. The 28mm hugely improve ride comfort.
Mr Pankiw Bought as winter tyres. So far no punctures
Jako The best tyre to get you through the winter months. Outstanding grip and puncture protection.
Mr Copestake These tyres are a must for winter commute in Northern Ireland, especially in the back country lanes. I previously owned a pair of these GP 4 season tyres, but I had to replace due to wear and tear after 2 years of winter abuse. never had a puncture. I have used these again for the last 2 weeks in rain and roads covered in shale and stones, still going strong. 10 out of 10. Worth every pound.
Didzis Klavins Many other tires lose traction in rain at +3 degrees. With those I can almost carelessly cross wet tram tracks without a risk of wipe out. I haven't experienced any punctures either.
Mr Kokocinski Can`t fault these tyres for winters use, decent rolling resistance and durable.
Michael Top quality tyres, bought these to have when my present 4 seasons finally need replacing. Nearly 5,000Kms. on them and not one flat. These are my go-to tyre as I have not found anything to come close to them. Great price and service as usual.
Mr Hall Grand Prix 4 season tyres are super puncture resistant. I would recommend highly!
DJC Great autumn and winter tyre. Provides the reassurance of better grip (both in the dry and wet) as well as decent puncture protection. These tyres tend to last me at least two UK autumns and winters.
Ms McDonald Just what I ordered. They are great tires for hotter climates and are virtually flat proof.
Mr T Manoel Excelent tyre and grip, nice performance.
P Shields Seem lighter than my usual winter tyre the ever reliable Gatorskin, so hoping these offer similar level of puncture resistance. Time will tell.
pkultra Great tires. Bought for fall/winter riding and happy so far.
DAVID My go to tyres for the last 4 winters. Hard wearing highly puncture resistant and Great in the wet. What more do you want? Ah yes...... Best price at Merlin!
Mr Maultby Best tyres ever, with our 2 bikes we used to get punctures every few weeks, now we've had 1 puncture in 2 years since using them with more miles ridden.
Vincent Excellent tyre for winter use. Sticky, looks nice although a little noisy. Gives confidence in the corners.
Mr Blake Chunkier version of the summer tyres which recently ripped on local country lanes. Have done a couple of 50 mile mass start events on them so far, comfortable and good on roads of very mixed condition.
Michael These are my goto tyres and this was a reorder to replace my old ones which had 7,300Kms with no flats.
Mr Taylor Really nice tyre, wish I'd put these on from the start, good tight fit, feels really solid on the rim and strong construction. I will buy another of these for the front wheel in time. All bikes should have one of these on the back wheel. Hand made as well so really good value. Strong robust tyre.
Mr aoun Maybe the best tires for a road bike, I've been buying them for the last 5 years, they're super reliable. Whatever the road condition, or the pavement. They last a lot. They have a bit more friction, but they're reliable for long rides.
john Change from Cont. 23 Gatorskin to 25 4 Season for winter riding. Seems to ride slightly smoother with better road contact on bends. Would recommend width 25mm. Was OK to install using tyre levers. So far so good.
Mr Hernandez 200 mile review. No flats which is why I changed to these. Only time will tell on how sturdy these tires will be but so far not bad. Easy to put on . Not as fast as the Grand Prix 4000 S II but not bad. Only time will tell on how they hold up
Eifelwald Great grip but not made for off-road or even rough sealed roads (punctured 4 times in almost as many dirt road outings). If you keep these tires on sealed roads their puncture resistance is ok (punctured once only in a year of regular usage).
Mr Filipek I have been riding on these tyres for some time now and it was time to replace them with a new set. These tyres are very robust and last a long time whilst not being too heavy or not losing grip throughout their long life. These are great tyres for a variety of uses especially commuting or sportive rides.
Mr Cantrell I have used these tyres for several years and find that I suffer very few punctures
Ilan As everyone else said very durable, hardly get punctures, been buying these again and again for years.
Andrew I researched tires heavily and these tires are well rated for weight, rolling resistance, and puncture resistance. Plus they aren't pure slicks as they have some minimal grooving to help in wetter environments. Overall these tires were a no-brainer and worth a little extra $$.
Mr Williams Great Tyres. Have always used GP4000 tyres but switched to Grand Prix 4 Seasons last year. They are easily a better tyre for all weather conditions than the GP4000 and in winter they don't cut up like the GP4000'S.
Micaela Good quality all year round tyre!
Mr McLeod No punctures in my last set of these! And easy to fit.
Ioan I'm very pleased with this tyre, excellent grip on wet and dry (better then replaced Gatorskin), good quality, puncture resistant. Hard to fit! Will buy again for sure
Sam4a I've always bought cheaper winter tyres before; usually high quality, but heavily discounted. This time I bit the bullet & bought these, based to recommendation & reviews. Only done a couple of short rides, but first impressions are they are light, responsive, very grippy & have an excellent ride quality. Only time will tell whether they are puncture resistance and worth the money.
Ofer Very good tyres, light, puncture resist and very good grip. Had this pair for almost a year, riding 20km a day, this is my second pair.
Kiwi Racer Good winter tyres. I normally race GP4000IIs tyres so these are the logical choice for winter months. The softer compound wears a bit quicker that other tyres but give the wet weather grip. Tests show that these tyres have the same puncture resistance as Gatorskins but much better adhesion on wet tarmac. Just wished you could get the 32mm versions more easily. 25mm measures 26.5mm width on 17.5mm internal width rim.
Mrs nevies Strong tire for all conditions, with puncture resistant features that don't come with a big speed price.
mr ian Great tyres and great in all types of weather
Mark Ultra durable for winter riding.
Mr Simpson Really really happy with these - got them after wiping out on greasy December roads - these tyres give you the confidence to ride hard in winter - have now done about 1500 miles on them - no punctures and they stick to the road - can't recommend them enough
Tom Great as ever. Best winter tyre for me hands down.
Livio Excellent tyres - hand made in Germany. Not as fast as the GP4000, however far better when it comes to puncture protection.
Felipe These tires offer a great grip in dry and wet conditions. I have use them for less than 100 miles but the grip to road is superior to my previous ones. They provide better grip and in result I feel more confident in my ride.
Paul Brilliant tyres so far, easy to fit, good grip and fast
AlD Tougher with softer rubber than the Conti 4000s that I've used since start of summer. This is my goto winter rubber.
ROBERTOS Always use these, for me they give me confidence going downhill at speed and round bends the grip on the road is always there.
Lior Got those as an upgrade to the Gatorskin Hardshell. So far been using them for several months including a month of NY wintery snow and although they feel much "softer" and "gripperier" than the hardshell have had no flats so far (which is saying something for the streets of Manhattan...
David These tyres have given me confidence on slippery back roads and on a ride I recently went on where there was a lot of snow on the road on a long climb. Cornering on wet roads gives you a lot of confidence and haven`t had a puncture yet.
Mr Jones Excellent grip with a smooth ride compared to my old kendas
Jason What can I say - the best all-season 700c tyre there is.
Mr yavuzturk It's the right choice for winter conditions. Good price
Mr Trachtenberg These are my cold weather tire; I switch to 4000s in spring and summer. They work very well and I've gotten as much as 3500 miles out of them in commuting and recreational riding.
Terry These are the best all year round tyres, great price, quick delivery
andrew Nice tires for training. I have been using these for quite a while and will continue to use. Really good price as well.
Mr Scotto Doesn't ride great, but worth the flat protection
Ms McDonald I have used these tires since moving to the southern US. They are durable and almost flat proof except when they pick up a wire that is hard to find in the tire.
Mr Nedivi For someone who has cycled for more than 7 years now I can say that Continental Grand Prix 4 seasons are the best tires I used so far. Indeed a bit heavier but since I am not competing it is less important. They easily last 8,000 - 9,000 km. This time the price was very attractive.
Dr Reno Only about 150 km so far but they perform nicely. and I expect to keep them on throughout the winter. I expected to maybe see some laboring on the hills with these "all season" tyres but haven't seen any so far.
Mr Marcus Retka The best tyre for long distance. Resistant to punctures and excellent rolling.
Lee Great all around tire. Very smooth ride in all conditions. Can't comment on durability yet but so far extremely happy, wished I purchased these sooner.
Mr Parker Dependable tyre that I use in winter instead of GP4000S II's as it has a thicker side wall & more puncture protection. Zero punctures last winter!
Lee My favorite winter and training tire. Good puncture resistance
Richard Perkins Great tyres. Really good price. These are replacing the same pair from last year. Brilliant for riding through the winter. I'm not a commuter but head out with the club most weeks. Excellent puncture resistance keeps me dry and warm!
Mr Smith Treated myself to a new set of wheels and agonised over what tyres to fit. Heading into the winter and with a few good reviews from my friends I went for the GP 4 Seasons. Probably a tad more expensive than I would have liked but so far they are living up to their hype. Grippy, fast and I have a lot of confidence in them. Will see how they last over the next few months.
Middlesworth Best tires yet. Good puncture resistance but very supple and sure footed. Perfect tire for long training rides and double centuries. I have more than 4k miles on my current front tire and it should go another 2k at least. Rear tire lasts about 2.3k miles. Most of my riding is in the hills and mountains.
spm Have been really happy with these tires so far. Seem very solid and sturdy. I have ridden in the rain with them a few times and these seem to grip well too, which is why I got them. No flats so far!
Mr Dalquist Great tire, I commute on this daily in Seattle. They roll great in the summer and grip well in the wet winters.
Mr Traynor Using these in a 700x25 after GP4000S for the autumn & winter seasons. Ride just as well, rolling resistance wise. Stronger tread & sidewall ideal for the rough/wet roads.
Mr Wright This is my 2nd set now as the first where that good. Finally found a trye that won't break the bank and are really good.
Mr Achilles Changed to 4 season from 4000s for training all year round and I haven't regretted it at all. Looks cool at the same time.
Mr campos Fantastic tyre, a little heavier than the 4000s but durability and puncture resistance makes it a great all year long tyre.
Mr Marsh They're Continentials. What more needs said? They are tough and last forever. Gritty roads? No problem. Slick roads? No problem. I switched from Conti's to another brand that lasted 4 months. Never do that again.
Mr Mason Quite the best Winter tyre; Training tyre; Fast Does-Anything Tyre I have ever used; You can get faster but at the cost of either reliability or grip is less than perfect conditions (like we ride all the time).
Donga Great tires (28) for my go-everywhere bike. I got 5000 km out of the rear and the front is still ok. I use this on the road and sometimes on gravel and single track. Only one flat ever.
Wang Great tire for commuting in wet season, also great puncture protection
Canty This is a replacement for the same which after about 3000 steep miles on the rear had worn out. Confidence giving level of grip in the wet.
anderson I installed these on my new Felt Z5, which had 25 mm, easy to install and works well, I now have 28 mm and a better ride. Good looking tires as well !!
Mr burgess Saved my life on the first ride.. was going 40km/h down a wet road, crossed a white line around a corner. I slipped but stayed upright, I'd be in hospital on my old tyres.
Ms Wagner I'm pleased with my purchase. Decided to go with these because they have a thicker sidewall than the other Contis.
Hamilton They are the best tyres, I run the 700 x 25 4 season all year round, great stability, fantastic in all weather conditions here in Australia. Great value tyres
worsfold Excellent reliable tyre and I can fit myself being a woman. Wouldn't buy anything else
Cloke Grand Prix 4 season are my go to tyre. A good mix of speed, puncture resistance and comfort.
Dana Great product and better price than anywhere local. I use these tires all year round and they are great in all conditions. Pretty good flat protection as well. Only time they did not last was when I got a construction staple in my tire. Other than that they are great till they have worn out.
Yee Feng Have commuted through the winter months on these and they're absolutely bomb-proof.
The Jasper I bought these to replace a pair of Schwalbe Luganos. I noticed an immediate improvement because they roll better and the grip on wet and muddy roads is vastly superior. The build quality is ace and I will be using them on my winter trainer/commuter bike (Cannondale aluminium Synapse) so they will get a hammering in all weathers.
Cloke These are the best all round tyres you can get. Great grip, reasonable puncture resistance and low rolling resistance. I've raced with these tyres. Whats more Merlin offer great service and a good price.
Mr Kadow After more than three years of continuous riding my back wheel needed a new GP 4 Season in 25mm. In my opinion, they are simply the best and most robust types on the market as their performance even in wet conditions is simply amazing. Best value for money with this deal here as well!
O'Hara Just bought new tyres from yourselves at a very good price. I have ridden 4 Seasons previously and find them excellent. This time I ordered 25s as our roads in the west of Ireland have taken a hammering over the winter. Continental tyres speak for themselves.
Jonesy Only ridden 100 miles or so on these tyres but they definitely seem to roll faster than the stock rubber that came with my bike. Grip in the wet seems better to and perhaps the ride is smoother. Too soon to vouch for the durability and puncture protection but I am a Continental fan so I am hoping the 4 Seasons match the high standards of all the other tyres I've ridden from this brand. First class service from Merlin Cycles, with rapid delivery and bargain price too.
Mr Brakes I put a pair of GP 4 Seasons on my road bike for the winter conditions and I have had no skidding/sliding during this winter of much rain, and I can ride with confidence. I have however picked up a few nicks in the tread , one being quite deep stretching down onto the side wall. so I purchased a spare tyre from Merlin which at the time was the cheapest and delivered in 2 days. I am pleased with these tyres up to now, longevity is yet to be assessed.
Mr anderson Good tyre, rolls really well with decent grip in wet
Mr Wright Have been using GP4000 25s for the summer, but decided to get these following a puncture in wet conditions. Was hoping for something with a similar feel, but more puncture protection. So far, these are exactly what I was looking for. I got the 28 size, and they feel very similar to 25 GP4000s, and so far (touch wood) no punctures, despite several rides in poor conditions on mud and debri strewn lanes, great stuff. Also, great price from Merlin and reliable delivery as usual.
Ben An extra puncture resistance without compromise
Mr Whitley The best tyres I`ve used, won`t use anything else
Mr Ramseier Good balance of durability and puncture resistance. These tires wear faster than the Gatorskins, but will give a better ride. Puncture resistance seems comparable.
Mr Atkinson Been having punctures so thought I would try these. So far excellent.
Mr Lewis Great training tires, good grip, and rarely have flat issues until I have ridden them 300 miles beyond their expiration date. These tires last and last well beyond where a normal person would change tires based on wear with no increase in flat potential. When they do go though, it's time to change them, but usually at that point I have 2-3 spots that are worn all the way to the inner fabric casing.
Fabrício Oliveira Great tires. I ride with him yesterday 80km. I don't have problem with the tires.
Mr Kenney I like them. More tread that GP4000s with no major speed loss that I can notice. They are on my winter bike ready for the wet / winter ahead.
Lebrun My first impression, these tires are handling very good and giving me safe feeling on road.
Mr Adlersberg Best tires for commuting in nyc roads.... 25mm is the way to go
Mr lim The Conti GP 4x tires are amazing. For training on wet and dry condition. Can't go wrong with these.
Jakoolis Simply the best all round training tyre you can buy. This tyre is the perfect way to survive some of the shocking road surfaces we have in the UK.
Warren Frost My second round with this tire now and they are awesome. Long lasting and ideal for any road.
Mr Ring Only had them on my bike two weeks, but they are a noticeable improvement from my last tires! I came off my bike a few times over the last 6 months due to speeding around corners, and these have definitely helped me in feeling safe to travel at speed again.
Mr Tomlinson Good grip, but remember some extra wight
Mr Shaw Excellent tyres. Great handling in wet and dry and very stable. Perfect tyre for training and for touring and being foldable are easy to fit. Have found them to be more hard wearing than the Continental GP4000S which are also excellent tyres.
Mr Walker IMHO the best all round tyres you can buy. Use them for Audax, circuit racing and general road riding. Only replaced current one as looking a bit bald and worn ready for some long rides. Superb grip over this last weekend in a very wet peak district especially on downhills
Mr Mørk Nielsen Awesome tyre. Been using it for a while, and has good grip and no flats so far
James - Hampshire I ordered 25mm as I prefer the added comfort over 23mm. They dont look quite as wide as the 25mm GP4000s but no reason to doubt Continentals measurement. Took them out for a spin this weekend, short 30 mile blast around the Hampshire countryside Very happy that I replaced the previous tyres only purchased last month (Vittoria Diamante Pro Radial) please read my review on these. I was expecting the four seasons to offer slightly more rolling resistance than they did so was pleasantly surprised that I found them to be just as quick as the GP4000s. The tyres certainly gave me back the confidence I had previously so felt I was able to push harder on descents rather than ride with caution I appreciate my review is only after a single ride so cant offer any feedback on the tyre lifespan, however Im very happy as I feel I have my bike back Thanks Merlin / Continental
Jeff Great tires - really durable and long wearing. No punctures on over 7 months riding on my current primary bike. Putting them on all my bikes.
Mr Gilks Top tyres, got me through the Paris Roubaix Challenge without a single puncture or crash! 5 Stars Recommended. Top service by Merlin too
Mr Chebul The tires appear to be well made. My initial impression is positive. They were easy to mount and look good.
Mr Dykes The previous tyre was very good. I think I had two punctures. Rolls well. Lasted nearly 5000 miles (rear) on a bike that I carry stuff on a rack. I also ride rough back roads all year round. The tyre tread split but the inner was ok. However I retired it at that stage. I replaced it with the same tyre. Ordered it Sun night and was at my house on Monday pm.
Mr saunderson My choice for winter riding, gives a good balance between grip, protection, weight, comfort and speed. Not the cheapest but again not too expensive for what you get.
Mr Roberts Superb, great price, great product. Easy to fit on the bike and no punctures on a 45 mile ride. Feel slightly slower than my original Luganos but given that they puncture every 2 minutes I'm happy to be a bit slower on the ride if it saves me half an hour fixing a puncture. Delivered within 24hrs on a normal postage! Very quick turnaround can't recommend enough based on that.
Mr Fernandez Love these tyres... Come up a little short of 25mm but otherwise they are fast and light for winter tyres.
Alin Andronic Great looking tire and a nice grip on the road. Very tight to get on the rim so if you like that snug feel, this is the tire to have
Mr Genovese Five stars. The tires are durable and provide a comfortable ride.
Chris Excellent tyre. Additional grip in icy conditions to build confidence. Feels good on the road surface too. Great service delivery from Merlin
Skrotal Love these tyres. Just replacing my first set after 5000km. Only had one pinch flat in that time on rocky gravel. They are nice and grippy and fast enough. Originally for the winter but I am just using them all year now.
Bslow My favorite training tire. I have only flatted once using it and that was when I ran a tire about 500km past when the inner casing began showing! I ride about 2000km a month with plenty of gravel and these tires last and keep me rolling instead of fixing flats. Love them.
Mr henry I went the entire length of wear without a flat. I live in Northern California and many of rides include rugged coastal trails with exposed rocks. I can't say enough good things about these tires.
Mr Walker An existing favourite of mine, did London Edinburgh London 1400km on them in 2013 with only one puncture.
Mr Bolt These tires are fantastic for daily road training. The reinforced side walls provide great protection from debris on the road.
Mr Castilhos The best tyre, perfect to use in big cities
Mr Matchura Best road tire I have found for any pavement that is not maintained well. The only drawback is the tread is designed to work on wet surfaces and so wears a bit quicker than a lot of other armored tires out there. Still, I have ridden through broken glass without any flats. Worth the shorter life.
Thomas Trusty tires, very good grip in the wet and hard wearing
Mr Jones I bought these to replace the stock tyres on my Boardman CX Comp as I'm just riding on roads at the moment. I'm not a weight weenie but I saved 800g swapping to these tyres and that's a noticeable saving. At first I thought they were not that grippy, but after checking and lowering my tyre pressure (100 psi rear, 80 psi front) they have great traction in the wet as well as the rare occasion it's dry too! They are a bit pricey but Merlin had the best price by quite a bit and I feel like I've got a quality product for my money
Mr Beveridge 3 punctures in 2 days of winter commuting using GP4000s, switched to GP 4 season and not had a problem since. Usual Continental quality and incredibly sure footed on wet roads.
Mr Hughes There is no other Winter Tyre as good as these. Flint proof for the Southdowns and Northern France - lets you get more miles in without those hideous, wet and cold, roadside puncture repairs.
Mr Davies I've fitted a pair of these on both my bike and my wife's. Both of us commented that they were a little twitchy at the start, but seemed to clear at the end do a quick 15 mile cycles. Very easy to fit on both bikes, usual Continental quality.
Mr Middleton Great tyres for the winter ahead. My last set lasted 4 years/winters without any major wear n tear. Merlin came up trumps with best price too
KR Bought a new GP4S to replace a worn one. Can't fault these tyres really, particularly as far as puncture protection goes. I commute 15-20 miles each way on a lot of bad roads with plenty of broken glass and have only suffered one penetrative puncture in 12 months (compared to five in five weeks on the terrible Conti Ultraraces that came on the bike). The tread does seem to cut quite easily, but patently not a lot gets through the Vectran belt. The GP4Ss roll fine and grip is great, even on greasy, wet roads. Pity they don't look a bit sweeter, but that's just vanity.
Ms Pragnell Great Tyre, really robust, no complaints, hence reordering!
Mr sanchez diaz This is the second time I buy this tires, and I'm very satisfied. Great durability and avoid flat tire. I'm going to keep buying this tires in the future. Definitely
Mr Dykes Good rolling tyre and hoping it lives up to billing only had it on 100 miles so cannot say how long it will last
Mr ruta Super durable winter tyres especially on the back wheel which suffers punctures more frequently but this tyre minmises this.
Roger Lunt Great winter tyre from Continental. Superfast delivery from Merlin as always.
Mr Adams Brilliant used these for the last few years, durable and other than a puncture on the first ride 3 years ago I've used these tyres for the last few winters with no issues at all. Fast and grippy too!
Mr MacKay I have used GP 4 Season tyre on the front wheel for the past 12 months and been very satisfied with good grip even in cold winter days and in the wet. This new tyre is going on the rear ready for the winter. I have found these tyres have been good at resisting punctures
Mr Lobato best products deal, I am happy with Merlincycles online store, very efficient staff to proccess orders.