Pirelli Cinturato Velo TLR Folding Road Tyre
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Pirelli Cinturato Velo TLR Folding Road TyrePirelli Cinturato Velo TLR Folding Road TyrePirelli Cinturato Velo TLR Folding Road Tyre
Code: PIR-33707
Pirelli Cinturato Velo TLR Folding Road Tyre
Pirelli’s experience and the reliability of SmartNET™ Silica technology combined with the tubless-ready comfort and the resistance of the Armour Tech™ technology facilitated the creation of  a new clincher tyre with a unique DNA, perfect for long-distances and various terrains:
Armour Tech™ construction combines a Nylon bead-to-bead high density layer to an aramid breaker and aramid fibers dispersed into the tread, resulting in a new level of protection against the worst road conditions which has never been achieved before
SmartNET™ Silica rubber compound guarantees safe rides and confidence-inspiring handling even in harsh conditions
High density Nylon layer from bead to bead, which protects against cuts as well as improved stability at low pressure riding and contribute to make the carcass air tight when used with liquid sealant. High density waved aramid fiber breaker belt placed underneath the tread, which provides protection against punctured and sharp object cuts. Aramid fibres dispersed into the tread rubber compound (SmartNET™ Silica) in two layers: an outer one (cap) which grants performances (dry & wet, mileage, contact feeling), an inner one (base) which, thanks to an higher gradient of those fibrils, slows down the penetration of foreign bodies towards underneath layers
  • Tubeless-ready
  • Good rolling resistance
  • Dry & wet grip,
  • Supreme comfort
  • Excellent puncture protection
  • Mileage longevity
  • Superior handling for extreme safety feeling.
Mr InocenteThisis my 2nd purchased of Pirelli Cinturato. Super excellent tire for brevets ride.
Mr BojanglesBought a pair of these in 28mm as my Schwalbe Ones in 30mm were looking a bit worn (5600 km of riding on them). The Pirellis went on easily (compared to the Schwalbe) once I had realised that my tubeless tape needed replacing. I used an Airshot and the good news is that once they are seated they do stay on even if most of the air is lost as you unscrew the AIrshot and replace the valve core (better than the Schwalbe). Maiden 70km ride in the hills of Kent and I think they are are reasonably fast rolling given that they are quite heavy (370g on my scales). On most roads the ride is fine but on the harshest and most pockmarked you do feel the bumps and road buzz. I give them 4 stars mainly because I think the ride is not as compliant (but then again I am comparing to a 30mm tyre so take that for what it is). If they last as long the Schwalbe then they deserve 4.5 stars.
Oliverreally glad to have this tyre. Have taken it on 2 audax rides as a back tyre on some poor roads, and it's really rock solid on descents too. Will buy again.
Mr Inocenteexcelent tyre for audax randonnuers ride
Mr HoodA bit of a struggle to get the Pirellis onto my Mavic UST wheels, but now that they are on, very happy with them and would definitely recommend. If you are running tubeless, just be sure to check the table of pressures for rider weight (in supplied instruction leaflet).
DavidLook good and good grip and speed.
ChappersNot the easiest to fit, but great once they're on - smooth and grippy. I bought them as winter tyres because of claimed puncture resistance - too early to tell, but no punctures so far.
Mr YOUNGThree punctures this year so I decided to go tubeless. I`ve gone tubeless on my cross bike for the last couple of years and it works a treat. I`ve been hunting around for a road tyre to use on my winter bike. These tyres are not the lightest but they`re comparable to the Grand Prix 4 seasons I`ve been using. So far after two weeks use theyve been bullet proof. The only thing I would say is that I`ve always found cross tyres easy to set up with an air shot. However, these took several attempts to seat. I finally gave in and removed the valve core and the tyre seated first time. Probably should have done this straight off.
GlenSo far so good. Only a few rides on these so far but they seem to roll nice. Easiest tubeless tires to mount that I have used.