Schwalbe G-One Allround Performance RaceGuard Folding Gravel Tyre - 700c
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Schwalbe G-One Allround Performance RaceGuard Folding Gravel Tyre - 700cSchwalbe G-One Allround Performance RaceGuard Folding Gravel Tyre - 700cSchwalbe G-One Allround Performance RaceGuard Folding Gravel Tyre - 700c
Code: 47102
Schwalbe G-One Allround Performance RaceGuard TLE ADDIX Folding Gravel Tyre - 700c
Schwalbe One goes Gravel. The Schwalbe One family provides the perfect tyre for the latest gravel bike trend. The smooth rolling G-One profile make it a pleasure to ride over forest paths and rolling fields.
  • Performance tyre
  • RaceGuard
  • Dual compound
  • Weight: 400g


STUART Spot on generally for road and fire trail! Show them a little mud and they're scared to death! These tyres are all I need, period!
Ian Latham Easy to fit quality tyres, roll really nicely on road or trail. Not noisy and their width gives a more comfortable ride and less jarring on arms. Really pleased.
Peter These tyres have totally transformed the bike. Super comfortable off road and hardly notice the difference from my slick tyres on road.
hugR Have used these on hard pack gravel and tarmac so far and they work well. No probs either with some short rocky and tree root sections. Running them with tubes at just over 40 psi. Reasonably light at 445g. Very, very tight fit (on sonder nova i21) as I guess I should expect of a tubeless tyre, haven't tried removing them yet but not looking forward to that. Great price at Merlin.
James Popped on easily with a track pump. First tyre was slow to seal but second tyre sealed straight from the box. Both performing faultlessly so far. With no punctures.
James Good traction and comfortable! Using on my old steel tourer converted for gravel.
Mr Vail The go-to gravel tyre for fast hard gravel surfaces and tarmac sections.
Mr Garner Easy to fit, puncture protection pretty good so far
Mr Garcia Brilliant tyre! Tremendous grip on the gravel and the feel really fast in the tarmac. Superb for my off road days out and winter commuting.
Dave Nicholson I love these tyres on my gravel bike. This is my second pair and they're long lasting (over 7,000 miles) and smooth running. Grippy on the road where I do most of my riding.
Woody Got the 38mm ones. Tubeless and pumped up first time no issues. Look great on bike. Very comfortable and feel easy to roll.
James Exactly the tyre I was looking for - typical Schwalbe quality!
Dr Porter Excellent tyres good on tarmac, soak up bumps better than expected for a tyre of that size and good grip on tracks
Anthony I bought this to replace some Schwalbe Land Cruisers which weren't great on gravel. These are great. The grip well on gravel and mild rocky stretches (not ventured into anything beyond that) and roll well on the road too.
Dave S Used these at the weekend for a ride both on and off road and worked well for both. Smooth ride on road and good grip off.
Simon Amazing tyres. I use my bike 24 miles each weekday and these are great. I use on country roads and on town roads. Great grip and resistant to punctures.
nicholas Really fast rolling, excellent hard pack grip and fitted and inflated first time
Mr Berry Just fitted but not used in anger yet. Replaced the rear Giant tyre fitted from my revolt from new which has 20cm cut in it. Can't fault Merlin have used since the 90's and still have a set of wheels on an old MTB
Mr Shearing Used for the winter commute. Already an improvement on what I previously had. They are a very tight fit. Took some wrestling to mount them on the wheel.
Mr Mannion Really nice tyres, a little awkward to get on but most importantly they feel solid once on and run tubeless easily. A little slippy on muddy/greasy track but to be expected as they're not muds but the offset of this is they roll really well on hardpack and tarmac. A Great all round tyre for gravel type trails and rides.
John Like most Schwalbe it's a tight fit, but once on performance is great
Laszlo Lipot The Schwalbe Schwalbe G-One Allround Gravel Tyres were dispatched 50 minutes after I placed my on-line order; needless to say, the service is fantastic. I normally stick maily to the paved Balaton Cycle path around Lake Balaton in Hungary but I thought I'd try exploring the forests and sandy tracks away from the lake over the Winter. I exchanged my 700 x 32 Schwalbe Marathon Pluses for 700 x 38 G-One tyres. G-Ones appear to roll as easily as my 700 x 32 Schwabe Marathon Plus tyres and grip the sandy local soil very well. It's an excellent product that's sold at a good price by Merlin.
Mr Dixon Spot on for me Boardman adv 8.6 gravel bike, one of the only shops that sell these really good tires really good online shop and quick delivery. Thanks merlin
Mr Irwin Great tyre, used for grassy lanes and forest roads and no issues so far! Fantastic price compared to other suppliers.
Mr Zilstorff Brilliant all rounder, great grip on gravel and no noise on tarmac. From price perspective its a good value.
Sam Campbell Already reviewed, but very pleased with them. Roll well, grip well.
Mr Gradon Great price .easy to fit .fast rolling good grip on wet roads.
Mr Darling Nice "Allround" tire. Not great in slippery mud, but ok on roots. Great tire for the dry.
simon Great tyres. Roll well and no punctures so far. Delighted.
peter Nice tyres however i found them difficult to fit first time on. I had to put 120psi in to get them to sit correctly on the bead of the rim. They do ride very smoothly and are fast enough on tarmac too.
Stephen Really pleased with these tyres; definitely not a road tyre but still roll very nicely on the tarmac and don't buzz. Similarly, a little sketchy in the thick mud but brilliant on hardpacked surfaces, gravel and the like.
Mr Herrod So good that I got a second pair for my wife's bike. Super smooth they roll up to 20mph nicely.
Mr Small Brilliant tyre at great price. Arrived in 2 days just in time for off-road tour of the peak district on Gravel bike. Endured hellish conditions from wet tarmac to boulder-strewn paths. No punctures!
Mr OLESEN Nice smooth rolling tyres With some grip. Mounted easy. Great price and delivery from Merlin. I got them delivered to Hawaii. Still the best price out there.
Mr Wood Good grip and predictable handling.
Mr Mackender Was looking for a tyre that would compliment my Merida Gravel Silex Bike, my style of riding and terrain covered and after some research thought the G-One would suffice. Can say that these tyres are superb for the all round experience , with good rolling on hard surfaces and excellent grip on rough, loose gravel, dusty and light muddy surfaces. A plus is the price point. Fantastic value for a truly Gravel Tyre.
RDG Bought this to fit my mk1 GT Grade carbon...there's not much rear space. 35c is perfect. Up there with the best gravel tyres - great on the road too. Inflated to min pressure, it's grippy and fast rolling.
YOUICHI The side is softer than I thought, and there are some uneasy aspects on the dirt, but I think that it is supple and good ride quality instead.
Mr Cook Bought as a spare to the same tyres I'm running at present good on the road, gravel and wet surfaces excellent price for a top quality tyre
Shane M. Light and performs well on the road but difficult enough to seat properly. I had to re-inflate to max psi after a bumpy ride where they weren't seated properly and then bring back to my preferred pressure. 38c is ok for gravel but would probably go for something a bit wider at lower pressures next time. Not great on steeper woodland descents with roots.
Mr Sherwood Bought these for my gravel bike as I wanted to go from 35c to 38c. They work like a dream, and I'm loving a bit of off-road cycling before work.
Mr Lawrence Love these tyres, great off-road in most conditions and my go to winter tyre for my commuter bike. Great price from Merlin.
Timmy Great all round performer. I fitted these as soon as I received them and since then I have ridden a mixture of asphalt, hard pack gravel, loose gravel, Grass and dirt (dry) they do what they are supposed to and feel quick to me.
Rich What a tyre! Perfect for hardpack, or loose gravel, doesn’t mind grass either. They roll on tarmac well, running at 60 psi for comfort and grip Fitted to an inner rim width of 19mm perfectly. I wish I had found these years ago. Highly recommend
Tom Happy with these so far - grip is good on roads and packed gravel, and the 38 is surprisingly fast rolling.
Mr Lawson Brilliant on gravel fireroads and very good on the road, but not so good when it gets muddy (you can't have everything !). This tyre really meets my needs. Others have managed to mount it tubeless, I couldn't (this tyre isn't designed for tubeless use).
DAVID Great for trails .......allowing me to venture places I would never have tried before.
Looi Great tyres with low resistance. Very grippy on tarmac
Paul Great tyre. I had read a lot about these and was keen to give them a go. They have been put onto my winter bike/ gravel bike. From riding, both on and off road, I have found them to be very comfy soaking up a lot of bumps in the road. They roll slightly slower than normal road tyres but I think are very good compromise.
Sean Reeves Good price, excellent performance on a mix of surfaces. Thanks Merlin for the quick dispatch
Mr Evans Easy to mount, light and fast rolling. Seems very grippy too. Great tyre.
Stephen Fast tyres, perfect for the non technical old railway lines, byways, bridle ways, towpaths and linking tarmac that’s local to me
Brian R These Schwalbe Allround tyres appear to offer a low rolling resistance whilst still maintaining a good level of grip. I chose them for moderate off road riding combined with tarmac road surfaces, and they appear to cater well for both situations. As for durability I've suffered no punctures as yet although that is of course down to chance. Yes, I would recommend these tyres!
Mr Rowe Been looking for a great all round tyre for use on the road and light trails; I found it here. And their tubeless ready; which is the next upgrade. Will definitely be looking at Merlin cycles for the bits I need, great, quick service every time!
Duane Best all around gravel tire out there.
Mr Evans With a covering of little nobbles, this G-One is perhaps 50/50 oriented between tarmac and 'gravel' (meaning fairly smooth, well maintained tracks.) All my winter rides are on narrow country lanes covered in mud, sludge, detritus from trees and hedges, potholes, bumps, cracks and puddles, which the G-One handles well, so far without punctures. My plan is to change back to semi-slicks for summer, then flip back to G-One nobblies for winter. It's a lot easier and cheaper than changing between winter and summer tyres on a car!
Mr Smith Great tyres at a great price. Fitted these to my gravel bike and manged to get them on as tubeless without too much hassle. They roll really well on the road and been on hard pack trails a couple of time and they performed really well on this surface too. Running them at 50psi and no problems at all so far. A great tyre.
ANDREW Great tyre. Very grippy when it needs to be.
Mr Pitchford These seem really good so far (but no deep mud yet). Roll fast enough on road; surprisingly grippy and good at clearing moderate mud on the trail.
Chris B Grippy and fast. Hopefully more durable and puncture resistant than my old Riddler's! A bit difficult to get them seated without a wobble in the tyre.
Kevin Improved rough rides
Mr Lake Great tires for a variety of surfaces
Mr French Great tyre for my canal path and bike path commute, rolls well on road too and good puncture protection
Markie Good price for a well-reviewed tyre.
Graham Excellent grip on road and gravel. Does what it is designed to do well!
Thomas Great tyres, good grip in all conditions but not too much resistance on pavement, a great all round tyre
Mr Wood These roll great on the road, but not as much grip on gravel as the Panaracer Gravel King.
Cameron High volume tyre with plenty grip
Tres the Cyclist Very smooth, comfortable tyre at 35mm 55psi front & 60 psi rear, initially slight drag or stickiness of tread and slightly heavy (compared to my previous GP4000iis)but once up to speed and warmed up wow these tyres are phenominal, they feel really fast and roll exceptionally well, and reduce vibrations and jarring from rough surfaces, potholes, cobbles a treat, really grippy on road, and canal gravel pathways, not sure about durability as yet as only done 70 very enjoyable miles. i fully recommend for road use, commuting or light off road such as forest paths they're great
Mr Nissy It rolls fast and still have enough grip on gravel roads.
Josep Really good in all terrains. Light and strong.
Duane These to me are some of the best gravel tires you can get. Great rolling resistance compared to other brands. Merlin’s price is half of what the cost anywhere else. I ordered them from USA because of price. Super happy and will recommend and buy them again
John I’m glad I purchased these tires they feel great and the price was even better. I will definitely order another set .
Mr williams Good versatile tyre, quick and quiet on the road and surprisingly grippy on most off road surfaces. Although not officially tubeless ready I have these set up as tubeless with no issues so far
Mr Francis These are the only tires I will use on my Cube Nuroad Pro. Great tires at a great price , even after quick shipping to Winnipeg,Manitoba, Canada.
Tom These are great tyres. Roll well on the road and add comfort and grip off road. They do wear out a bit quicker than I'd like though. Nothing like the life of say Marathon Evo.
Mr Ryder Tyres arrived promptly, well packed and as described. Excellent price for these tyres, as they do not have the microskin of their more expensive TL easy brethren, but set up tubeless quite easily. Too early to judge wear rate, but not rated as hard wearing by Schwalbe.
Squirrely Dan I've ordered a couple of sets of these tires lately for gravel riding. I'm running them tubeless and they set up without issue on multiple different wheelsets and don't leak or burp too easily. I wouldn't suggest running them at terribly low pressures though. Rolling resistance is low, price is low, satisfaction is high.
Mr Olson Got the product quickly. Haven't used the new tyres yet but the last pair I had of these were solid and worked well for gravel, road and single track.
André Great as usual. My wife liked the texture too, so now her non-tubeless wheels have it as well and it fits great. She is more than happy!
John Purchased the G-Ones to replace Boardman CX Team 2016 stock Rapid Rob tyres as the bike is mainly used for trails/tarmac after reading reviews about gravel bike tyres. The rolling resistance and grip levels on tarmac was massively improved and my times dropped by minutes in comparison and on par with 32c tyres run on my Hybrid bike. The increased volume made the ride more comfortable, I would even increase the size from 38c and opt for tan walls if the tyres are on offer in the future. Overall great tyres that also look good, I wish I had found them earlier and Merlin Cycles were the best price online
Mr Grimes Excellent tyres. Fitted to an On One Pompino used for commuting and has transformed the ride completely. Riding at 80psi, grippy as hell, comfortable and confidence inspiring. A little more drag than the road tyres I had on before, but nothing to worry about. I think these will be my new go to tyres.
Mr Wagner I got a pair of these for my wife's gravel bike. Now I want a pair.
Michael Great tyres, really fast, grip much better than the Kenda Kwick that came fitted on my Malt G. Bit of a bugger to get onto Mavic XM 119 rims
Jonathan I couldn't find these cheaper anywhere else. They were easy to fit and a well balanced tyre to use switching from road, to bridleway to fire road and mild single track. They would struggle in the mud but I didn't buy them for that.
david Amazing tyres. I didn`t realise they would be so fast rolling, they seem to cope with everything other than deep mud. Since I out these on my adventure/ gravel bike I`ve kept up with road crew in the chain gang and roamed over the countryside in the wet. Awesome tyres, don`t hesitate.
André My second round of G-ones, and still happy. Great blend between racer and offroad, even great on icy streets. I hope I can get through the winter without accidents, so far so good!
Alex After buying these I regretted I didn't do it sooner. Fantastic tyres both on and off the road. Will definitely be buying more of these. Great service from Merlin as usual. These guys never fail to impress with both price and service
michael These work great for pavement and gravel , fast and sticky. Buy them
peter Great service and price from Merlin. Superb tyres, roll well on the road and grippy off it.
Mr Ma Very awesome all round tyres. Got these for the winter months of commuting. Have left them on through spring and now summer. The uneven surfaces of Melbourne commuting actually make these 35mm size tyres just perfect for me. I can`t get myself to get back on my 25mm road bike.
Paul Fast delivery. Good value. Also fitted a set of 40mm onto my partners touring bike. Excellent on most terrain except mud. Also fast and quiet on tarmac.
Alan Love these tyres but they wear quite quickly. Good rolling resistance, hardly noticeable on the road
Philip Great all-round tires for anything from gravel to commuting.
Dr Pearson Seem like great tyres. Used on a three day tour with road and gravel tracks- good grip, decent rolling, and no issues with punctures.
Mr Grant So far these have been great. Very comfortable and feel good on a variety of surfaces.
Frank Nice gravel tire for mixed riding. The tire came quickly as promised and great price.
Mr Ornellas Nice tyres for winter, great grip with low rolling resistance on the road and give you the flexibility to explore more with your road bike.
vic macaraeg Put these on my adventure bike and they're super comfortable.
Gary Great tyres for a bit of lightweight off roading, they roll really well on tarmac too and that's with just 3 bars (45 psi), they are really easy to fit and are not overly noisy on the road, Merlin's price and delivery are still really good, I like them... can see me doing a bit more hard-pack riding, they aren't for mud !!
Richard I can't vouch for the longevity of these tyres yet, but they certainly perform well. Quiet and fast rolling on the road and provide really good grip in the loose stuff. They are quite light too compared to other similar tyres I've had. I will probably switch back to a knobbly tyre for the winter, but as a spring/summer tyre they perform really well.
Mr francis What a great tire for any price. This tire has made my asphalt commute smooth and is great on gravel. Quick delivery to Canada.
Mr Green I bought these for summer gravel riding with view to an improved road ride too. Also hoping they will make my first Roubaix pave experience better. First test ride - good grip on dry gravel and super smooth on pot marked Devon lanes.
Phillip Superb. Really good on the road as well as trails. Be realistic off-road though - the tread pattern is small and will get clogged up with wet mud. They are great on drier surfaces and gravel. A very nice tyre. Would buy again.
Vincent Great gravel and road tires. Grip well and the 38 size really absorbs the bumps in the road.
Mr Stirling Perfect tyre if your riding takes in beat up lanes, dirt tracks or pretty much anything bar sloppy mud.
Jedd Awesome gravel tyre. Works great on pavement as well. HIghly recommend this.
Neil Fantastic tyres, do what it says on the tin. Using them on wet slippery tarmac and gravel paths, stick to the road like glue. Buy them!
Ricardo Fast tire for road and hard packed gravel
Mr Nuryono Awesome tyres, looks great, fit with my cyclocross/gravel bike, any road closures don`t worry me anymore cause my bike could go anywhere, comfortable on the tarmac too, would definitely stick with the same tyres or go sizes bigger (38 or 40mm)
ryan These tires are remarkable. They can handle surface much more severe than gravel. Fast on the road, too. I run with tubes, and have not experience any flats after several hundred, hard KMs.
lori Gorgeous tires! Ride awesome. Use for intense urban cycling. Hills, decent's, dirt trails, hop or two. Schwalbe kills it.
BK Love the roundish profile, versus the squared-off shape of a lot of other gravel tires. Smooth rolling and quiet. Wondering how long they'll last, but at this price, who cares? ;p
Mr willis Excellent tyres! set them up as tubeless on non tubeless rims with ease. First ride included both heavy mud, gravel climbs and descents and finished with roughly 20km on the road. Plenty of grip on gravel no matter the gradient, Copes with mud well without getting too clogged, Very fast on the road with immense grip when it comes to the corners! Well worth the 60 quid for the pair! However must be run tubeless, side walls seem susceptible to punctures
RPS_S Excellent on the road and very rough, single track and gravel trails. Cannot speak to their longevity yet, but initial impressions are great. They do it all, and do it well.
Aaron They went on easy and have a great feel to them. They're fast on pavement and feel safe on sand and gravel. Exactly what I was looking for. I'm running them tubeless and have had zero issues so far. I hope to get a long life out of them.
david Really great tyre on both road and loose surface. Went on easily with a healthy thud when they seated. Added to that, an absolute bargain at Merlin, by far the cheapest I could find.
Thomson Great tyre easy to fit and fast rolling on gravel and pavement
Mr goscinki A dull ride on the road, but very good on rough tracks, and bridleways
Mr ODonnell Beautiful tyres fast and good grip. Just what I was after for the do everything bike.
m servini Excellent Product that suits purpose. Bought to keep as a lightweight spare for my touring bike. Easy to fit and takes little space in my pannier.