New Bike Tweaks

Got a new bike and keen to maximise it’s performance and comfort? Read on… New bikes fresh out of the box are a beautiful thing, make sure you get the most from yours by following these 7 steps.

Merlin Inferno

Tyre Pressure

Usually on the side-wall of a bike’s tyre, the tyre pressure range is designed to provide optimal wear, grip and puncture protection for the tyre under most conditions. For more indepth detail, check out our blog on tyre pressure here.

Frame Protection

Before using your new bike it is a good idea to use frame protection stickers to protect your new bike from cable rub, particularly around key points on the frame. Wearing away paint from the frame can leed to it looking old before it’s time. Chainstay protector stickers stop the chain come into contact directly with the frame. Check out out range of frame protection here.


If you are new to cycling, be prepared for a little trial and error when it comes to fitting your bike. Taking a multi tool with you on a short initial test ride should give you the opportunity to tweak any issues. The following video from GCN will give you a guide to achieving a good fit.

Gear Adjust

Annoying little clickety click noise coming from your bike’s gears? Derailleur gears are pretty simple and have been around for a long time. Most derailleurs can be adjusted using two small adjuster screws on the rear of the derailleur body. Check out our derailleur gear set up guide here.

Bike Check

Get into the way of giving your bike a quick check-over following a few rides. British Cycling commuter bike check video is good guide for what to look for:

Tooled Up

Allen / hex keys are ideal for checking that components are tight or if they need adjusting. If you are not so mechanically minded, a torque wrench will allow you to tighten to manufacturers guidelines, taking the guesswork out of the process. Check out our tool range here.

Keep it Clean

Cleaning your bike after every ride will alert you to any potential issues, before they become a major problem. A clean bike is also faster and way more stylish! In addition to regular cleaning, degreasing the chain & cassette will remove the small particles of grit and dirt which cause wear. Once degreased, a little lubrication on the chain will keep everything running smoothly for the next few rides. Check out our range of cleaning and lubriction products here.

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