Easton are one of the industry leaders in carbon fibre and aluminium technology.  They started life in 1984, in fact they launched the company to coincide with the Los Angeles Olympics.  Easton say they exist for one reason and one reason only, to make bikes better!  Everything they do is centred on performance, making the machine faster and improving the rider’s efforts.  Using new materials and new technologies they create components that often go on to become the industry standard.  Easton wants every ride to be faster, smoother and longer lasting.

Easton’s list of achievements are too numerous to count, they have changed the game so many times that pros and amateurs alike are in awe of their products.  Leading the way in composite design, engineering and manufacturing, Easton have a full range of wheels and components are that used the world over.  Using a clever mix of materials and advance design Easton produce products that not only win the weight wars but also beat competition and keep on beating them.