Frog are a small company based in the UK, they are committed to making cycling more fun for children.  Frog believe that children’s bikes become much easier to ride the lighter they are.  In turn children will enjoy it more and progress quicker.  With some children’s bikes weighing half the weight of the child that’s on it, Frog thought they could change things around.

Frog re-designed the children’s bike by sourcing good quality components and light but strong aluminium for their frames.  Their range of bikes now offers high performance but without over burdening the rider with excessive weight.

The founders of Frog are both keen cyclists and have 2 young children so they know how to get kids on their bikes! From the first prototypes to the continuing models the bikes have been fully tested by their children.

Frog bikes are also keen to promote the environment throughout its entire operation.  Frog uses recycled packaging for its bikes and green electricity in its warehouse and office.  In the future Frog also aims to cut down on landfill waste by introducing a trade-in service for second-hand bikes.

In only its first year of business Frog were named finalists in both the National Business Awards as New Business of the Year, and in the BikeBiz Awards for Cycling Brand of the year.  

What is the future for Frog? Well, in June 2015 they aim to stock a new fleet of super-light road bikes which will be available from Merlin.  Frog will also be in attendance at several events and trade shows throughout the year so if you see them go and try one of their fantastic children’s bikes!

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