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EZ Trainer Kids Bike Stabilisers - Frog Bikes

EZ Trainer Suspension Stabiliser 12-16" Wheel from Adie. They absorb the bumps from the road, and ensure the rear wheel stays in constant contact with the ground on uneven surfaces. Fits the Frog 43 and 48 and have high quality safety testing (EN 14765).

Hurst Brought for 3 year olds 43 Frog bike. She mastered her balance bike at just over 2, but being only 3, was still too short for her pedal bike. These stabilisers enabled her to have the seat high and learn pedalling technique ready for when she's tall enough to ride the bike and touch the floor.
P Good product. Easy to install. I do not recommend training wheels, but my daughter insisted. However, she only wore them for 20 days.
Mr Pickering Really good item with a fresh design. Seem to be a lot more comfortable for the children when riding the bike than previous stabilisers we have used.