Introducing the Merlin Wear brand with a collection. We launched the collection with bib shorts, short sleeve jerseys and some essential accessories - socks, arm warmers, leg warmers and knee warmers. We've now extended the range to include Autumn/Winter wear such as long sleeve jerseys, bib tights and extremity protection.

There are three different price and performance levels: Core, Sport and Elite.

It's been designed over here by us and manufactured in Italy and Romania. It's very well made stuff. The stitching is strong. The zips are quality. The pockets are reinforced. It's stuff that we expect to be worn a lot and as such needs to be able to withstand the rigours of British riding.

We’ve factored in that you probably have an existing wardrobe of cycling clothing. Merlin Wear has been designed to be a clash-resistant as possible. It has a subtle but sharp look to it that we're very proud of. We hope you like it too.

We spotted a gap in the market, so we filled it. With Merlin Wear we can offer you high performance, good looking kit at affordable price points.

Core - no nonsense cycling apparel that works. Great choice for new riders, leisure riders and commuters. Also the name of our accessories range.

Sport - for enthusiasts who ride regularly and for relatively long periods of time. A bit more of a fitted cut and multi-fabric construction design.

Elite - the very best Merlin Wear for those who are really laying down the miles. Or for those who just want to treat themselves a bit. Even our top end stuff is within reach of most people's treat budgets.