Shimano produce a wide and varied range of shoes for all cycling disciplines including mountain bike, road, adventure, trekking, cyclocross and casual commuting cycling shoes. Shimano cycling shoes have been designed alongside their own pedal systems including SPD mountain bike clipless pedals and SPD-R road bike clipless pedals. Shimano road competition technology has created the ultimate shoe-and-pedal combination for road racing, bringing together comfort with low weight, stability, and the custom feel and performance of a perfect anatomical fit. Shimano's xc-series mountain bike competition shoes help you handle any conditions off-road; these shoes redefine off-road performance with modern innovations in sole and upper designs for durability and optimal power transfer.
Shimano's multi-use touring shoes are designed for the lifestyle rider who values pleasure over speed and durability over advanced features. When you're on your bike, these versatile shoes use the SPD system for optimal energy efficiency and when you step out onto a road or trail, they offer supreme comfort and walkability.