Campagnolo Power Torque Outboard Bottom Bracket Cups
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Campagnolo Power Torque Outboard Bottom Bracket Cups
Code: CAMPY110363
Campagnolo Power Torque outboard bottom bracket cups - choice of English or Italian fitment.
  • Campagnolo Power Torque outboard bottom bracket cups.
  • English or Italian thread.
  • BB30 or Pushfit 86.5x41
  • Compatible with Veloce, Centaur and Athena Power Torque chainsets.
RobArrived promptly and a good price. Fitted my BB30 Athena 11 speed. Used a cheap press tool to fit. Always do the cups one at a time and don't fit both cups in one press operation would be my advice. It's a bit fiddly to get them going on straight - slowly slowly does it.
Mr BowdenCampagnolo product quality is second to none, and these cups are no exception. They come complete with left side bearing and spring washer plus dirt shield. The drive side bearing is not supplied, it is assumed that you already have this fitted in place on the power torque axle of the crankset, if you need to replace this bearing you will need to buy one separately and you will need the puller and re fitting tools. Fitting the cups is reasonably straight forward but you need to ensure you have the correct thread for the bottom hub, two versions are available British BSA an Italian. If you have a British BSA bracket (bikes sold in UK normally have) beware that the right side crankset cup is reverse threaded. The cups are supplied with thread locking paste already applied to the threads, you may need to clean off a little of this at the thread start by chasing around with the thumbnail. The thread is very fine pitch so take great care to clean all grease and dirt from the hub and be careful when inserting to avoid cross threading. You will need the special Campagnolo cup tool to tighten in the cups. I would recommend wrapping insulation tape or similar over the outer of the cups to avoid marking the cup notches and be careful to keep the tool perfectly aligned on the cup to avoid it slipping off . Full insertion of the threads needs a little time and patience using a good long lever to overcome the stiffness of the thread-locker paste. Set the final tightness to the torque setting advised, with a good quality torque wrench. Apply a small amount of grease into the right side open cup before inserting axle/ bearing into cup. Don't for get to fit the spring washer and dirt shield before positioning and tightening left side crank arm onto the axle splines.
StefanGood bottom bracket and easy to fit (with separate socket tool required)
Mr PriceUpgrading to Power Torque crank and cups brings my 95 Pinarello up to date and much easier to maintain. Very easy to install and set up and looks and works great!!
AnthonyVery satisfied with the quality and ease of fitting, usual Campagnolo good quality
AhernThe Campagnolo Power Torque system is quite unique. Yet before you leap into the realm of Campagnolo Power Torque-land, watch a video or two on how to remove a Power Torque crankset and compare removing that with removing an Ultra Torque. Choose only after watching those side by side. It is a great product considering that.
GazzaPantaniRequired if installing a Power Torque Chainset. You will need to replace at some point - keep an eye out for any play and if so time for a new set
SteveExcellent quality and easy to fit, they come with factory applied thread lock. Only complaint is that it is easy to chip the paint on the cups when torque tightening.
Mr PunnettTypical of any Campagnolo product it is well made out of quality metal, comes with all parts needed to replace your worn out unit. My only criticism is that it does't come with the drive side bearing, which would have been nice. But other than that top product and price. First class service from Merlin cycles again.
Mr FosterPerfect fit for my campagnolo centaur chain set. Quick delivery and great customer service.
Mr LesService great. does what it says on the tin.