Campagnolo Record 11 Speed Chain
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Campagnolo Record 11 Speed Chain
Code: CPB60
Campagnolo Record 11 Speed Chain
The Campagnolo Record 11 speed chain has been proven in everyday testing from professional cyclists around the world. Compatible with all advanced Campagnolo Record 11 and Super Record 11 groups.
  • Ultra-Link chain link locking system - Extremely high retaining of the chain link closure - greater safety and durability of the chain
  • Ultra-Shift chain links - Designed to give better performance to Campagnolo drivetrains: greater durability of the gears and sprockets,‚Ä®maximum efficiency in the transmission of power
  • Ni-PTFE anti-friction treatment - Reduces friction, makes pedal rotation smooth, silent, and efficient - increases the life of the chain
  • Links made of special steel - Prolongs the life of the chain, reduces wear on gears and sprockets
  • 11 Speed
SimonIt's a difficult thing to do, review a chain. It's a very important part of the system but all to often it's the part we forget to spend money on. The campagnolo record chain is all the things you should have in a chain, strong, light and when used with the proper joining pin (which is included) very quiet.
Mr ShawJust replacing the old trusty chain with the new - quality product.
Mr CastellanosSmooth pedaling & shifting
LeonI have Campagnolo componets and this is the chain to use. Nice and smooth
Mr HansenHaven't found a bad Campagnolo Record product.
DominicExcellent chain quality materials
Roddy GilchristBest shifting and most durable chain out there!
AnthonyDon`t bother with the rest, as this is the best chain for Campagnolo, super smooth shifting and no gimmicks
Mr TrimbleRecord quality, paired with the Record 11 speed products you won`t go wrong.
Mr LauThe only chain that I use year in and out.
LawrencePrice was right for a chain that I need. I get 3,000 to 4,000 miles on a Campy chain.
Justin BouwerGreat chain - worth the extra cost from the Chorus chain
SHYNA little bit more pricey than a Chorus chain but lighter and more durable
RostislavI use it several years :-)
Roddy GilchristBuy it! Shifts better and lasts longer than any other chain. Works on any 11 speed system. Use the 10 speed version on my mtb.
Dr lucasExceeds all other chains in performance and longevity.
Mr TremlettDon't learn this lesson more than once, as I have. Campagnolo drivetrains like Campagnolo parts. It is not worth meager savings to sacrifice quality. I easily get 10k miles use out of each Campagnolo chain I install.
Mr HoptonSuper 11 speed chain from Campagnolo, used on super record. No jumping around, no hesitation in shifting onto cassette, just an excellent quality product. I tend to lube the chain every 100 miles and keep it clean, if you do this the record chain will last you all season long.
Mr KadoSmooth chain. Love it.
FKuoPurchased this for when I need to replace my current Campy Record 11 chain, but the current one has 4000 mi and shows very little stretching with a chain measuring tool, so this chain lasts a long time.
Mr SmithYou just can't beat the quality of Campy Record. Been around in various guises for decades.
Mr choyits look perfect work perfect, and the delivery is reasonably fast! 5 stars!!