CeramicSpeed UFO Chain Shimano - 11 Speed
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CeramicSpeed UFO Chain Shimano - 11 Speed
Code: 10564
CeramicSpeed UFO Chain Shimano - 11 Speed

Testing results show, that UFO Racing Chain proves to be faster than other treated chains.

When you need the extra advantage to make a real difference at the finish line, the CeramicSpeed UFO Racing Chain is the way to go.



  • Due to its unique optimisation treatment, the Ultrafast Racing Chain saves you watts and improves your performance with free speed and unparalleled low friction.
  • This ultrafast chain has been optimised for Shimano compatibility, to boost the efficiency of your entire drivetrain.
  • Thanks to the extremely low friction, CeramicSpeed UFO Chains have the unique property to give you free speed or help you save watts on a racing distance. Our ultrafast racing chains are carefully selected from high quality suppliers and optimised by hand in Denmark.
  • CeramicSpeed UFO Racing Chains can save you between 2–5 watts on a distance of 600 km/370 miles.
  • After this, you can apply the CeramicSpeed UFO Drip to re-boost your racing chain. After the 600 km, you are still left with a highly performant chain, superior to a standard chain. When added to the full CeramicSpeed component upgrade (the OSPW System, Bottom Bracket and Wheel Kit), chain optimisation can take the total saving to between 10-16 watts.
  • Be aware that the UFO treatment is not optimised for wet and muddy conditions, which might cause corrosion on the chain. Read more about this in the maintenance tab.