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Clarks Stainless Steel Road / MTB Gear Inner Wire
  • Stainless Steel inner wire (2275mm)
  • Compatible with MTB/Hybrid/Road
  • May be supplied loose, without packaging
Great stainless wire for the price! Bought after reading the good reviews online.
Half the price of other sites, very quick response. The quality of the cables was already known by me from previous use, but never at this price.
I have tried all the gimmicky cables out there but always come back to a standard stainless steel cable. For the price they are way better value than anything from Shimano etc. They all do the same job in the end.
It is very durable have not had a single problem in about a year
Works as a gear wire, lasted for 8000km with no worries.
Does the job, for the price. I would normally look for a Teflon coated inner wire for durability, but for a hack bike this works fine.
This gear cable is just lovely. Really cabley from one end to the other. In fact, if you examine it closely you'll see that it is in fact made up from several cables all twisted into one! Now that is good value! Thanks Mr Clarks! You have easily enough of it to attach your geary changer wotsit to your dangly geary wotsit, and I even had some left over which I've made a nice bracelet out of for the wife. It's win win all round. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone who was into this sort of thing. Cabley goodness abounds!
Bit of stretch initially but good product at a great price from Merlin, I always replace gear cable when replacing a component.
What can you say about a wire? It uncoils with no kinks. The strands are tightly bound with a secure nipple. I coat my lines in Teflon oil or graphite so I'm unsure of how freely they'd run without lubing but I see no reason that they'd be any better or worse than any other I'd say
Simple effective cables that don't rust.