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Clif Bar Energy Bar - 68g
It’s the first bar we made, and it’s still everything we are about. Wholesome ingredients. Performance nutrition. And great taste. Whether you’re on a 150-mile bike ride or exploring a new trail, this energy bar is built to sustain your adventure.
  • Made with organic rolled oats
  • Source of protein and fibre
  • Vitamins B6 and B12 contribute to the normal release of energy
  • No high fructose corn syrup
Excellent company and impressed that some of the bars available are vegan.
Love cliff bars, easy on the stomach and taste great. I often have them off the bike with coffee I like them so much. Highly recommend
Super tasty! Hard not to eat all the time.
Big fan of these bars, taste good and not too hard to eat while riding.
Have used these bars for 3-4 years, really tasty and healthy!
A good and quick source of energy that is not the tastiest bar, something I consider a bonus since it stops me using the bars as a treat when I do not really need it.
Yum Yum, these are great. Always have one in my bag, good value when you purchase a box.
Delicious, convenient. Not much more to say. One of the nicer energy bars.
These are my favourite on the bike food, great tasting and easy to open while pedalling.
Love these bars they are so tasty very effective with no ill side effects
Bars are really tasty and are easy to eat without being dry. Seem to be healthier than some other energy bars. Will be buying more and would recommend.
I love these bars. Bit on the expensive side but they are nice. The chocolate one is best. They're just the right texture and consistency, not too sweet but not plain or boring. And best of all they're not stuffed full of raisins and things! I hate raisins...
These clif bars are delicious, but the best flavours were mint and blueberry crisp as they were so chewy. White chocolate macadamia and coconut were delicious too despite being a bit drier. Will definitely buy again.
Very good and natural products! Really amazing.
Great product & price. I prefer bars (Clif & Endura) while riding to gels - still get a good boost & no gut ache!
Found these bars to be quite dense and in some flavours a touch overdone. Not used enough on the road to compare against others I have used.
Yummy. Enough said.
Did a 7 hr mountain bike ride with only 2 of these bars for energy, they kept me going and the flavours are good.
Good flavour but still on the chewy side to eat when racing
Great stuff tastes like homemade
I ordered a variety of Clif Bars for myself and my cycling friends. I like some other brands as well but for summer, I find Clif Bars are the best as the heat doesn't seem to melt them to the same extent. I also have a milk protein allergy so Clif Bars are always my go to energy bar. Once again well priced and fast efficient service from Merlin. I had problems with another well-known online bike store where upon dispatch the bars mysteriously kept going missing yet all other previous purchases were delivered correctly. It took 2 months before everything was finally sorted out and I got a refund. I should have gone through Merlin first and I`d have had them the following week....
Great taste, tastes home made rather than synthetic. Easy to get out of the packet when cycling if you cut off the end of the wrapper before the ride.
Excellent bars with a great natural Taste.
Found a bit on the dry side
These are now my default, along with High5 gels, for my Sportives. Ready to eat, easy to open the packet, tasty and do the job. I eat one every 20 miles or so and they see me through 80+ mile rides easily.
By far the friendliest bars out there for me. Others can be too sweet/sickly. These have a good consistency and flavour, and a reasonable selection of flavours in the UK
I use these all the time, really good for energy when out on the trails. They taste good as well
Energy bars are a personal thing, I like these a lot, easy to eat on a ride, taste like real food and never "bonked". Excellent service from Merlin again, they`re Magic!
Couldn't eat a whole one!
One of the better energy bars, more palatable than most
Incredibly tasty and lots of energy (252kcal)bars.
My favourite energy bar and it would seem to be everyone else's favourite as they are frequently in short supply! No need to say any more. Excellent.
Good flavoured range of energy bars. My preferred choice on long rides as they are not too sweet and give a good long release energy as I ride
Great tasting energy bars and at a good price.
The best flavour by far, great price too from Merlino!
Best energy bar by far.
Always excellent and tasty as ever, great natural energy bars, highly recommend.
Excellent taste, very filling and full of energy. Much better for you stomach than gels.
Best energy bar on the market !!!
Clif bars are about the only form of solid food I can eat during a ride. Normally a dry mouth results in not being able to eat stuff but these taste so nice that it's easy to get them down.
Going for a long one without that cafe stop? Good, tasty pocket sized fuel for your belly.
A little difficult to open on the move but tastes fine and not too dry in the mouth.