Clif Bar Shot Bloks Energy Chews - 60g
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Clif Bar Shot Bloks Energy Chews - 60gClif Bar Shot Bloks Energy Chews - 60gClif Bar Shot Bloks Energy Chews - 60gClif Bar Shot Bloks Energy Chews - 60gClif Bar Shot Bloks Energy Chews - 60g
Code: CL1180
Clif Bar Shot Bloks Energy Chews - 60g
CLIF BLOKS™ are the latest nutrition option for endurance athletes. Bloks come in chewable, 33 calorie cubes, making it easy to customise and track caloric and electrolyte intake during long outings and races.
  • Formulated for athletic performance
  • Two flavours with caffeine (Tropical Punch, Black Cherry)
  • Simple-to-handle
  • 6 x Easy-to-chew
  • 3 bloks is equal to 1 shot gel

Nutrition Information

andrew der kaiser Similar to wine gums as 5 times the price. There's nothing wrong with them as such. They taste great and contain sugar. But they are overpriced.
James A good choice for longer runs, taste nice and easy to carry.
Mark Great for a caffeine boost when flagging. I hate gels or additives to my bottle, so these work well for me.
James Never got on with gels but these are great. As long as you remember to open them before you set off they are easy to eat on the bike too.
Simon Having been surprised how good these are when you are running low on energy, I wouldn't be without a pack of them when I'm riding.
Prorace Rider Great for long cycles rides. I use these on rides longer than 50K. Fantastic for keeping the levels topped up.
Lee Needed these at short notice and Merlin came up trumps again. Delivered quickly and at a very good price. Used these for a few years as not as messy as gels and seem to work just as well.
Mr Ugradar Great item.. taste nice and gives you a boost when cycling. Well recommended
Mr Mercadal Farr Love these shots, good mix of solid and soft, easy to swallow and although not like a normal gel where you feel a boost, these keep your energy levels going
Mr corcoran Excellent impact when taken on ride. Very portable and easy to access- tasty too!
brian Great energy bar. I have been looking for a bar that does the job for years and this one certainly does it!
Barnaby Wright A great alternative to gels. Nice flavours.
Phil Best price I could find for the number I wanted. Got me through the London marathon.
Mr Chalkley Tastes great will be getting more of these...
BazeyUK Great anti-bonk fuel - they work!
Alex Tasty! I wish they were on a resealable packet though.
Mr riley These are great for a boost of energy when you need it
DE Always found these to be one of the better energy chews.
Ben My favourite energy product, perfect for big rides.
Mr Moore Great product I prefer these to the traditional gels,
Austin So tasty, I prefer these on a long turbo session than a gel. Just wish they would lower the retail price a bit so I could use them more often!
Vince I have had these before, and very quickly digested
Mr Sheridan Great product that provides slow release energy compared to traditional gels. Easy to consume and light on the stomach.
Mr Lynch Been using these for years - very good for long distance cycling or spinning class.
Daniel Much prefer these to gels IMO
I-run Yorkshire I recommend Clif Bloks to all my customers- they work fast and are easy to digest. Plus they taste great!
carmel Would not run without these they have got me through 3 half marathons a few 10ks and a 10 mile run this year already
N. Moore Great for long rides.
Bryan Great product in any flavor. I have used them on several long rides and the energy is delivered slowly, unlike traditional gels.
Mr Sheridan Great product which slowly releases energy unlike a gel shot. Will buy again.
Laurent Fignon These bars have got me out of trouble on several occasions on long rides, they taste so good. Make sure you hide them from your kids!
Mr Hurley Best jellies out there.
Thomas Great taste
James Hampshire You could probably get the same effect from jelly babies but as they weren`t very expensive I`ve got these for a couple of sportives I`m taking part in later this year. I have used them previously and like most of the cliff products they work well
Alexander Tasty and gives you a boost, the small sizes make it simple to ration
Andy Always like to keep a pack of these in the bottom of my bag, really handy for those occasions when there's nothing left in the tank.
Mr Honey Easy to carry, these blocks do the job of keeping me fed during running and cycling. Don`t much like the latest packaging because the additional nutritional information cello taped to the packet is a touch annoying but not a huge problem.
Juju Perfect alternative to gels
Mr Naisbitt Ordered some more of these when ordering other products. I don't like to run out as these are my favourite energy boost on long rides.
L Mitchell A must have for using on long bike rides and duathlon competitions. Easy to store and take, no fussy gel mess!
adrian Got me round the coast to coast event something different to gels and bars taste great
Dennis Stomach friendly energy chews, easy to graze on and taste nice!
Mr Naisbitt Always handy to have a packet of these in your jersey pocket. The range of flavours is improving as well. All good.
Mark Somewhere between an isogel and a normal gel, found I needed water with them but taste ok
Mrs Barker Amazing for your long runs/cycles very effective and easily digested, good variety to choose from
BlackAndTabby Have been using these for ages. Find they provide handy bite sized energy. Good for running and cycling.
Fuel Tasty and a quick way to get energy.
massimo72m Very good and natural products! Really amazing.
Neil S Great alternative to gels, less messy too.
Trudgett Now these will be a standard item in my jersey pocket. Tasty, work really well and a mess-free alternative to gels. A great find in a some excellent flavours choices
Mr Green If sucking sugary sweets/candy starts getting sickly then try these as an energy boosting alternative.
Mr james An excellent and tasty way to get a quick shot of energy whilst on the move. My only gripe is the packaging is tricky to get into one handed while riding
Mr Naisbitt Still my favourite energy boost for long days out. Always carry a pack of these.
Mr Galloway These things are like wine gums GONE WILD! Fantastic little blocks of sugary energy, laced with caffeine, perfect for keeping high-spirits all day!
Murray B Like these chews. Easy to eat, good taste and I use along with SIS Gels
Rachel S Love these! Prefer tropical punch but all flavours are nice. I can't consume whole gels in one go, and it takes me a good 40 mins to sip them - so I don't reckon I'm getting the right amount of fuel on my run. Instead, taking one of these blocks every 15 mins, with a chase of water, helps keep me going and I'm hydrating often!
Mr Carr Love these, taste like sweets. : )
Mr Prenzel Great product, far easier to use than the standard gels or bars.
Mr Naisbitt I always carry at least one pack of these on weekend rides now. They seem to provide a great boost just when you need it most. Taste good too!
Mak Great Stuff. Prefer them to Gels
Mr Glover Great taste, easy to chew, not to sticky, a lot more enjoyable than a lot of the energy bars and gels I've tried
Mr turner Used these several times as I'm not a fan of gels (tend to right thru me if you know what I mean)and these are a decent substitute for me. Possibly a tad overpriced.
Richard. These are blocks of jelly which are very nice to eat, gives that little sugar boost when you are tired. I like the Black Cherry ones best.