Continental R28 Supersonic 700 x 20 - 25C Presta Inner Tube
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Continental R28 Supersonic 700 x 20 - 25C Presta Inner Tube
Code: TUC818
Continental R28 Supersonic 700 x 20 - 25C Presta Inner Tube
  • Super lightweight tube, the cheapest way to save overall wheel weight
  • Unitube size fits 20 - 25 mm tyres
  • Weighs only 62g
  • Presta valve
  • All tubes have a seamless construction, with a mould-cured vulcanisation, to ensure uniform roundness
Mr IrwinCracking tubes. If you're a weight weenie like myself you'll be delighted as they weigh just 50g.
Mr Vulpe MoreiraCâmara muito leve, excelente qualidade!
DavidGood lightweight road tube, bit lighter than normal and no punctures so far
Mr HampsonGreat sized tube to have in your pocket. Not tested in anger yet.
GeneraltomUnbelievably light, but one of the two I ordered had a pin prick puncture I had to mend on delivery, before any use, so minus 1* for quality control failure. Possibly Continental are pushing the envelope with how thin butyl tubes can get with these, and it shows. On the positive, they are so small you can fit 2 in the space taken by 1 conventional tube as a roadside spare.
Be RozzoThese tubes are crazy light, care is required on installation as the tube wall is very thin. Two rides in and no flats .... would recommend.
Mr LopezCost effective way to reduce weight of bike (and particularly "rolling weight" of wheels. Puncture resistance not as good as standard Race 28 tubes but I have found these to be OK in summer and use standard Race 28's in winter.
Mr OakesAwesome and light weight. With the continental valve extenders they weigh 54g. Why buy latex when these are lighter?
Mr PooleExcellent pack-able inner tube, decided on this instead of filling tubeless tyre with leak fluid, as only very light and can easily hold a spare or two in my small saddle bag with tools etc. These do need inflating each time you ride and very thin wall and looses air by 20psi over two weeks if left un-inflated. Discovered this; as I first inflated at 95psi and while building the new bike over 2 weeks they lost around 20psi, which is not that bad considering that I would normally check and fill every week even with thicker inner tubes. Great product, easy pack and appear up to the miles, especially on the DT Swiss 1400 Splines with Pirelli P Zero Verlo Tyres, for which I chose not to go tubless as tubes were so light.
Tab L HVery light. I only keep it as a spare on my jersey pocket for punctures. Use the Continental Race 28 Light on my wheels instead.
Mr EnveQuite simple really if you want to drop your rolling mass buy these as are half the weight of a standard tube. Careful installation is required.
EladioIncredibly light. 1500km so far using these and you can really feel the difference vs a standard tube. They lose some pressure but I normally check my tyres before every ride so no an issue for me
marc50g and if your pro, easy installation. Make your 25c the lightest setup around
EladioSúper light as expected. So far they don’t lose pressure as most of the latex tubes
Theo PotgieterSuper light and easy to install, rolling resistance notably less combined with GP5000, they are very thin so be very wary not to pinch when installing.
MarkIncredibly light and hold pressure well. Was very careful fitting them as they look easy to damage.
Mr Michiブチルで軽量な上、価格も良い。
Mr Lajos ZsoltSzuper könnyű.Jobb,mint a latex,kevesebbet kell pumpálni.Vigyázni kell a szerelésnél,mert sérülékeny.
sinnett177All good so far, no punctures and definitely helped shave some weight off the wheels. Recommended.
GrumpyOldPizzaThe easiest way to save 100g on your bike's weight. Do not lose pressure like latex tubes, half way easy to mount. No brainer.
Mr PitchersThe lightest tubes I've come across. By keeping rim mass low, you create a wheel that accelerates more quickly. Tubes are too often overlooked. Also reduces overall bike weight. And reduces total rider+bike weight if you carry one as a spare. A bit expensive but Merlin's price is the best I've found. I have not experienced many punctures with them (punctures are usually down to the tyres. Finally, they don't seem to leak like some latex tubes I've tried.
Mr MetcalfeVery light and does what it says on the packet. Just be careful installing them as they are a bit more delicate than a standard tube.
Mr Marini4 sets I have bought of these. Super lightweight but are as easy to install as standard continental tubes and don't seem to be more susceptible to punctures.
Mr LarssonSuperlight! Easier to fit than I thought and definitely easier than latex.
stephenThis tube rolled up is extremely small and could be perfect for carrying on your bike with a patch kit as a backup. I haven't used it yet so can't comment as to its effectiveness. You will be surprised at how tiny they are.
D. LeeLightweight and reliable inner tube
Mr OZDEMIRAfter my order, it came to istanbul - turkey in six days. Incredibly light, very thin and very small packed size. You need to behave carefully while placing. I advice to do it at home. It's not suitable for bad roads.
JenkinsWeight weenies dream.... fitters nightmare. These are so thin, great care needed when fitting but they are worth the hassle. Worked faultless on my Fulcrum 3 with Ultremo ZLX tyres, for an ultimate light weight set up.
Mr YILDIRIMSuper light but hard to put in. Must apply some powder on inner tube and also inside the tyre as well. Otherwise it may stuck between tyre and rim and probably puncture. Definitely recommend it, if you have got no-name inner tubes, and using moderate puncture resistant tyres.
Mr HoskingMuch lighter than a standard tube and more reliable than latex. They don't leak and go down while not in use. Can't rate durability yet as they have not been in long.
Nick the WineFragile but if you prefer clinchers these are great. Just be patient fitting them. You really notice the drop in rolling resistance.
Mr JenkinsCame out as stated weight, to note they are thin and best used for race days and your best wheels. Not had to perform a repair yet and we will see how they hold up. No problem to fit and they are "shaped" as per label, just be extra careful not to pinch them. No noticeable difference in the ride quality though For general use would probably stick to the race version, i have them on my commuter and no problems. Top service from Merlin