Crud Catcher Front Mudguard
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Crud Catcher Front Mudguard
Code: 410
The every popular Crud Catcher mudguard
  • Seeing as Crud had updated the Raceguard, Crud thought they might as well do a number on the CRUDCATCHER as well.
  • They basically took the futuristic shape of the old ZX Crudcatcher, and crafted a soft nose on it.
  • While they were at it they put some protective cushioning between the frame and the blade, and moved the fixing lugs to accommodate fatter frame tubes.
  • That`s all there is to this one.
Mr GlendinningSaved faces while riding at 7-Stanes, a usually damp network of trail centres in Scotland (Love them!). Although they're non-marking, I put electrician tape around the frame to give a bit more protection. Easy to fit and remove.
Dave KennedyDoes it's job, but not as easy to install on wider frames. Excellent value though if most of your riding is tracks / tarmac - probably want something more substantial if you're off road ;)
NickVery well-designed front mudguard; installs in seconds, stays in place; rubber inserts keep it immobile & protect your paint.
parkesCrud catcher, you don't know how good they are until you ride without one, a must on any mountain bike
Mr HoldenCatches crud... I don't know why you'd by any other mudguard?
Mr CottonExactly as described, very quick delivery!
Mr BullenDoes exactly what it says on the tin. Not perfect at keeping the mud at bay, but to be honest, none are! This one certainly stops a good 80-90% of the big chunks though. Looks good too!
Mr CaseLarger size works well although forks do foul front of guard at times.
Mr hansonquality item, looks good, cuts down a lot of the Lancashire dirt thrown up (rains a lot around here!) highly recommended.
Mr Warrena little fiddly to fit on large square frames (giant talon) cuts out 95% of spray
Mr SmithPurchased this with the with the rear crud cathcher. Again a real easy fit, quick to take off, does the job well.
Mr McCormacthese are great mud gaurds. easy to fit and do the job what more do you want ?
Mr DavidsonA 5* MUST HAVE - so simple but effective it makes you think WHY COULDN'T I HAVE THOUGH OF THAT!!! Stops such a huge % of debris you would not believe. Great Price (as always). Combine these with a RRP Neoprene mudguard and youre looking at about 90% reduction in debris coming off the front tyre. childsplay to install, very strong O rings and can take some real hard battering! - does not slip or move and also doubles up as a handy gurad to stop nasty stone chips on the bike frame!
Mr smith