Crud Road Racer MK3 Mudguards
Crud Road Racer MK3 Mudguards
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Crud Road Racer MK3 Mudguards
The new Road Racer MK3 incorporates a unique, superfast fixing system and has been widended to accomodate tyres up to 38c. Weighing in at only 260 grams the pair, they fit to most 700c bikes including both disc and caliper brakes.
  • Roadracer MK3 fits almost any brand of road bike with tyres up to 700x38c
  • Super Strong Duotec Interlock fixing system for trouble free attachment to your bike.. no tools needed!
  • Suits all brake systems - discs and cantis
  • Does not require mudguard eyelets to be present on your frame
  • Perfect for all road, gravel and trekking bikes
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A bit fiddly to put on, but otherwise does a good job. Currently only using the back one as my front tyre has a slight lip (which I'm sure will wear down eventually) that catches the front guard and makes an irritating sound. Have cycled in bad conditions without the front guard and was surprised how clean I still was!
Easy to fit, though as always seems to be the case some minor modifications were necessary (to make fit/ prevent rubbing). That said, it was easy to fit. Time will tell as to whether it's durable.
Installation is a bit picky near the top of the calipers, but otherwise absolutely zero rattling once properly installed. Love it.
Quite easy to assemble and set up. The fine tune adjustments were fairly easy as well. The ride is solid with the small exception of the extension piece on front fender - it slaps the front tire from time to time, but only when going over bumpy road. Obviously the easy fix is to give the fender a little more room, but I like less than an inch of space between tire and fender. So not a design flaw, more an observation about my own nit-pickyness.
Nice fenders, easy installation and easy to take off again. I didn't wash my frame enough and the sticky Velcro didn't stick very good but it still works and spares are available on Cruds website.
Very easy to install big improvement over the mk2. I do have reservations about durability only time tell, so far so good though
Very easy to fit, although the sticky tabs which attach to the frame to hold the guards in place aren't strong enough and came free during a ride. Used zip ties instead which are far more secure, and once you've got them free of the spokes they are fine.
Great mud guards, feel quite solid and don't bounce around to much. I'd buy them again.
It took a bit of fiddling to get them on, but still far easier that current alternative mud guards I tried. The quality of the product is good and so far I'm pleased with the result.
Great product easy to fit and effective
Installed but not ridden yet. This product looks like the best solution for race bikes with minimal clearance. I have a Cannondale HM Evo, SRAM red. Could not fit the front guard under the fork. No worries just cut it off short of the fork. The back guard fits easier but opted to leave off the added section that drops to the bottom bracket. Couldn't get the rubbing to quit. The stickers: stout little guys. I'm praying that my paint is still on when I hit it with a hair dryer in the spring. Wish me luck.
I'm really happy with these. I was worried I wouldn't find a set of fenders that would fit with the amount of clearance I have but these have worked out beautifully. Im riding in New England winter weather, so having fenders was sort of a must for me. The fact that they are such low clearance also makes them look super sleek and sexy. If you're looking for decent fenders and your bike has at least 4mm of clearance between tire and brake/frame, then you need these. My only concern is the quality and longevity of the mounting pad/velcro. Mine came off the frame the first time I detached the fenders. I guess get it right the first time and then never take them off. Having a mechanic stand makes installation infinitely easier. Overall, I'm definitely happy with the purchase, although it seemed as though these were my only option.
A truly excellent product. Having used Road Racer Mk2 before, needed something for disc brakes. Easy to fit, done in 30 minutes, no fiddling. Rode with them for 50 miles with no further adjustment required. The stays are not the prettiest design, but you can understand why they are that shape. Had used SKS longboards, but these destroyed themselves totally in one winter.
So far so excellent. Really easy to fit, no rattles, keep my bum dry and look good. I really only needed a rear one, so the fact that both guards are identical (apart from the extension pieces) means I have a spare if one gets broken. Agree with one of the other reviewers that the packaging is also very good from an environmental point of view with the instructions printed on the box, so no more lost "how to" leaflets in multi-langauges. Overall a simple, effective and aesthetic product. Should be entered for a Design Award.
On the good side, the guards mount and dismount fairly easily and would seem to fit most geometries fairly easily. However, on the bad side, it is hard to get them precisely lined up and for them to stay that way. The rear fender has three solid mounting points which makes it more secure, but the front fender tends to fall out of alignment. My narrow carbon fork has about 5 mm of clearance, and the fender and tire make slight scratching noises when I ride through any dirt on the road and when the tire rotates -- the clearance is that tight. I'm hoping that after readjustment works better.
What can you say about a product that does what it says, is very easy to fit and easy to interchange between different bikes. Another great product by the Crud team
I have had the MK1&2 and the MK3 is far more sturdy. Fit is easy and fairly simple. Only criticism is the rear guard doesn't go down far enough for following riders. Front guard goes further down so protects your feet more
Service from Merlin top class as usual. I bought these guards after seeing them at this years cycle show. Wanted wider ones to fit my boardman cx with 35mm tyres. (The gaurds state up to 38mm). Very robust quality. Only real problem is the clearances. The rear fitted well as the zip tie on the down tube gives it more stability, The front guard is a little more difficult as not as stable. Overall pleased with them. To solve the issue with the front guard I may go with a narrower tyre. ( 28/30)
Brilliant product for fitting to road bike frames which don't have holes for mudguard stays or have no room because disc brakes are fitted. Very easy to fit and remove just make sure the heavy duty Velcro is put on in the correct position first time. Great price and service from Merlin as usual.
I have not had them out in the rain yet. I cannot speak to their effectiveness, only to installation & adjustment. Because they have very tight clearance, I did have lots of noise anytime I went through Autumn debris. I am running 700 x 18 (old) on the front and 700 x 23 on the back. Installation on my '09 Synapse was not quite as simple as the YouTube video makes out, but definitely easier than my MK2's. I put the Velcro far back on the stays as you recommended, and have had a difficult time adjusting the rub out, & keeping them aligned, they are too far back. Maybe make the stay Velcro a tad larger? The front fender is plenty long, but the back does not have near the length to protect following riders, and maybe not long enough to easily add a flap. Thank you for updating these fenders. Your idea of quick release fenders is fantastic!...after many frustrating hours with the old school types. I was also very impressed with the economy of receiving these in the United States, <$7, and the short duration to receive, 8 days.
Perfect item! Quick to install, stays in place, does the job keeping the bike clean with no rattling. And kudos for fast delivery to Brooklyn, NY!
Once fitted, these are an excellent solution to the problem of attaching mudguards to a close clearance road bike. They work effectively and look good. But. I question the purported simplicity of installation. If you have a tight gap (within, but close to, the suggested tolerance ) be prepared for a longer install than the promotional activity suggests. Also. You may or may not admire compromises made to 'industrial design concepts' - e.g. same front and rear main units are the same, the two-part construction makes for low packaging costs - ideas which I admire, some might not.
Quite impressed with these third generation Crud mudguards. Very easy to install and quick to detach/ demount. Have not fully tested them in the rain but they seem fit for purpose. My only criticism is the plastic from which they are made could be a little more flexible and robust...when reducing the length of the rear mudguard the cutting caused a small crack in the material which should not affect the overall performance but still this should not have occurred. Overall would recommend.