Crud XL Front Fender
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Crud XL Front FenderCrud XL Front Fender
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Crud XL Front Fender
The Crud XL full front mudguard offers the ultimate protection from anything on the trial. With its soft nose, the XL Fender guarantee's no clogging. The mudguard stays in place during the roughest ride thanks to the built in fixing loops to secure the guard to your forks.
  • Fits almost all front suspension forks
  • Guaranteed no clogging
  • Easy fitting no tools needed
  • Disc brake bikes only
Mr AldersonEasy to fit and gives good coverage stopping mud and debris from coming up to the down tube. Doesn’t clog with mud.
TimPerfect fit to go with the rockshox 35 gold rl and a 29r 2.35 inch tyre. Great quality product as others have stated tad heavier than alternatives but provides excellent protection from the mud and stones.
Mr HollisSuperb product - light as a feather and it really does work well. Our 3 E-MTB's have them.
Mrs LovatoFender is perfect, I'm very happy with both function and aesthetics.
garethGreat front mudguard, easy enough to remove with your wheel off. There are lots of ways to use the O rings for larger forks such as looping one through another or you can buy different sized ones on E-bay. Does the job properly for me instead of a tiny one that does next to nothing.
Mr ChappellThe Crud front fender is perfect for this time of year absolutely brilliant ! , before i"d come back covered all over my face in my ears on my glasses but now the only thing you come back with is a smile ! . The fender is a great value and easy to fit .
Mr BrennanFantastic! Easy to fit great quality and does its job
Mr MillerEasy to fit, plenty of clearance on tubeless 26 x 2.1, also looks good for a mudguards.
Richard DuncanVery well made, it really does work. Its been on my bike a couple of weeks, and used in rain a couple of times. It keeps the spray off nicely
Mr HolgateExcellent. Fits my trail bike and my gravel bike and easy peasy to change over
Ms HallExcellent product, very easy to fit on to my e bike Halfords Crossfuse as an ingenious design. Not sure how rubber fittings will fare but on my other bike never had a problem with the rubber bands. . My cycling is mainly off road so since putting it on, it’s survived a 76 year old granny fitting and 15O miles of rough horrendously wet terrain. No problems at all and I did not look like a Glastonbury participant so very happy with purchase.
Mr L ChristieThe fender fits perfectly to my new bike, it really is one of the easiest mud guards to fit, the only ever slight issue i have if any is that i sometimes catch the guard with my toes as i am cycling whilst on a turn due to the fender sticking out at the bottom, i think if the flat flap was not in it then there would be no problem. other than this it is perfect for me ! very impressed!
Mr CunninghamExcellent product, great price, super fast delivery and so easy to fit. Does exactly what I needed it for. Would highly recommend
philipThis is a great product well designed easy to fit and keeps me dryer than the last one
Mr LewisSolid piece of kit easy to fit , looks good And does the job well, very happy with it
Mr S WilsonOne of the best front mudguard for a mountain bike by far. Highly recommended.
Mr DickinsonSo fast and easy to fit, i almost felt cheated for not needing more effort. Has so far done a great job of keeping the splash off my face and water bottle.
Ruthj402Purchase Front fender to fit my Cube Stereo hybrid. I looked at a few choices but this came out been the best. No nasty cable ties. Easy to fit in 5 min. Excellent coverage. Have been out on a few muddy runs and it's protected myself and bike lower frame. I would certianly recommend to others if looking for a good mud guard. Looks well on bike too
Toby SweetlandReally good fender, does what it says and keeps mud out of your eyes excellently
AlanNever really liked mudguards but this product looks great and keeps me clean 👍🏻
MalcolmExcellent fender which I fitted to my Wilier Endura - excellent quality - thanks
Richard HBest looking MTB Mudguard out there, simple to fit and fits nearly all front facing forks :D
Mr GilbeyExcellent product, works really well and was a breeze to fit
Mr STEPHENAwesome product with fast shipping. I had to modify the left front arm to allow clearance for my front brake line, but that was no problem and now it has a custom look. I don't get mud splashef on my face anymore! Already have friends talking about getting their own.
Mr McCabeQuality bit of kit. I have used it on my DH bike and I race all year round with little to no need for Goggles so putting it on my enduro was a no brainer. It stays where you put it and keeps the CRUD away from my eyes
AndyAbsolutely fantastic. My tyre and fork combo wouldn't work with any other mudguard as they all rubbed
Mr Schusterfine mudguard, very fine price! Easy to mount.
MattOnline research led to this purchase and it is safe to say the time is always well spent. Several incidents of crud in my eyes, face and mouth meant one was needed. The design is excellent; very secure rubber O-rings hold it tight, clearance with Fox 36mm, 140mm travel front forks is good. I have only used it on a couple of rides since but there was no splatter and no movement over rough ground. Recommend to all for both the mudguard and Merlincycles.
Mr AmenabarExcellent built and work very well. Tried it on some very wet terrain it was perfect.
Mr DinizFabulous front fender, that protects well and it's light enough not to over weight the bike.
Mr HallFits like a glove and looks wicked. As usual merlin do it again.
Mr ParryBy far the best front guard I've had. The fitting with rubber bands is a great idea. And water/mud splatter is kept below the knees. In fact looks a bit weird coming in from rides with just really dirty feet. 🤣
Mr ColleyVery easy fit and well made. It's stopped a lot of crud getting up in your face, but still a lot of spray over the feet which I thought would eliminate
Mr HarveyAbsolutely brilliant. Fix on in seconds and zero mud in your eye despite ploughing through muddy puddles. Just need decent rear ones now... Hugely recommended.
Mr MundayThis is the front fender I have been looking for. Absolutely brilliant. You can run it really close to the front tire for commuting and then raise it up for off road action so it doesn't clog. A high quality piece of equipment and cheap I thought.
Dirt ShrednI didn't have enough space between my fork's crown and the treads of the plus tire, so couldnt fit the traditional mudguard. This fender solved that issue. Plus, it has massive coverage, so no mud in your face, and I think it looks good on my bike
Mr HiggsExcellent front mudguards, easy to fit on my hybrid mini suspension bike, solid once fitted correctly, and no rattle. Keeps the water away from my eyes whilst riding, and stops down tube getting so muddy.
Mr McGettiganSolid yet light. Very easy to install and not in the way on gnarly trails. Keeps mud away from self and bike.
Mr CrossFits my Calibre Shadownut perfectly. Keeps all the shit of you when riding & fast to remove. 30 secs & it's off...
StephenGreat product, don’t get any mud on my glasses
PJAn easy fit and doing a grand job of keeping the winter crap off me and the bike. Recommended....
Mr KoekFits my yari fork ok and keeps all the crud off your face.
Mr PeartGreat fender that’s keeping me a lot cleaner than those little flat plastic cable tie jobbies. Took less than a minute to install and less time to take off. Love the fact I’m not wasting cable as this guard uses reusable rubber o rings. Highly recommended in uk winter conditions
SteveMud free face and glasses. Brilliant.
mulderworks good easy to fit as well, had to cut small notch out to clear front brake cable mount then wrap bands around the brake cable, keeps muck off face and around lower headset area, looks pretty good as well.
RickSeems pretty good so far. Really easy to fit and adjust. Keeps my glasses clean and doesn’t rattle or shake. Works well even on transitions from good surface to wet mud when the speed is higher than just plugging through.
GavinVery happy with product and service. Fits my 29er perfectly:easy to fit, no rattles or rubbing and provides good protection.
RajFits perfect and really catches all the mud. No spray goes in your face and only lower shins and boots get the muck on (which is unavoidable with this type of fender). It's high enough at rear so no chance to catch any high obstacles, front peak is plenty to stop debris from being throw up on your face. Really good peice of kit
Mr MundayA really good item. Fits in seconds and you can position it really low to the tire to stop all the spray. I might even add a flap at the back.
Mr JanaWorks great at keeping mud away and didn't once get anything in my eyes in really muddy trails. Only drawback is that when the forks bottom out, the crown hits the rubber guard that sits beind the arch, into the tyre.
Mr VickersWell worth the money looks pretty cool and it works ! No more crud in my face
Mr FinlayHad to remove the brake cable guide on my Fox 36 as it seems to push the front section off line. Once I did that it works perfectly and it's very easy to fit.
RichardHighly recommended product has massively improved my vision when riding wet muddy trails as speed whereas before i would have had mud spattered glasses - has allowed me to dispense with glasses / goggles. Excellent service and delivery time from Merlin Cycles!
TriggerEasy to fit, better than every other front mudguard I have tried. Five stars.
J WhyteExcellent bit of kit for the winter sludge /trails
Mr BautistaEl guardabarros queda colocado perfecto,todo ok!!
Dan LeibieI have now purchased 3 of these, they are the best front mud guard I can find for bikes with front suspension. Two of the bikes have 26" wheels and one is 29". the all fit perfectly, don't know how but they do.
Mr KFitting was a breeze! Had to tie the brake hose a bit differently, but that's not a problem. It looks the part and there's certainly no more crud coming up my nose while riding. ;)
Mr RautiainenVery easy to install, stays in place and does its job well.
Mr ReynoldsAfter relying on Topeak MTB front fenders for years and losing them on the trail, I switched to Crud. Good design, very easy to install, and no chance it will pop off the way the Topeak has for me. Great product, glad Merlin carries it and has reasonable shipping to the US. Would get again but hopefully won’t need to for a while.
Mr McNeilExcellent mudguard that keeps spray out of your eyes and feet. Best price and fast delivery too!
SteveWell happy with this. Much better than the standard under the fork crown options. Just used in the rain and mud, excellent. Performs better than expected. Highly recommended.
Mr PhelpsExcellent front fender/mud guard, easy set up on the forks and love the close fit to both the wheel and fork as doesn't obscure your view in any way. Recomended
HarryTop product by far the best front fender for mountain bikes. Top Produkt das mit Abstand Beste Frontschutzblech für Mountenbikes.
JamesJust installed this fender on a Rockshox Bluto running 27.5 x 3.00 tires, coverage is good and fitting it only took a minute.
AnthonyThe best front mudguard from Crud so far, easy to fit, truly universal and looks good.
Mr LingerWorks fantastically! Haven't been able to test it in thick mud (my local trails close when it's too bad) but in light rain and mud, it kept my face and upper body mud free!
SmithyGreat product. Easy to fit, fits onto my bos deville fork where countless others don't. Merlin cycles deserve some credit too for their great pricing (cheapest I could find this) and rapid delivery.
RichardPerfect fit on both bikes, works flawlessly, clean face says it all!
BMAbsolutely Brilliant :-) Fitted it in minutes and it comes with a few spare bands. It's easy to adjust the height from the tyre so you can easily match the terrain and weather. I would highly recommend this :-)